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California Design Den

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2024 Best Bedding Award Winning for Excellent Egyptian Cotton

MARCH 2024

Best Bedding Award 2023 Unbeatable price of quality cotton sheets


'Best Sheet' Category Winner - 2024 AD Best Sleep Award

MARCH 2024

soft and well-made as other cotton sheet more than twice their price, and they get softer with every wash.



The best duvet covers to shop A crisp, cooling texture at a much lower price point



Best Cotton Sateen Sheets, On Amazon with a silky-smooth finish



for Hospitality

Hello Short-term Rental Managers and Hosts!

Escape the cycle of inconsistency and high
replacement costs in your bedding. Elevate your guest
experience with California Design Den linens.

Discover more about your path to superior hosting


everyone says it.


Bedtime is my favorite time of the day now!


I am on cloud 9 after sleeping on these sheets! They are so soft and smooth. They feel like absolute heaven in your skin. These are the most amazing sheets I have ever slept on. I wake up every morning feeling like Barbie when I get out of bed!



A Dreamy Addition to My Bedroom: California Design Den Hand


It's a true winner in both design and functionality.



Classic color with added comfort


I like how everything from this brand is made for a California sustainable lifestyle, starting with a cardboard box instead of plastic packaging.





I never knew that sheets could be so comfortable. These are litterally like hotel quality sheets with an amazing soft touch and amazing durable quality!




Buttery Soft, Smooth Bedding

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