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Article: Spring Cleaning Guide

Spring Cleaning Guide

Spring Cleaning Guide

Spring is a great time to shake things up when it comes to your home decor. I mean who doesn’t want their apartment or home to look fabulous for spring and summer entertaining. 

In the U.S. spring usually starts mid-March and ends in late June. Not surprisingly, spring cleaning, like many holidays and events, is rooted in culture and religion. But out with the old and in with the new also just makes plain good sense. 

Having a clean home is an important first step to having a stress-free, restful home. So, let's get started with your Spring Cleaning Guide.

Swap out heavy bedding for lightweight sheets 

Start by lightening up the weight of your bedding. Afterall, springtime means it’s time to spring for new sheet sets for your bedroom. On cooler nights, layer multiple lightweight sheets: cottons, sateens, silks, and other breathable fabrics. If you need a little more warmth, a lightweight quilt or blanket can help you ditch your toasty flannel sheet set and big comforter (at least till fall.)

Don’t forget the pillows

Change your pillowcases too. Sleeping on cotton and other cooler fabrics makes it easier to drift off to dreamland on warm nights. Plus, pillows and pillowcases are a quick and inexpensive way to add color to your room.

Brighten your rooms with color

Let the sun in and get over the winter blues with bright, springlike colors. Lilacs, yellows, pinks, light greens, and other pastels are a springtime fav. Also consider bright tropical colors, whimsical prints, and floral patterns. Or if you like to keep it neutral: beige, gray, khaki, and off-white, depending on the tone can be very relaxing or icy cool. 

How you wash your sheets matters

Most sheet sets and blankets have instructions on them. But as a rule of thumb most sheet manufacturers’ machine wash directions suggest cold, cool or warm wash cycles. Never hot (especially if your bedding has darker dyes that bleed or fade.)

Also, did you know hard laundry water can leave mineral residues that may damage your bedding? If you have hard water, using a warmer water cycle or more detergent may help. 

Liven up your linen storage

Now that you’ve got new sheets, make sure you store them properly in your linen closet. Spruce up your closet with new contact paper in springlike colors to give it a fresh look. You can change it again in the fall. 

Just toss it

If you haven’t worn or used something for two or three years, toss it. By the time you get around to wearing or using it, it’ll be outdated. If you feel guilty about tossing new clothing other products, donate it to charity. 

It’s curtains

Since you’re buying a new sheet set, and beddings, shouldn’t you get matching window dressings? It’s an inexpensive way to refresh a bedroom look. Wash any fabric curtains that haven’t been cleaned in a while. 

Chang smoke detector batteries 

It’s suggested that you check your smoke detector at least twice a year, changing batteries as necessary, though some fire experts suggest as often as once a month. Don’t forget to also check your carbon monoxide detector if you have one (and you should.)

Cleaning windows

Cleaning your windows helps you avoid dust allergies, lets in more sunlight, and is good exercise. So, grab a towel and a squeegee and get started. 

Flip or rotate mattresses

Experts vary but most agree it’s not a bad idea to flip over your mattress at least once a year. Flipping your mattress may help you increase the longevity and comfort of your mattress. You may also want to “rotate” your mattress, turning it 180 degrees every now and then. That way you’re not sleeping on the same end all the time, wearing it down faster. Sleeping on a lumpy mattress isn’t very spring-like. 

Time to grab a duster

Spring is the perfect time to dust all those places you’d like to forget about–but can’t. A retractable duster is great for hard-to-reach spots like on top of closets, ceiling fan blades, moldings and wainscotting 

Rejuvenate your bedroom this spring

Now that your spring cleaning’s done, don’t forget to refresh your sheets and other bedding. California Design Den has all the sheet sets, duvets, and other bedding that can give you the best sleep of your life

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