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Article: Mother's Day Gift Guide

Mother's Day Gift Guide

Mother's Day Gift Guide

Mother's Day is right around the corner. Whether you're an awesome charming offspring, or an adoring grateful child, good gifts are important. After all, it's the thought that counts, so let's make sure you give your mum some gifts she really wants. Here is a list of natural, luxurious and practical products that could help you pamper your mum this mother’s day without breaking the bank.

A Down Comforter

The best kind of down comforter to give your mum is the one with 100% natural cotton. This will be sure to keep her warm and comfortable on cold nights. It’s very easy to clean and is anti-microbial, so it won't hold any bad smells after it's been used for a long period of time. Down comforters are also great for the summer because they are lightweight so you don't have to worry about your mum getting hot in the summertime.

Breathable and Pill Free Sheet Sets

Gift your mum a set of sateen soft, breathable and pill free sheet set that provides an unparalleled level of comfort, and she might dream about you every night! The following are some pointers for you when choosing the best sheet set to gift you mum:

  • Should be made from long-staple cotton yarns
  • Should be tested and certified to be free from hundreds of unhealthy synthetics
  • Should be able to fit the mattress well without popping off
  • Should be machine washable for easy care

A Duvet Cover

Duvet covers are a great gift because they add style and color to the room and can be changed out quickly and easily. They come in so many styles, patterns, and colors that you will have no problem finding the perfect match for your mom's unique personal style. Duvet covers are also easy to wash, making it easy for mom to change the look of her room whenever she needs a quick refresh.

  • Make sure the duvet cover you buy has the following feature to fully impress your mum:
  • Button closure to provide an elegant finish
  • Internal ties for convenience and protection of the comforter
  • Comfortable, breathable, soft and cozy

Thermal Blanket

There’s nothing better than a cozy night for your mum, particularly when the temperatures drop. A thermal blanket is made with double-brushed microfiber that's remarkably soft and comfy, it'll keep your mum nice and toasty as she drifts off to slumber land. It's also highly breathable and won't overheat, so she can rest comfortably cherishing this lovely gift.

Quilt Set

This is a gift which she will cherish for her lifetime as it’s something that comes from the heart of the giver. The quilt set will also be of great help and use to your mum because she will use it every day when she goes to sleep. It's perfect for snuggling on a couch, or curling up with a book in bed on a lazy Sunday afternoon. 

You can choose a quilt set which has her favorite color or design on it and present it to her this mother’s day. 

Ultra-Premium Waterproof Mattress Protector

A mattress protector not only keeps your mum’s mattress fresh, clean, and free from stains, but also adds a layer of comfort to her bed. It’s a gift of a kind that she will cherish for ages. The best mattress protector should have the following features:

  • Should have a fitted sheet style construction for easy cover
  • Should be elastic on the sides for a good snug fit

In an ideal world, the best gifts for Mother's Day are those that show you actually care about your mother, and have taken the time to find out what she wants. But no matter what, remember to make it personal; that's what will have the biggest impact on this holiday. Reach out to California Design Den to get the best the market has to offer on the gifts above and more. 

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Microfiber is synthetic ! Thread Counts Do not Apply.

Microfiber is synthetic ! Thread Counts Do not Apply.


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