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Article: What Do Percale Sheets Feel Like?

what do percale sheets feel like

What Do Percale Sheets Feel Like?

What do percale sheets feel like? As anyone who has gone through the bed linens section of a homeware store, touching and feeling different sheets, will tell you, percale sheets are the perfect balance of softness, coolness, and natural comfort.

With so many fabrics, materials, and weaves available today, learning about the unique nature of percale is essential, especially if quality sleep matters to you (and we bet it does!).

What this article covers:

Understanding the Feel of Percale Sheets

Often likened to pristine hotel sheets that offer a crisp yet gentle embrace as you slip into bed, percale sheets promise an unreal softness.

What Is Percale?

What are cotton percale sheets? Percale is a distinctive type of weave primarily found in cotton sheets. Based on our observations, this weave pattern gives the fabric its signature matte finish.

Sheets made from this weave come in various sizes, like our twin cotton bed sheets, and are akin to the crispness of a freshly ironed dress shirt or the refreshing feel of a cool summer breeze.

is percale good for sheets


The allure of percale isn't just in its texture but also in its softness. As you cuddle into your twin fitted sheet or even the king size cotton fitted sheet, there's a gentle embrace that feels oh-so-luxurious against your skin.

what does percale mean in sheets

According to our research, the higher thread count percale sheets offered by California Design Den (those within the 400 to 800 range) offer an unbeatable mix of luxury and affordability.


Another striking feature we found is percale's inherent coolness. If you've ever found solace in the colder side of the pillow, then a percale sheet in the form of, say, a queen size fitted sheet, is likely your dream come true.

It's perfectly suited for those warm nights or for anyone prone to night sweats.

what does percale sheet mean

How Do Percale Sheets Differ From Other Fabrics?

Based on our observations, percale sheets differ in texture from other fabrics in a number of ways.

We will compare the weave to sheets made from sateen and bamboo so you have a better understanding of what each one has to offer.

How Do Percale Sheets Differ From Sateen?

Our research indicates that percale and sateen are two heavyweights of the cotton sheet world.

Both have their merits, offering unique sleep experiences, whether you're cuddled up on top of a flat king size sheet or own twin extra long sheets.

what does percale sheets mean

Made from a satin weave, sateen, with its glossy finish, feels smooth and silky. Percale, in comparison, remains crisp and cool. If you're transitioning from microfiber, making the switch to either percale or sateen feels like a major upgrade.

Furthermore, when pondering which percale sheets are best, we encourage a discerning eye.

Many believe Egyptian cotton to be the ultimate, but according to our research, its reputation can be a tad overblown, especially when considering the price.

That's why we suggest 100% organic cotton instead, the prized material we use to create our infamous percale sheets.

How Do Percale Sheets Differ From Bamboo?

In the realm of modern bedding, percale and bamboo bedsheets often emerge as top contenders.

When it comes to texture and feel, percale sheets are renowned for their light touch. Made from a specific weave pattern (one-yarn-over and one-yarn-under) and a thread count that exceeds 180 per square inch, they are durable yet airy.

Bamboo sheets, in contrast, offer an unparalleled silky smoothness. Their lustrous nature is derived from the bamboo fibers, imbuing them with a satin-like quality.

Breathability is a shared attribute, albeit with differences. Percale sheets are highly breathable; their tight weave promotes excellent airflow, making them an ideal companion for warmer nights.

what does sateen mean in sheets

Bamboo sheets, inherently moisture-wicking, are adept at helping keep perspiration at bay. Their thermo-regulating capabilities ensure that they adapt effectively to body temperature, providing consistent comfort throughout the night.

On the environmental front, the sustainability of percale sheets can vary. Our organic cotton percale presents an eco-conscious option.

Bamboo sheets also stand out for their green credentials, with bamboo being a rapidly renewable resource.


Percale sheets are a shear luxury for the senses, seamlessly combining crisp texture with a cool touch. Distinct from other bedding materials, their signature light texture delivers an inviting sensation that'll have you yearning to slip into your cool, sumptuous bed.

When shopping for bedding, consider the feel of 100% organic cotton percale sheets. Your sleep quality will thank you for it.

Don't miss out on that authentic hotel feel; visit California Design Den today for a set of fresh percale sheets. 

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