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Article: Do Percale Sheets Wrinkle

do percale sheets wrinkle

Do Percale Sheets Wrinkle

If you're a fan of quality bedding, you're guaranteed to be a fan of percale sheets.

Not only do they promise natural comfort and genuine value without the exorbitant cost of other sheets, but they also have an unreal feel-good crispness.

The big question is, do percale sheets wrinkle?

Whether you're on the market for percale sheets or already own a set, stick around as we unveil the truth and also share some handy care tips to keep your percale sheets looking like something straight out of a 5-star hotel room.

What this article covers:

Do Percale Sheets Wrinkle? The Truth Revealed

So, you've just purchased a beautiful set of twin cotton bed sheets or maybe even splurged on a luxurious king size cotton fitted sheet. You wash them, dry them, and then... wrinkles?

is it common for percale sheets to wrinkle

Percale sheets, known for their crisp feel and matte finish, are woven in a one-over-one-under pattern, giving them that classic, breathable texture. However, because the cotton variety is made of natural fibers, they do have a tendency to wrinkle a bit.

It's just the nature of the beast.

But here's the thing: Our research indicates that those wrinkles are a sign of authenticity. They're a testament to the natural, chemical-free process we at California Design Den stand by.

If you've ever tried a queen size fitted sheet from our collection, you'll notice that, while there might be some wrinkles after washing, it's nothing a quick iron or a few nights of sleep won't smooth out.

And honestly, a little character in our sheets? We think it adds charm.

wrinkle tendency of percale sheets

How to Minimize Wrinkles

We get it. While some of us embrace the natural look of a few wrinkles, others prefer their sheets to be as smooth and pristine as possible.

And if you're in the latter camp, don't fret! There are some tried and true methods to minimize those pesky wrinkles and keep your sheets looking Pinterest-worthy.

We totally understand the desire for crisp, wrinkle-free sheets. Whether you've just invested in a twin bed fitted sheet or splurged on luxurious king size flat sheets, you'd want them to look their best.

do percale sheets usually get wrinkles

Here are some tips for the ultimate level of smoothness.

How To Wash Percale Sheets

  • Cool Water Is Key: Always wash your sheets in cool water. Our findings show that it's gentler on the cotton fibers and helps prevent excessive wrinkling.
  • Don't Cram: Whether you're washing xl twin fitted sheets or larger percale sheets, avoid overloading the washer. Sheets need space to move freely, and stuffing too many in can lead to twisting and more wrinkles.
  • Gentle Cycle: Opt for the gentle cycle. It's less abrasive and reduces the chances of wrinkles setting in.

How To Dry Percale Sheets

  • Shake Them Out: Before tossing them in the dryer, give your sheets a good shake. This helps to release any wrinkles formed during the wash.
  • Low Heat: Dry your sheets at a low heat setting. High heat can cause cotton fibers to shrink and wrinkle. (Did you know that we pride ourselves on testing our sheets for shrinkage?)
  • Don't Over-Dry: Remove your sheets from the dryer while they're still slightly damp. This makes it easier to smooth out any wrinkles by hand.

Tips For Preventing Wrinkles

  • Ironing: If you're aiming for that hotel-smooth finish, a quick iron on a low setting can work, (though we recommend avoiding ironing them if possible, as doing so may burn the natural cotton fibers). Just ensure the sheets are slightly damp for best results.
  • Use Dryer Balls: These handy tools help to soften up your sheets and prevent them from clumping together, reducing wrinkles.
  • Fold Promptly: Once your sheets are dry, fold them immediately. The longer they sit crumpled up, the more wrinkles will set in.

wrinkle resistance of percale sheets


In the grand tapestry of life, it's the little things that often make the biggest difference. Even though percale sheets might have a wrinkle or two, they're a testament to authenticity and natural craftsmanship.

If wrinkles aren't your thing, with the tips we've shared, those little creases won't stand a chance. At California Design Den, we are ready to help, no matter your bedding needs.

Ready to elevate your bedding game? Explore our collection and discover an assortment of percale sheets, tried and tested as per our expertise.

A good night's sleep isn't just a luxury, it's an asset to your well-being.

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