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Article: Do You Put Sheets on An Air Mattress?

do you put sheets on an air mattress

Do You Put Sheets on An Air Mattress?

Is it your first time using an air mattress? Are you wondering, do you put sheets on an air mattress? The short answer is yes, but there's more to it than just throwing on any old sheet.

We'll discuss the nuances of using sheets on an air mattress, including how to choose the right ones, keep them in place, and enhance your overall sleeping experience.

We'll all cover whether you can use a fitted sheet on an air mattress and give you tips for keeping sheets in place, which can be problematic just like issues with how to keep sheets on memory foam mattress and how to get sheets to stay on adjustable bed. Lastly, we'll show you how you can make your air mattress more comfortable.

Let's dive in and make your air mattress as cozy as possible!

What this article covers:

Can You Put a Fitted Sheet on an Air Mattress?

Absolutely, you can use a fitted sheet on an air mattress. It's a common misconception that air mattresses require special sheets, but in reality, regular bed sheets work just fine as long as they match the size and depth of the mattress.

For raised or double-height air mattresses, choosing deep-pocketed fitted sheets is advisable to ensure they fit properly and stay in place.

how to keep fitted sheet on air mattress

If you're looking for a twin fitted sheet, queen fitted sheet, or king size fitted sheet, our 400 Thread Count 100% Cotton Sateen fitted sheet is an excellent choice.

Not only is it cool and breathable, making it ideal for those who sleep hot, but it also features deep pockets suitable for mattresses 8-16 inches deep. This ensures a snug fit on most air mattresses, preventing the sheet from slipping off.

How to Keep Sheets on Air Mattress

This brings us to the next problem: how to keep bed sheet from coming off. To ensure sheets stay put on an air mattress, a great solution is to invest in sheets that come with built-in elastic bands.

These bands are designed to grip the mattress more effectively than standard sheets, significantly reducing the likelihood of the sheets slipping off.

Another effective method is the use of double-sided sticky tape. Place the tape all around the edges of the mattress and then attach the sheet to it. Easy as that!

How to Make an Air Mattress More Comfortable

Making an air mattress comfortable involves a few tactical steps. Here are some effective strategies, based on our observations.

Use a Mattress Topper

Adding a mattress topper is one of the most effective ways to increase the comfort of an air mattress. A topper like our Plush Pillow-top mattress topper can provide additional cushioning, making the air mattress feel more like a traditional bed.

how to keep sheets on air mattress

Layer the Base

Placing a soft rug or foam tiles underneath the air mattress can provide extra insulation and cushioning. This is particularly useful if the air mattress is placed on a hard or cold floor.

Our research indicates that the additional layer between the mattress and the floor can prevent the cold from seeping through and make the overall sleeping experience more comfortable.

Proper Bedding

Using real sheets, blankets, and pillows on an air mattress can significantly enhance its comfort. Dressing the air mattress just like a regular bed helps create a more inviting place to sleep.

This approach not only improves comfort but also gives a sense of familiarity, making the air mattress feel more like a traditional bed.

how many bed sheets should you have? This likely depends on whether you're glamping or setting up the air mattress for continued use in your home.

Positioning Against a Wall

Our findings show that placing the head of the air mattress against a wall can provide stability and a sense of security. This positioning prevents pillows from falling off and gives a more defined sleeping area.


Using sheets on an air mattress is not only possible but also essential for a comfortable sleep experience. As we've explored, the right kind of sheets can make a significant difference. They should be cool and breathable, come with deep pockets, and match the size of your air mattresses.

We've also discussed practical solutions to common air mattress challenges. From using sheets with built-in elastic bands to DIY methods like double-sided sticky tape, these strategies ensure your sheets stay in place throughout the night.

Additionally, enhancing the comfort of your air mattress is simple with tactics like adding a mattress topper, layering the base, using proper bedding, and positioning the mattress against a wall.

Visit us at California Design Den and discover how we can help make your air mattress more cozy!

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