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Article: How to Get Sheets to Stay on Adjustable Bed

how to get sheets to stay on adjustable bed

How to Get Sheets to Stay on Adjustable Bed

Are you stressing over how to get sheets to stay on adjustable bed? You're not alone! Today we'll turn this common annoyance into a thing of the past. Say goodbye to the nightly battle with your bedding.

As we move forward, we'll reveal the secrets to keeping your sheets in place. We'll also cover everything from the right sheet size, the effectiveness of fitted sheets with deep pockets, the utility of flat sheets, to the influence of sheet fabrics.

Plus, we'll share additional tips and explain why sheets often slip off. Whether you're pondering how many bed sheets should you have or are white bed sheets a bad idea, we're here to help, no matter the query.

Ready to revolutionize your sleep experience? Let's dive in!

What this article covers:

How to Keep Sheets on an Adjustable Bed

Like the problems involved in how to keep fitted sheet on air mattress, keeping sheets on an adjustable can be a nightly struggle. But it needn't be. The key, based on our observations, is to choose the right bedding components that work in harmony with the bed's movement.

Let's break down the essentials.

Sheet Size

The size of your sheets is crucial when it comes to adjustable beds. Like traditional beds, adjustable beds require sheets that can accommodate their particular dimensions.

how to keep sheets on tempurpedic mattress

It's important to consider the specific type of adjustable bed you have, such as a king, and choose sheets accordingly. Excess material can cause annoying bunching where a sheet that's too small simply won't fit.

Bed Size

Fitted Sheet (inches)

Flat Sheet (inches)


38 x 75

66 x 96

Twin XL

39 x 80

66 x 100


54 x 75

84 x 96


60 x 80

90 x 102


78 x 80

112 x 102

California King

72 x 84

108 x 106

Fitted Sheets With Deep Pockets

Fitted sheets with deep pockets are essential for adjustable beds. They are designed to stay in place on mattresses that are thicker or require extra fabric to accommodate movement.

The deep pockets together with elasticized hems keep the sheet secure, even as the bed is adjusted. This means you won't have to constantly re-adjust the sheets every time you change the position.

For those seeking the perfect fitted sheet for their adjustable bed, we at California Design Den offer an exceptional option: the Classic Percale fitted sheet. Made from Organic Cotton Percale, this sheet is not only environmentally friendly but has also been rigorously tested for pilling, shrinkage, and color fastness.

Flat Sheets

The use of flat sheets on adjustable beds offers flexibility and ease of use. Since adjustable beds change positions, having a flat sheet that can be easily rearranged or tucked in is beneficial. It ensures that the bed remains comfortable and well-made, regardless of its configuration.

how to keep top sheet tucked in on adjustable bed

Additionally, flat sheets can be chosen to complement the décor of the room, adding a touch of style to the sleep environment.

For those with adjustable beds, we present a premium selection of flat sheets, like our king size flat sheet collection. They are 100% Cotton Sateen and OEKOTex and GOTS-certified, showcasing our commitment to the environment.

Sheet Fabrics

When it comes to adjustable beds, the fabric of the sheets plays a pivotal role. Organic cotton, Egyptian cotton, and bamboo are among the best choices for these types of beds, as they offer durability, which is an essential quality for sheets that need to adapt to a continually moving surface.

Organic Cotton

Organic cotton is grown without harmful pesticides or synthetic fertilizers, making it not only environmentally friendly but also strong and resilient.

The natural fibers of organic cotton are less processed than conventional cotton. Our research indicates that this helps maintain their integrity and strength over time, a trait we harness in our sateen sheets.


Bamboo fibers are naturally strong and can hold up well under constant movement and bending. This strength, combined with bamboo's softness and silkiness, makes it an ideal fabric for adjustable beds.

For those seeking the ultimate in comfort and sustainability, California Design Den presents our collection of bamboo sheets. They are soft, breathable, and shine in the longevity department. Plus, with the required deep pockets, they are suitable for 8-16-inch mattresses.

how do i keep my sheets on my adjustable bed

Egyptian Cotton

Egyptian cotton is another excellent fabric choice for adjustable beds, known for its superior durability and luxurious feel. The fibers of Egyptian cotton are longer than regular cotton, which results in a strong and resilient sheet.

We pride ourselves in offering a selection of luxurious, moisture-wicking Egyptian cotton sheet sets.

Extra Tips for Keeping Sheets In Place

Keeping sheets in place on an adjustable bed can be challenging due to the bed's movement. However, there are a couple of effective solutions beyond those already discussed.

Tuck The Sheet

For those of you who are thinking about how to stop bed sheets from moving, this method, often referred to as folding hospital corners, ensures that the sheet is less likely to come loose when the bed is adjusted.

Start by laying the flat sheet evenly over the bed, with the excess fabric hanging equally on all sides of the mattress. Stand at the foot of the bed and tuck the end of the sheet under the mattress, leaving the sides hanging out.

Move to one corner at the foot of the bed. Lift the hanging edge of the sheet and fold it up, forming a 45-degree angle with the corner of the mattress. The edge of the sheet should form a diagonal line from the corner of the mattress.

Hold the folded part up and tuck the hanging portion of the sheet that's beneath it snugly under the mattress. Lower the folded part down against the side of the mattress. It should now form a neat, hospital corner.

Tuck and repeat!

keep my sheets on my adjustable bed

Readjust Your Sheet

Regular readjustment of your sheets can also help in keeping them in place on an adjustable bed. Due to the movement of the bed, sheets may gradually slip or bunch up. Periodically readjusting the sheets, especially after changing the bed's position, can prevent them from becoming too loose or misaligned.

Why Are Your Sheets Coming Off?

Sheets may come off an adjustable bed for several reasons, often related to the unique characteristics of these beds. Here are some key factors contributing to this issue.

Elastic Wear And Tear

Over time, the elastic edges of fitted sheets can stretch and lose their elasticity due to the frequent adjustments and movements of an adjustable bed. This wear and tear reduces the sheet's ability to stay in place.

If this is the case with your sheets, visit California Design Den for a new set!

Incorrect Sheet Size

Using sheets that are too small for your adjustable mattress can lead to them popping off easily. Conversely, sheets that are too large may not provide a tight enough grip on the mattress, leading to slippage.

Changing Sleep Positions

Individuals who frequently change their sleeping positions can inadvertently pull the sheets out of place, causing them to slip off the mattress.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know if my sheets are the right size?

To ensure your sheets are the right size, simply measure your mattress to determine its size and depth. Compare these measurements against the dimension table provided earlier in this article.

keeping my sheets on my adjustable bed

When should I replace my bed sheets?

Wondering how long do sheets last? Our findings show that it's recommended to replace your sheets every 2 to 3 years, especially if you notice they are fading or starting to thin. High-quality sheets tend to last longer, so investing in good-quality sheets can be more cost-effective in the long run.


Keeping sheets on an adjustable bed can be effortless with the right approach. Ensure your sheets are the correct size for your bed, invest in deep-pocketed fitted sheets, and consider the practicality of flat sheets for added flexibility.

Don't forget to choose durable fabrics like organic cotton, bamboo, or Egyptian cotton, as these can withstand the constant movement of adjustable beds.

With these strategies and tips in hand, peruse our online store for a wide variety of bedding options! 

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