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Article: Best Hotel Sheets

best hotel sheets

Best Hotel Sheets

In the hospitality sector, guests are everything. Their opinion of the facilities is what matters, it’s what influences their reviews and builds (or breaks) reputations.

The stakes may not be as inherently high for your home, but if you want guests to feel at home (and give you rave reviews!), there are plenty of industry tricks and products you can make use of.

Don’t leave anything to chance. Pay attention to the details that matter, and you can get the best hotel sheets for your home.

Quality bed sheets go a long way, whether you’re an Airbnb owner or just a great host. You need to know how to compete with even the best hotel sheets!  

What this article covers:

What Are Hotel Sheets? 

So, what exactly is meant by ‘hotel sheets’? And what makes hotel sheets different from regular bed sheets? 

best hotel bed sheets

Hotel sheets are like regular sheets in their function, but they’re designed to be longer-lasting and of superior softness and strength. As they’re subjected to far more use than residential bedsheets, they have to meet elevated standards of quality.

Hotel sheets are one of the most talked about features of any hotel or BNB. Guests always comment on how soft and comfortable (or not!) the sheets are. That’s why nothing should be left to chance when selecting the bedsheets for your Airbnb or hotel. 

Why Using Regular Sheets is a Bad Idea

Although regular sheets may look good for a while, they’re often prone to pilling of the fabric and color fading. You’ll also see them start to wear thin after many uses. And this will create a poor impression of your facilities.  

This is just as important for other high-use rooms, like dorm rooms. That’s where you need the best quality twin-size bed sheets in smooth finishes and a wide range of colors. 

best hotel collection sheets

That’s usually all avoidable if you choose hotel sheets, but even in the world of hotel linens, it helps to know what to look for. You need to know that you’re getting the best value for your home and your bank account. 

How to Choose Hotel Sheets

Choosing good quality hotel sheets is an essential part of running any hotel or BNB, but what exactly should you consider when choosing them? The types of bed sheets used in hotel rooms have to meet certain requirements, and certain criteria are more important than others.  

So, how does one identify the best kinds of hotel sheets on the market? Whether you’re outsourcing the best hotel bedsheets to get your Airbnb off the ground, or the best hotel-like sheets for your home, certain features stand out.

Hotel sheets need to be durable, practical, cost-effective, easy-care, attractive, soft, and comfortable. They should also be gentle on skin and colorfast. 

And with the recent trend towards environmental awareness, it’s great if they tick all those boxes and are eco-conscious, too! (Spoiler alert! Our hotel bed sheets meet all these criteria).

Best Kinds of Hotel Bed Sheets

Here are some pointers when selecting hotel bed sheets :

High-Thread Count Bedsheets

A high thread count is synonymous with quality and comfort. But what is it, and when we say high, how high do we mean? 

best hotel cotton fitted sheets

A thread count is the number of (sometimes crisscrossing) threads woven into a square inch of fabric. Generally speaking, the higher the thread count, the better the quality and softness of the sheets. 

At a minimum, a 400-thread count will be comfortable enough for your guests to notice, but going even higher guarantees a relaxing night’s sleep. 

Of course, that’s dependent on the quality of the manufacturer and the scruples of the company you’re buying from. Have no fear, at California Design Den, we’re unwavering in our commitment to quality and comfort. Our high thread count sheets provided hotel-level luxury at prices that won’t break the bank. 

Silky Finish Bedsheets

Why are hotel sheets so comfortable? Sateen cotton bed sheets are a top choice for amazing hotels and BNBs. They have a silky sheen to them that can’t be beaten. That makes quite the impression on hotel guests. 

Sheets that make a positive impression on guests will keep them coming back for more, right? Perhaps, yes. But ensure that your sheets are good quality cotton sheets with a sateen finish. 

Don’t be fooled buy glossy-looking sheets that are highly synthetic. They were likely produced through means that are harmful to the environment. Such products may also contain harmful substances, or not be easy to care for.

All-Natural Material Bedsheets 

best hotel fitted sheet

What says quality is better than the natural materials cotton, linen, and silk? They’ve been used in all manner of ways in the textile industry for generations. Cotton is the most prevalent material in hotel bed sheets. It’s affordable, yet natural, and can be very luxurious.

Available in many colors and finishes, cotton is also highly breathable and has moisture-wicking properties. And that will make a big difference in guests' comfort while sleeping. That makes this an excellent choice for any establishment offering accommodation. 

But always ensure that your color cotton sheets are made of anti-pilling yarn and are examined for colorfastness. This is what’ll keep them looking fresh when other inferior-quality sheets fail.

All cotton sheets offer the same basic advantages of being gentle on skin, breathable, moisture-wicking, and durable. However, when it comes to the different types of cotton sheets, some stand out in the hospitality industry. 

Sateen Weave

Why does Airbnb provide towels and sheets? They want to make a guest’s stay as convenient as possible. Sateen cotton sheets like our queen-size fitted sheets are easy to wash and less prone to wrinkling. 

best hotel like sheets

That’s why they’re the best cotton sheets for Airbnbs, but they have another advantage. Sateen cotton is the next best thing to silk sheets. It has a specific thread pattern that makes it silky and smooth. Silk sheets are expensive and not always ideal for hotel use, but sateen is cost-effective and easy-care. 

Percale Weave

Why are hotel sheets so crisp? They may be made with cotton percale. It has a crisp feel that softens with successive washes. This light and airy cotton are similar in many ways to sateen cotton. Like sateen, percale has a specific weave pattern that gives it that smooth finish.

Besides cotton, the only other material used for sheets in good hotels is linen. 


Exclusively made in the US, Supima cotton is a staple choice for many hotels. It offers a smooth finish, high durability,  and excellent color-fastness. These are always important qualities when looking for hotel bed sheets or the best bed sheets for college dorms.

best hotel quality sheets

Egyptian Cotton

Egyptian cotton sheets are often touted as the choice of many top hotels. They’re soft and provide an air of luxury, but they’re very pricey, and there are much more affordable options (like long-staple and sateen) that make good on the often-exaggerated claims of Egyptian cotton. 

The Best Hotel Sheets for Your Home

Choosing good quality sheets is only the first step when curating a collection of linens for your residence. Just as in the fashion world, it all comes down to styling, and it’s the same with decor. Start with the best quality pieces you can, and then style them appropriately.

Here at California Design Den, we offer the best in quality, style, and durability. And that makes our products the best choice for your business or even your personal use at home. What’s more, our wide range of bed linens, sheets, blankets and towels all complement each other beautifully. 

best hotel sheets for home

How to Style Your Hotel Sheets

Pairing your hotel sheets with coordinating linens, or pieces that create a certain aesthetic. Every hotel has a theme, although it may not always seem that way at first glance. 

Consider your decor theme. Is it classic, minimalist, or sumptuous? Do you have a color scheme for the rooms and suites? 

Align your use of color with the rest of the decor scheme in the room. Consider not only the other colors you’re using but also the overriding theme. 

The Best Hotel Sheets Pairings for Different Themes

If you’re going for a minimalist look, stick to white sheets for your light-wood furniture. This lends an air of purity and simplicity. 

Is a country-cottage scheme more appropriate for your vacation home? Neutral sheets and earthy-toned contrasting chunky blankets against darker wood or rustic furnishings are best. 

Does classic and understated best sum up your aesthetic? Neutrals will do the trick, with their timeless elegance.

Perhaps you’re a chic urban young adult with a professional vibe. White sheets, with gray linens and black/steel furniture, are going to suit you best.

The Best Hotel Sheets and Their Complementary Bed Linens

best hotel sheets for sale

Most hotels play it safe with their sheets and opt for white or cream or other soft neutrals. This is for practical as well as psychological reasons. They know these colors will put their guests at ease, and enhance relaxation. 

That doesn’t mean you can’t use color. Just use it sparingly, and with stylish intentions. A touch of color in your bed sheets, paired with neutrals, will create a sumptuous atmosphere without seeming too overdone. 

An excellent example of this is our light purple sheet set, paired with a white quilt, and a light gray throw blanket. This combination is pleasing to the eye, as it adds visual interest through color and texture. And best of all, this effect always looks modern and fresh.

best hotel bed sheet

How to Get the Most from Your Hotel Sheets

Every choice you make in decorating your bedrooms, including its soft furnishings, has a financial component. We understand the need for cost-effective products, but there’s an important caveat here. To be cost-effective, a product doesn’t have to be low-cost. Instead, it should be high value. 

Items that will be put to a lot of continuous use, like your sheets, must be durable enough to last longer. This makes them worth the money you spend on them, looking at a cost-per-use. And the good news is, you don’t have to sacrifice quality in the name of durability. 

You can have both! This means you and your guests have the comfort they’ve come to expect from hotel bedsheets, and you save money in the long term, by investing in premium sheets from the start. That’s what you’ll get with every purchase from California Design Den.

Proper Care & Maintenance

There’s one last thing to consider though, and this is a point that is frequently overlooked, even by top hotels. Even the best hotel sheets in the world have to be properly cared for and maintained. When you take good care of your investment, it will continue to serve you better for longer.

And we make it so easy for you to do just that. Not only are our sheets and other linens made of strong, durable materials, but they are easy to care for, too. Follow the laundry care instructions, and they’ll look their best, guest after guest. 

best collection sheets for hotel

When you see the OEKO-TEX label, you’ll know you’ve made the right choice. It certifies we’ve met stringent requirements for sustainability, ethical manufacture, and safety. Everyone from the textile workers to your valued guests can rest easy, as no harmful substances are present. 

Please Note:  

If you’re looking for sheets for a hospital bed at home, you must first establish what kind of hospital bed it is. There are different types, lengths, and widths of the hospital bed. Therefore, the size of hospital bed sheets can differ, too.


What constitutes the best hotel sheets? How can you know you’ve made the best decision for your guests? The best hotel sheets are bed sheets that are manufactured ethically and sustainably, from premium quality natural materials, that are durable and comfortable. 

And at California Design Den, those are the only bed sheets you’ll find. We pride ourselves on our commitment to products that are best for the environment, best for your business, and best for you. Invest in some of our hotel sheets and other quality bedding, today.

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