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Article: Bed Sheet vs Bed Cover

bed sheet vs bed cover

Bed Sheet vs Bed Cover

Ever found yourself in a tangle of linens, wondering about the difference between a bed sheet vs bed cover?

Both bed sheets and bed covers are staples in any well-dressed bedroom, but they serve distinct purposes, based on our observations.

From the cozy embrace of a bed sheet to the protective elegance of a bed cover, we'll guide you through what each type is and how they uniquely contribute to your comfort and hygiene. 

Whether you're wondering, how long do sheets last? Or are white bed sheets a bad idea? We're here to satisfy your curiosity.

Without further ado, let us get started with today's query.

The Difference Between Bed Sheet and Bed Cover

Simply put, a bed sheet is the layer of fabric you sleep on or under, while a bed cover is used for warmth and decoration on top of the bed, but more on the detail in the sections that follow.

What Is A Bed Sheet?

A bed sheet is a rectangular piece of cloth used as part of the bedding, placed directly above the mattress. Our research indicates that it serves as the layer that comes in contact with the sleeper, providing comfort and hygiene.

Bed sheets can be either fitted, with elastic edges to hug the mattress or flat, lying smoothly over the bed. They are essential for a good night's sleep.

Bed sheets come in various materials, with cotton being one of the most popular due to its breathability and softness.

bed sheets vs bed covers

At California Design Den, we take pride in both our king size flat sheet collection and our twin fitted sheet range, though both options are available in all of the other standard bed sizes.

They are crafted from 100% cotton, promising the benefits of this natural fiber: natural breathability and hypoallergenic properties, ideal for hot sleepers and sensitive sleepers alike. But how many bed sheets should you have? Three is a great starting point.

What Is A Bed Cover?

A bed cover can refer to a blanket, comforter, or duvet cover. It serves as the topmost layer of bed linen, designed to cover the entire bed and everything underneath, including sheets and blankets.

The primary purpose of a bed cover is to provide warmth and add a decorative touch.

Our findings show that bed covers come in various styles, materials, and designs, ranging from simple and functional to elaborate and ornate. They can be quilted or woven, lightweight or heavy, and are often used to express personal style and complement the bedroom's decor.

At California Design Den, we present the all-season cotton thermal blanket, a perfect example of a high-quality bed cover option. It has been made sustainably and features a textured design that adds a layer of sophistication. Not to mention thermal properties that make it suitable for use year-round.

bed covers vs bed sheets

So then, you've chosen a weighted blanket as a cover. But do you use sheets with a weighted blanket? A duvet cover is not necessary but a flat sheet can add an additional layer of warmth.


The distinction is clear. Bed sheets are the direct layer of fabric you sleep on or under. They come in various materials, with cotton being a popular choice for its breathability.

On the other hand, bed covers, which include blankets, comforters, and duvet covers, serve as the topmost layer, providing warmth and an aesthetic dimension to the bedroom.

At California Design Den, we're committed to offering you the best in both categories. We invite you to explore our collection. Explore California Design Den to transform your bedroom!

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