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Article: What Color Sheets Go with a Red Comforter?

what color sheets go with red comforter

What Color Sheets Go with a Red Comforter?

Let’s face it, a red comforter is anomalous in most bedrooms, but where’s the fun in being normal?

Red is a powerful and dramatic color. Whether the hue is bold or muted, you’ll always find this color exciting.

However, when you’re trying to sleep, the last thing you need to feel is excitement. 

If you’ve ever wondered what color sheets go with green comforter or what color sheets go with yellow comforter, you’ll know that pairing sheets with vibrant colors can be a little tricky. 

So, to ensure you have a good night’s sleep, you need bed sheets with colors that create the best conditions for sleep.

In this article, you’ll learn what color sheets go with red comforter and, more importantly, you’ll learn how these colors can influence your sleep.

What this article covers:

How to Pair Sheet Colors with Comforters

According to color psychology, colors affect your mood and behavior, and colors affect the quality of your sleep and how you feel when you sleep and wake up.

That’s why, aside from thread count, material, affordability, size, and quality, you must consider color when choosing bedsheets. And the most important factor to consider when selecting the color of your bedsheets is how a particular color makes you feel. Because how you feel directly influences how fast you fall asleep.

what color sheets for red comforter

And since red is a thought-provoking color with passion and energy, it’s not a color that positively influences your mind to relax and calm down when falling asleep.

So, to make the perfect sleeping environment for yourself, you need to combine the red color of your comforter with neutral or calming colors. Neutral colors like gray and beige provide a soothing and tranquil ambiance perfect for your bedsheets.

What Colors Pair Well with Red?

Below are our top recommendations of the color sheets that best pair with your red comforter. However, before selecting the best color for your bedsheets, we highly advise you to consider your preferences and associations with each color.

Color #1: White

At first, pairing your red comforter with white sheets may seem more of a ‘safe option’ than exciting. After all, white combines well with nearly every color imaginable.

what color sheets go with a red comforter

However, we find there’s something extra special about the color combo of white and red. They neutralize each other. With the beautifully bold red comforter as your bed’s focus, white sheets add a fresh and clean color contrast.

Additionally, white is a soothing color, making it perfect for inducing sleep.

With the color white, anything goes, including the popular white sheets for white comforters.

Color #2: Beige

Beige is regularly seen in nature. That’s why we find it calming, neutral, and versatile.

These qualities make beige sheets perfect for taming your red comforter’s fiery quality.

what color sheets look good with red

Compared to white sheets, beige sheets give off a more relaxed, laid-back feeling. This feeling improves your sleep quality by allowing you to decompress and helping to relax your mind.

If you’re curious about the color beige and would like to learn more about it other color combinations, check out our article on what color sheets go with beige comforter.

Color #3: Gray

A red comforter and gray sheets? Probably not your first choice, but gray is a cool, comforting, and versatile color. If you ever wondered what color comforter goes with gray sheets, red is an excellent option.

what color sheets with red comforter

The ‘dull’ tone of gray sheets is more calming than your red comforter’s ‘aggressive’ tone, an ideal complement to create balance and ensure you don’t have any trouble falling asleep. 

Our #1 Bed Sheet Pick for a Red Comforter

In our opinion, the Luxe Smooth Sateen Solid Queen Fitted Sheet is the bed sheet for your red comforter and the best-fitted sheet for a purple mattress. And here’s why.

Made with 100% sateen cotton, our Luxe Smooth Sateen Solid Fitted Sheets have a luxurious, silky-smooth, and cool vibe that oozes deluxe comfort.

The sheets come in different colors, with our top sellers coming in light gray and dark gray colors, and are ideal bed sheets for a black bed frame.

best color sheets with red comforter

To ensure your sheets are the perfect fit, you can choose between sheets with 400, 500, and 600 thread counts.

For summer, we recommend the light-gray sheets because they have a ‘cooling’ effect. While for winter, we recommend the dark gray sheets because of their ‘warming’ effect.


There you have it. That’s everything on the best color sheets to pair with your red comforter. With this information, you can now decide which color combination best fits your preferences.

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