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Article: What Size Are Deep Pocket Queen Sheets

what size are deep pocket queen sheets

What Size Are Deep Pocket Queen Sheets

You might be staring at your mattress, wondering, what size are deep pocket queen sheets? And how do they compare to regular sheets?

Think of it this way - imagine trying on a dress. It fits, but it's just a touch too tight. The same principle applies to sheets, a comfortable fit is key.

Without further delay, let's jump in and explore the exact dimensions of deep pocket sheets, delve into the differences between regular and deep pocket versions, and offer a handy measurement guide.

Plus, we'll introduce you to some of our favorite queen sheets with those sought-after deep pockets.

What this article covers:

Deep Pocket Queen Sheets Dimensions

Our research indicates that a standard queen sheet is typically designed to fit a mattress that measures 60 inches in width and 80 inches in length. However, the standout feature of deep pocket sheets is their depth.

While regular queen sheets might comfortably cover mattresses up to 12 inches deep, deep pocket versions are tailored to accommodate mattresses that extend to 16 inches and up.

For those with especially plush mattresses or added toppers, this extra depth ensures a snug fit without any of those pesky corners popping out in the middle of the night.

With size in mind, you might consider picking up a set of bamboo bed sheets, which are some of the best deep pocket sheets we have to offer!

where to buy deep pocket sheets

Regular Queen Sheets VS Deep Pocket Queen Sheets

When it comes to dressing your bed, the choice between regular queen sheets and deep pocket queen sheets can make a world of difference in comfort and fit. So, what sets these two apart?

A standard queen sheet typically wraps around a standard mattress with a depth of up to 12 inches. On the flip side, a fitted queen sheet is the go-to choice for those plush, thicker mattresses, comfortably accommodating depths ranging from 13 to 17 inches.

Try our specially designed fitted sheet that is 16 inches thick. This will give you premium comfort.

While both types serve their purpose, our findings show that understanding the depth of your mattress and choosing the right sheet accordingly can elevate your sleeping experience to a whole new level of comfort, and uninterrupted sleep.

size of deep pocket queen sheets

Measurement Guide

If you've been eyeing luxurious deep pocket queen sheets, here is your guide to ensuring they'll fit like a dream.

First, measure the width of your mattress from one side to the other. Then, capture the length from the headboard down to the foot. But here's the clincher: the depth.

To get this right, measure from the very top of your mattress down to where it meets the bed frame or box spring. This will help you determine whether you need regular or deep pocket sheets.

Based on our observations, this is especially important if you've decided to purchase our sateen sheets queen or any of our other available options, as you don't want to purchase ill-fitting sheets.

Queen Sheets with Deep Pockets

When it comes to selecting the perfect sheets for your bed, the depth of the pockets can make a significant difference in fit.

Let's dive into some of our standout offerings to help you make an informed choice:

  1. 400 Thread Count sheet - Dream Comfort - This sheet is all about the soft touch and luxurious feel. Handcrafted with function in mind, it promises a snug fit for your queen-sized bed, ensuring no slips or bunching.
  2. Bamboo Sateen - Soft & Cooling - If you're someone who loves the silky touch of sateen, this sheet is a must-have. It not only looks elegant but also offers the comfort that's synonymous with bamboo bed sheets.
  3. Classic Percale Fitted Sheet - For those who prefer a crisp and cool feel, this set offers the traditional comfort of cotton percale. It's breathable, durable, and perfect for those warm summer nights. 

sheets for deep mattress


Finding the right bedding can be a journey, especially when distinguishing between regular queen sheets and those tailored with deep pockets.

The right depth ensures a seamless fit, particularly for those plush mattresses, blending both style and comfort. California Design Den offers a spectrum of choices, from the luxurious feel of sateen to the crisp touch of cotton percale.

And for those seeking an eco-friendly touch, the allure of bamboo bed sheets is undeniable.

As you ponder your next bedding choice, browse California Design Den's collection. After all, the foundation of a rejuvenating night's sleep lies in the sheets you choose.

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