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Article: How to Keep Bed Sheet From Coming Off

how to keep bed sheet from coming off

How to Keep Bed Sheet From Coming Off

Bed sheets that just won't stay put can be frustrating. That's why we're here to share some tried-and-true tips on how to keep bed sheet from coming off. 

We'll start with choosing the right size sheets, move on to DIY solutions, and investigate why sheets slip off in the first place.

Finally, we'll discuss what to look for in sheets that stay snug on your bed. Plus, we'll answer some frequently asked questions to wrap up.

Let's get started!

What this article covers:

How to Stop Bed Sheets From Moving

Tired of waking up to find your bed sheets in a tangled mess? You're not alone. Keeping bed sheets from moving can be a challenge, but with a few smart strategies, you can say goodbye to those nightly tussles.

Let's look at some effective methods to keep your sheets firmly in place.

Note: These methods are also suitable for those asking how to get sheets to stay on adjustable bed, how to keep fitted sheet on air mattress, or how to keep sheets on memory foam mattress.

Purchase The Correct Size

Choosing the correct size for your bed sheets is crucial in preventing them from coming off. Based on our observations, a well-fitted sheet is less likely to slip and slide.

Make certain that you measure your mattress accurately, including its depth, to find the perfect fit. A common mistake is overlooking the depth of the mattress, leading to a fitted sheet that constantly slips off because it's too shallow.

Before measuring, however, you should remove any existing sheets. Then measure the width, length, and height of your mattress, and note these dimensions. Your fitted sheet should match these measurements.

how to keep my fitted sheet from coming off

At California Design Den, we offer a range of sizes to fit every bed perfectly. Our twin fitted sheet, for instance, is designed for mattresses 8-16 inches deep, thanks to their extra deep pockets. Breathable and soft, our sheets not only stay in place but also offer unbeatable comfort and quality.

Tuck The Top Corners First

If you're using a fitted sheet, like one of our 400 Thread Count 100% Cotton Sateen fitted sheets, tucking the top corners first helps your sheet stay in place. This establishes a foundation that helps keep the entire sheet taut as you place it.

To properly tuck the top corners, start by aligning the sheet evenly on the mattress. Ensure the elastic edges are snugly under the mattress corners.

If you're using a flat sheet, you can employ the hospital corner method. This involves tucking the bottom of the top sheet beneath the mattress, pulling the ends to form a triangle, and then tucking in the bottom triangle before folding down and securing the top triangle.

Include A Mattress Mattress Topper

Incorporating a mattress topper is an effective strategy for keeping bed sheets in place. A mattress topper adds an extra layer of thickness to your mattress, which can help to create a tighter fit for your sheets, reducing the likelihood of them slipping off.

This is useful if your current mattress is a bit worn or if your sheets are slightly too big.

Looking to get your hands on one? Look no further than our Plush Pillow-top mattress topper. This topper is not only machine washable for easy care but also made from bamboo rayon, known for its softness and cooling properties. Its fitted sheet design further aids in keeping your bed sheets firmly in place.

how to stop bed sheets from moving

DIY Solutions To Keep Sheets On A Bed

If you're looking for a more hands-on approach to keep your sheets firmly on your bed, DIY solutions can be effective. These simple yet ingenious methods can help you secure your bed sheets without the need for specialized products.

Fasten With Safety Pins

Using safety pins is a straightforward and practical method to keep your bed sheets from slipping off. Simply place a safety pin at each corner of the sheet, attaching it to the underside of the mattress.

When using safety pins, be cautious to avoid damaging the fabric of your sheets or the mattress. Also, use large, sturdy safety pins that can handle the tugging.

Use Double-Sided Tape

Double-sided tape can be an unconventional yet effective solution for keeping bed sheets in place.

This method involves attaching one side of the tape to the mattress and the other to the corresponding edge of the bed sheet, creating a bond that prevents the sheet from slipping off. Repeat along the edges or at the corners.

However, one should be cautious as tape may leave sticky residue on the sheets and mattress, which might not come out easily in the wash.

Secure With Binder Clips

Our research indicates that binder clips, typically used for organizing papers, can also be an effective tool for holding sheets in position. All you need to do is attach binder clips to the edges of the sheet and clip them onto the mattress.

stop bed sheets from moving

The trick is to place the clips strategically at the corners or sides where the sheet is most likely to slip off. It's important to check regularly that the clips are tightly secured so that they maintain the sheet's position.

Why Sheets Slip Off

As we touched on earlier, sheets often slip off the bed due to size mismatches between the sheets and the mattress. If the sheets are too small for the mattress, they are stretched too tightly and are more likely to pop off.

Conversely, if the sheets are too large, they lack the necessary tension to stay in place, leading to slipping and bunching.

What To Look For In Sheets That Don't Come Off

Elasticity is a key feature to consider. The elastic around the edges of fitted sheets should be strong and durable, allowing the sheet to stretch over the mattress securely without being so tight that it risks snapping.

Our sateen sheets forgo the corner elastic for a full-circumference band, providing superior hold.

The material of the sheet also matters; fabrics like cotton with a good thread count offer a balance of softness, grip, and durability, reducing the likelihood of slipping thanks to overstretching caused by wear and tear.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many bed sheets should I have?

When it comes to how many bed sheets should you have, the general consensus is that you should own at least three sets of bed sheets per bed. This allows you to have one set on the bed while the others are being washed or are in storage.

keep bed sheet from coming off

How long do bed sheets last?

To answer the question of how long do sheets last, we take a nuanced approach. Our findings show that the lifespan of bed sheets varies depending on the material and how well they are cared for. Generally, good quality sheets can last anywhere from two to three years with regular use and proper care.


Keeping your bed sheets from coming off doesn't have to be a nightly struggle. By following the tips and strategies we've discussed, you can secure your sheets.

Start with the right size - a perfect match for your mattress is key. Then, consider using practical solutions or employing DIY methods like using safety pins for a more hands-on approach.

Finally, maintain a good rotation of sheets and take proper care of them. Having a few sets on hand means you're always prepared.

Check out California Design Den for sheets that promise both comfort and reliability, making restless nights a thing of the past.

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