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Article: Are 700 Thread Count Sheets Good?

is 700 thread count sheets good

Are 700 Thread Count Sheets Good?

When buying bedding online, you’ve likely run into discussions about thread counts. If you were thrown, don’t worry - it’s rare for casual discourse to be so technical. One of the most common questions asked online goes along the lines of “Is 700 thread count sheets good enough?”. To understand why that type of question is so common, there are a few things you need to know first. 

That’s where we come in. We’ve prepared a breakdown of the ins and outs of thread counts, from what they are to what the ideal thread count is. There’s a lot of misinformation on the internet, but we’re here to cut through the filler. By the end of this article, you can make a more informed purchase and get the blanket that best suits your needs!

What this article covers:

What Does Thread Count Mean?

Thread counts refer to the number of horizontal and vertical yarn threads per square inch of a blanket.  The term was popularized by bedding manufacturers in the early 2000s. The horizontal threads are known as weft threads and the vertical threads are called warp threads.

are 600 thread count sheets good

This includes threads for multi-ply blankets, which can lead to misleading thread count numbers if you don’t look for them. For single-ply sheets, the highest thread count is 600.

Thread counts are used as a rough indicator of the softness or coarseness of a blanket, towel, or carpet. While it isn’t the only determining factor, it provides a useful benefit for customers looking to buy blankets online. It’s a useful metric to evaluate the feel of a blanket without being able to sample the feeling.

Why Does Thread Count Matter?

So, you know what they are, but what does thread count mean for sheets? As mentioned, thread count is often used to measure the quality of the material being used. While it’s not the only factor one can use, it’s a valuable one.

is 600 thread count sheet good

The reason thread count is linked to quality is that finer yarn is needed to reach higher thread counts. This isn’t true in every case, so it’s important to understand thread counts in the proper context. In reality, the type of material matters more than the thread count of that material. Think quality over quantity.

That being said, when fabrics like cotton are woven in single-ply, thread count is extremely important. For items like twin bed sheets, thread count is more likely to correlate to a high thread count cotton sheets.

Is Higher Thread Count Better?

Higher thread counts are often associated with a higher-quality material being used. Lower thread counts can indicate a blanket or sheet uses lower-quality thicker fabrics. This can leave them more vulnerable to wear and tear over time.

While this isn’t always true, higher thread count sheets offer other benefits. Depending on the size of the blanket, a higher thread count can necessitate a finer material. Using finer materials can mean that the blanket becomes more durable and resistant to tears.

are 700 thread count sheets good

If you’re looking for a blanket that functions best in certain seasons, thread count is important. We’ve found that a higher thread count greatly impacts the warmth generated and provided by a blanket. This means that higher thread count blankets are ideal for winter. By contrast, we think a slightly lower thread count makes for a very good light summer blanket.

Are 700 Thread Count Sheets Good?

With that in mind, what’s a good thread count for sheets? While there isn’t a thread count that offers a perfect balance, you can use a range as a guideline. The accepted thread count range for quality is around 500-1000. Anything in this range is going to offer you the most that high thread counts can offer. 1000 is normally the highest sheet thread count.

is 700 thread count sheet good

With that in mind, a thread count of 700 falls nicely within the accepted range, making it an ideal choice. Most 700-thread-count blankets will be made up of two or three layers, which will provide warmth on cold nights.

As you reach higher thread counts, the additional benefits become outweighed by the cost, making 700 an acceptable middle ground.


With all that in mind, we hope you’re ready to make a more informed decision with regard to what bedding you want. While it may seem excessive to get into such detail about bed sheets, there’s a lot of misinformation online. It’s easy to fall for marketing gimmicks or myths, which is why it’s a good idea to do the research.

With this information at your disposal, we’re confident you’ll know what to look for when you next redecorate your bedroom.

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