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Article: Summer Slumber Essentials

Summer Slumber Essentials

Summer Slumber Essentials


When it comes to getting the best sleep, our preferences change with the seasons. There’s nothing better than thick, pure cotton quilts in winter. Nothing says spring evenings quite like a chunky hand-knitted weighted blanket. But what about summer?


If you want summer bedding that feels luxurious even on warm evenings, these are the essentials to look out for.

Breathable covers to keep you cool

Soft, lightweight duvet covers are perfect when you want to sleep through the night without kicking off the bedding. All-natural, high-thread-count bedding is your best bet if you want covers that are equally cozy and breathable. 

Our covers are densely woven with authentic long-staple cotton for a cool, silky smooth finish.

Organic fibers that protect your skin

For extra protection, our skin ramps up natural oil production in the summer. While this is great for keeping the surface hydrated, it makes finding the right pillowcase vital. 

100% cotton pillowcase stays cool and dry as you sleep. The organic compact yarns create a smooth, frictionless surface that’s gentle on skin and hair. It’s the best support for your slumber and skincare needs this summer.

Fitted sheets for movers and shakers

Hot nights often mean tossing and turning as we sleep – and tangled bedding. Not any more. We design our fitted sheets with deep 16” pockets and full circumference elastic for three reasons:

  • They’re easier to slip on
  • They fit snuggly on both low profile and tall mattresses
  • They hug your bed all night, so you’re free to move and adjust

Durable, easy-wash bedding

When it’s time to put the bedding in the wash, you want two guarantees – softness and freshness. Quality sheets are easy to clean, keep their color, and come out feeling and smelling brand new. The best part about our bedding, you ask?

It gets softer with every wash.

Style and shades that inspire a restful evening 

Visuals can impact our moods as much as our sense of touch. That’s why we designed our bedding with natural shades that evoke that West Coast aesthetic. From quality materials to stylish weaves, textures, and finishes, we have a blend that fits your dream decor.

After all, nothing says iconic summer evenings like Californa Design Den.

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