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Article: What Do Deep Pocket Sheets Mean?

what do deep pocket sheets mean

What Do Deep Pocket Sheets Mean?

You might be wondering, what do deep pocket sheets mean, precisely? Deep pocket sheets are specifically designed to fit over thicker mattresses or those with pillow toppers.

While standard sheets typically fit mattresses up to 14 inches thick, deep pocket sheets can accommodate those that measure around 16 inches.

So, if you're tired of the midnight tug-of-war with your sheets, it's time to consider deep pocket sheets for a more comfortable fit.

What this article covers:

What Are Deep Pocket Sheets?

Ever been snuggled up in bed, only to roll over and find your sheets slipping off the mattress? It's a common issue, especially with thicker mattresses and popular foam toppers. Enter the solution: Deep Pocket Sheets.

As per our expertise, deep pocket sheets are specially designed bed linens tailored to fit mattresses that are thicker than average. With extra material and full-circumference elastic, these sheets ensure a snug fit to prevent any midnight slip-offs.

what does deep pocket mean for sheets

The Differences Between Regular Sheets and Deep Pocket Sheets

The differences between regular sheets and deep pocket sheets are more significant than you might think. Regular sheets might fit snugly on standard mattresses, but when it comes to those plush, thicker mattresses, they tend to be a bit more snug.

As mentioned above, regular sheet sets are tailored to fit mattresses up to 14 inches deep, while the deep pocket sheets are designed to accommodate mattresses with a depth of up to 16 inches, the measurement of our king size fitted sheet.

While regular sheets typically offer thread counts between 200 to 400, deep pocket sheets (like our twin fitted sheet) provide a luxurious range of 400 to 600 thread counts.

Where regular sheets might constantly need to be readjusted throughout the night, causing frustration, deep pocket sheets stay securely in place, ensuring an uninterrupted night's sleep.

what does deep pocket sheets mean

Why Choose Deep Pocket Sheets

Our findings show that deep pocket sheets offer numerous advantages. Crafted to fit thicker mattresses, these sheets not only cater to the needs of those with extra bedding (thicker mattress pads and foam toppers) but also add an element of luxury with their desirable thread counts.

Let's take a look at some of the other advantages of deep pocket sheets:

Thread Count

Our deep pocket sheets reach up to 1000. This makes for sheets that provide a soft and silky feel, with a crispness that will keep you cool all night.


Finding sheets that you're happy with means balancing cost and durability so that, like an investment, you feel satisfied you spent your money on a high quality product that lasts.

With the right deep pocket sheets, like our soft sateen sheets, you are guaranteed to get your money's worth.


Crafted from materials like 100% cotton, these sheets are known for their durability and resilience, even after multiple washes. This is an important feature for a sheet that will be stretched over a thicker mattress many times.


Deep pocket sheets offer a polished and neat appearance. Their snug fit provides a smooth and taut surface, adding a touch of sophistication to your bed.

Are Deep Pocket Sheets Expensive?

The answer is a pleasant surprise. Contrary to common misconceptions, deep pocket sheets are not necessarily expensive, and they offer incredible value for their quality and functionality.

what does deep pockets mean for sheets

While luxury sheets might carry a reputation for high costs, deep pocket sheets from California Design Den bridge the gap between affordability and luxury.

Our sheets provide the benefits of premium materials, such as 100% cotton and 100% bamboo sheets without the exorbitant price tag associated with some bedding options.

The emphasis here is on authenticity, natural comfort, and good value – a philosophy that allows you to enjoy the softness and durability of luxury materials without overspending.

Where to Purchase Deep Pocket Sheets

Look no further than California Design Den, the go-to destination for high-quality deep pocket sheets that cater to both your comfort and style needs.

Our percale range includes thread counts that vary from 400 to 600, providing options for those who prefer a softer feel or a slightly crisper texture. Crafted from 100% cotton, these sheets ensure breathability and comfort throughout the night, promising a cozy and restful sleep.

With our online platform, you can explore the available options from the comfort of your bed.

Our user-friendly interface guides you through the selection process, providing detailed information about each product, including thread count, material types, color, and size options.

Furthermore, we are committed to ethical practices and planet-friendly production. This means that when you purchase deep pocket sheets from us, you're not only investing in quality bedding but also supporting sustainable and eco-friendly practices.

Measuring Your Mattress for a Proper Fit

To determine the right sheet size, strip your bed of its current linens, but keep any additional toppers in place. Using a measuring tool, check the mattress's height, width, and length.

If your mattress's height surpasses the 14-inch mark, you'll likely need sheets with deeper pockets, which can range around 16 inches.

what does extra deep pocket sheets mean


Affordable, quality, and fitted to your bedding needs, deep pocket sheets are a game-changer for the restless sleeper. The allure extends beyond their snug fit; some boast luxurious thread counts, unwavering durability, and sustained elegance.

Ready to embrace the comfort revolution? California Design Den beckons! Our user-friendly platform offers a curated selection of deep pocket sheets, ensuring not only your comfort but also ethical and sustainable practices.

Visit California Design Den today for a rejuvenating slumber!

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