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Article: What Is the Size of a Bath Sheet?

what is the size of a bath sheet

What Is the Size of a Bath Sheet?

When it comes to choosing the right bath linen, size matters. Based on our observations, answering the question: what is the size of a bath sheet? enables you to choose the right sheet post-shower or skincare regime.

Today, we'll introduce you to the standard dimensions of a bath sheet and compare them with those of bath towels and hand towels. By the end, you'll have a comprehensive understanding of bath linen sizes so that you can make a more informed decision about your desired bathroom essentials.

Let's get started!

Bath Linen Size Guide

Bath sheets, bath towels, and hand towels each have their own set of perks depending on what you're looking for—be it the generous wrap of a bath sheet or the handy size of a hand towel.

In the following sections, we'll go over the standard dimensions of each so you can better understand the differences between them.

Bath Sheet Size

What is a bath sheet? An oversized bath linen that typically measures between 35 inches by 60 inches to 40 inches by 70 inches, depending on the brand​.

At California Design Den, our bath sheet offers superior coverage, measuring 33 by 70 inches. This larger size has a luxurious feel, ideal for wrapping around your body comfortably post-shower.

how big are bath sheets

Wrap yourself in the lavish comfort of our best bath sheets: the OEKO-TEX-Standard-100-certified bath sheets can turn your bath time into an at-home spa retreat.

Bath Towel Size

Our findings show that bath towels are smaller than bath sheets, with dimensions usually around 27 inches by 52 inches to 30 inches by 58 inches​​. Their size makes them versatile and easy to handle, suitable for drying off after a bath or shower.

They are a staple in most households due to their practical size and sufficient drying capacity. Our Super Soft Luxury bath towels are the epitome of practical luxury, ensuring a refreshing dry-off after every wash.

Hand Towel Size

Our research indicates that hand towels are the second smallest among the trio, measuring at approximately 16 inches by 30 inches to 18 inches by 32 inches​. These towels are perfect for drying hands and face, providing a quick-drying solution in the bathroom.

They can also be used in various settings besides the bathroom, such as the kitchen. Their size makes them suitable for wiping down surfaces or a spill in a pinch.

Our quick-dry hand towels, available in gray and navy blue, are a go-to in such instances!

Face Towel Size

Face towels, also known as face cloths or washcloths, come in a standard size which typically ranges around 13 inches by 13 inches​​.

luxury face towels

The smallest of the bunch, these towels are designed to be compact for easy handling, making them perfect for facial use, whether it's for drying your face, removing makeup, or gentle exfoliation.

Experience the gentle touch of our soft face towels, designed to pamper your skin.


In sum, bath sheets are larger linens that offer a cozy feel with ample cover, whereas bath towels are versatile and practical for everyday use due to their moderate size.

Hand towels are compact and handy for various uses around the home. Being the smallest of the 3, the face towel is an item you can't do without in your cleansing routine.

Browse our premium range of bath sheets, towels, and hand towels, each crafted for an indulgent experience. Make the switch to California Design Den today and elevate your everyday bathing experience!

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