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Article: Bed-making Wars: Triple-Sheeting vs. Top-Sheeting vs. Duvets in Short-Term Rentals

Bed-making Wars: Triple-Sheeting vs. Top-Sheeting vs. Duvets in Short-Term Rentals

Bed-making Wars: Triple-Sheeting vs. Top-Sheeting vs. Duvets in Short-Term Rentals

In the fast-paced arena of short-term rentals, every host knows the importance of nailing the bed-making game. It's not just about tucking in sheets; it's about creating an experience that leaves guests swooning. So, let's dive into the battleground of bed-making techniques: duvets, top-sheeting and triple-sheeting. But hold onto your throw pillows because we're about to and geek-out about bed-making techniques!


Image courtesy of Taara House

How It’s Done

Duvets, teaming up with their trusty sidekick, the duvet cover, are the dynamic duo of standalone bedding, bringing versatility to short-term rentals. Whether you're a top-sheet enthusiast or a rebel without one, here's the lowdown on how they make their grand entrance into the world of bed-making:

  • Bottom Sheet: A deep-pocket fitted sheet is used as the base layer to cover the mattress.
  • Top Sheet (Optional): A flat sheet that is draped over the fitted sheet and snugly tucked around the mattress, offering guests an extra level of coziness and warmth.
  • Duvet Cover + Insert: Instead of using three separate sheets, a duvet insert, snugly encased in a duvet cover, is placed directly on top of either the fitted sheet or the flat sheet. This offers guests warmth and comfort without the necessity for extra layers.

Pros of using Duvets:

  • Euro Chic: Duvets, the jet-setting darlings born on the stylish streets of Europe, are the epitome of bed-making swagger. Associated with style, cleanliness, and luxury, they effortlessly elevate any bedroom without breaking a sweat.
  • Chic Chameleons: With a plethora of options in crisp white, duvets are the hospitality host's ultimate style secret, effortlessly transforming the bedroom to suit every guest's preference.
  • Laundry Day Delight: Duvet covers are the unsung heroes of cleanliness – they effortlessly come off and into the washing machine, ready to vanquish any guest's spills or stains. Hosts can rest assured that their bedding remains as fresh, and ensures a hygienic haven for every discerning traveler.


  • Duvet Drama: Getting the duvet insert back into its cover can sometimes feel like a game of "duvet tetris," with corners refusing to cooperate. This process can test even the most patient of hosts' and housekeeper’s sanity.
  • Bulky Burden: Despite their protective cover, duvet inserts can still be bulky and cumbersome to handle, especially when it comes to quarterly washing and drying. Hosts may find themselves wrestling with oversized duvet inserts, turning laundry day into a workout session they didn't sign up for.
  • Bedding Battles: While duvets reign supreme in many corners of the globe, not all guests are ready to pledge allegiance to the duvet club. Some may have an unwavering loyalty to comforters or blankets, sparking a bedding rebellion of epic proportions. 
    • Pro Tip: Always keep a spare blanket or quilt in each bedroom closet to ensure every  guest can relish in the snuggle wrapper of their preference.


Image courtesy of Cozy Little House

How It’s Done: 

Top-sheeting is a more traditional approach to bed-making that involves using a fitted sheet, a flat sheet, and a blanket or quilt. Here's how it's typically done:

  • Bottom Sheet: Similar to triple-sheeting, a fitted sheet is used as the base layer to cover the mattress.
  • Top Sheet: A flat sheet is placed on top of the fitted sheet and tucked in neatly around the mattress. This sheet provides an additional layer of comfort and warmth for guests.
  • Blanket: Finally, a blanket or quilt is placed on top of the top flat sheet. This serves as the primary bedding layer and adds both warmth and aesthetic appeal to the bed.

Pros of Top-Sheeting:

  • Classic Comfort: Top-sheeting is the bed-making equivalent of comfort food—familiar, cozy, and always satisfying for guests.
  • Picture-Perfect: With top-sheeting, the likelihood of your bed unraveling like a mystery novel is significantly reduced. There's an undeniable charm to a well-made bed, with the top sheet neatly folded, beckoning guests to dive right in.
  • Snuggle Central: With a cozy blanket or quilt on top, top-sheeting guarantees warmth and comfort on even the chilliest of nights.


  • Hygiene Hiccups: Unlike triple-sheeting, where the top sheet gets swapped out each time, the blanket or quilt might not see the inside of a washing machine between guests, which can raise some eyebrows in the cleanliness department.
  • Tangled Tango: Tucking both the top sheet and the comforter into the mattress can sometimes feel like wrestling an octopus—getting everything to stay put requires some serious skill.


Image courtesy of Washbnb

How It’s done: 

Triple-sheeting , the favorite of the hotel world is a bed-making technique that involves layering three sheets on the bed, rather than using a traditional comforter or duvet. Here's how it's typically done:

  • Bottom Sheet: Start with a flat sheet tucked snugly around the mattress on all four sides. This serves as the base layer and provides a clean surface for guests to sleep on.
  • Middle Sheet: The second sheet is a flat sheet placed on top of the bottom sheet. This is typically tucked neatly around the mattress and folded down at the top to create a clean and inviting look.
  • Top Sheet: Finally, another flat sheet is added as the top layer. This sheet is usually folded over a duvet, quilt, or blanket for added comfort and style. It also serves as a barrier between guests and any additional bedding.

Pros of Triple-Sheeting:

  • Hygiene Heroes: Each guest enjoys a fresh top sheet, ensuring a pristine sleep sanctuary.
  • Ease of Maintenance: Laundering three sheets is often simpler and quicker than cleaning bulky comforters or duvets. Because of triple-sheeting efficiency, your cleaners are guaranteed to always replace all three sheets.
  • Versatility: Triple-sheeting allows hosts to easily change the look and feel of the bed by swapping out the top sheet or adding decorative throws.


  • Bed Making Blues: While triple-sheeting promises a fresh start with every guest, the reality can be a bit of a nightly tug-of-war. Guests might find themselves in a tangled mess each morning, spending precious time rearranging sheets that seem determined to go their separate ways.
  • Midnight Mayhem: As guests toss and turn throughout the night, the layers of triple-sheeting have a tendency to come undone, resulting in a less-than-ideal sleeping experience. The constant battle to keep the bed intact can disrupt sleep and leave guests feeling less than rested in the morning.
  • Learning Curve Lows: For some guests, navigating the layers of triple-sheeting might feel like solving a Rubik's Cube—confusing, frustrating, and ultimately not worth the effort. The novelty of triple-sheeting may wear off quickly for guests who just want a straightforward, hassle-free bedtime experience.

In the grand saga of bed-making, every technique—triple-sheeting, top-sheeting, and duvets—brings its own flair to the battlefield, complete with pros, cons, and a dash of personality. But fear not, for no matter which path you choose, the key to triumph lies in proper bed-making, impeccable hygiene practices, and, above all, the right linens. And when it comes to linens, there's no beating the timeless allure of 100% cotton from California Design Den.

So, whether you're a hygiene hero, a comfort connoisseur, or a style shapeshifter, wield your bed-making weapon with finesse. In the realm of short-term rentals, where the quest for the coziest bed never ceases, victory is yours for the taking—with a sprinkle of wit and a whole lot of professionalism, of course.

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