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Article: Difference Between Cotton and Percale Sheets

difference between cotton and percale sheets

Difference Between Cotton and Percale Sheets

In the realm of bed linen, "cotton" and "percale" are terms that often surface due to their reputation for long-lasting quality.

Our research indicates that grasping the subtle nuances between these two can truly transform your bedtime experience by equipping you with the knowledge you need to choose the right sheet for you.

California Design Den is here to educate you on the difference between cotton and percale sheets. So, if you've ever been curious about what sets them apart, it's time to uncover the intricacies that make up each of these high-class linen options.

What this article covers:

What Is the Difference Between Cotton Sheets and Percale Sheets?

Cotton sheets and percale sheets often get mentioned in the same breath, but they're not quite the same.

Let's unpack their key differences.

Percale Weave

Percale isn't a type of material but rather a method of weaving. It's characterized by a specific over-under weave pattern, creating a tight, smooth, and crisp finish.

Our findings show that this tight weave ensures durability and a matte look, often associated with luxury hotel sheets and their distinct fresh-to-the-touch feel.


Cotton, on the other hand, is a natural fiber that tends to be softer. It is used to create the yarn for weaving our percale sheets. This distinction is important, as some brands choose to use a cheaper alternative like polyester or a blend of polyester and cotton in their percale sheets.

what is the difference between cotton and percale sheets

Aiming for a sustainable, skin-friendly product, we choose to use organic cotton instead. The result is a premium, more comfortable end-product.

Beyond the weave, there are several types of cotton sheets worth noting when pondering the difference between cotton and percale sheets.

Types of Cotton Sheets

Cotton sheets come in various weaves and types, each offering a unique texture and quality.

Our research indicates that It's useful to know the differences between, say, percale cotton sheets and pure cotton sheets so that you have a point of comparison when making a purchasing decision.

Percale Cotton Sheets

Simply put, when you combine the percale weave with cotton, the result is percale cotton sheets. With all the benefits of pure cotton sheets, percale cotton sheets offer the softness of cotton combined with the crispness of the percale weave.

They are available in a range of colors, including opulent purple bed sheets!

percale sheets vs egyptian cotton

Ideal for people who tend to generate immense body heat, they're breathable and have a fresh, cool feel. Cotton has a few more benefits worth noting, which we will discuss in the next section.

Interested? Check out our twin cotton bed sheets or our organic fitted sheet twin size option, both made from organic cotton.

Pure Cotton Sheets

Available in options such as fitted sheet king size or cotton fitted sheet queen, pure cotton sheets are soft, breathable, and come in various thread counts.

Environmentally friendly, moisture-wicking, and naturally hypoallergenic, pure cotton sheets suit a range of bedding needs while taking care of your health and the planet.

percale vs egyptian cotton sheets

Egyptian Cotton Sheets

While many people in the bedding industry tout Egyptian cotton as the zenith of cotton sheets, it's essential to approach such claims with a discerning eye.

Based on our observations, the reputation of Egyptian cotton is somewhat overexaggerated and the products are often overpriced.

We firmly believe in offering organic cotton alternatives that are not only more affordable but also match, if not exceed, the quality of Egyptian cotton.

It's all about sourcing the best value without compromising on comfort, durability and price.

percale vs bamboo sheets


Choosing the right sheets can significantly impact your sleep quality. Whether you opt for the crispness of percale cotton sheets or the reliable comfort of pure cotton, understanding the key differences ensures you make an informed decision for your sleep sanctuary.

Now that you're equipped with the knowledge to discern between these bedding terms, we invite you to explore our range of luxury bed sheets.

Choose California Design Den for your next bedding purchase and sleep soundly, knowing you made the right choice.  

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