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Article: What Size Sheets Fit a Queen Pillow Top Mattress

what size sheets fit a queen pillow top mattress

What Size Sheets Fit a Queen Pillow Top Mattress

What size sheets fit a queen pillow top mattress? It's a common question. But what's the right answer?

In this guide, we'll delve into the special sheets that these mattresses require, the truth about using king-size fitted sheets on your queen pillow top mattress, and the reason your regular queen sheets are not fitting as you thought they would.

Plus, we'll offer tips on measuring your mattress to ensure the ultimate fit!

What this article covers:

The Right Size Sheets for a Queen Pillow Top Mattress

A queen pillow top mattress, known for its luxurious cushioning, often exceeds the depth of standard mattresses.

sheets for pillow top queen

This means that while a sheet might fit the standard dimensions of a queen-size mattress, which are typically 60 by 80 inches, it might not account for the added height of a pillow top due to the extra cushioning.

The solution? Deep pocket sheets.

Sheets like the queen fitted sheet are designed to cater to the additional thickness of a pillow top mattress, ensuring a comfortable fit. Depending on your specific mattress, you may need a sheet with a pocket depth of either 14, 15, or 16 inches.

Additionally, when selecting the perfect sheet, consider the material that suits your needs, be it a sateen bed sheet, cotton, or 100% bamboo sheets.

fitted sheets for queen size pillow top mattress

How to Measure a Queen Pillow Top Mattress

This process is relatively easy. Using a tape measure, begin by measuring the height of the mattress from the point where it rests on the bed frame or box spring up to its highest point, which will give you its depth.

Next, measure the length from the head to the foot of the mattress and then the width from one side to the other.

These measurements will provide a comprehensive understanding of your mattress's dimensions.

Queen Pillow Top Mattress FAQs

Do Pillow Top Mattresses Need Special Sheets?

Simply put, the answer is yes. Pillow top mattresses differ from standard mattresses in terms of depth. Their additional padding means that they often have a greater height, which can affect the fit of regular sheets.

As previously mentioned, it's essential to seek out sheets specifically designed for the depth of pillow top mattresses. Deep pocket sheets are crafted to ensure a snug fit that stays in place, even with the extra padding.

best sheet size for a queen size pillow top mattress

Does A King-Size Fitted Sheet Fit A Queen Pillow Top Mattress?

While both king and queen mattresses are popular choices for many households, their dimensions are not the same.

A king size cotton fitted sheet, naturally, is designed to fit a larger mattress, and when used on a queen pillow top mattress, will leave you handling excess material, and you will find yourself tucking and adjusting the extra fabric to prevent it from bunching up or slipping off.

For the best fit and comfort, use sheets designed for the specific size of your mattress. Our range comes in all sizes, from twin to California king, ensuring a hassle-free experience.

queen pillow top mattress sheet recommendations

Why Don't My Regular Queen Sheets Fit My Queen Bed?

Our findings show that there can be a few reasons for this discrepancy.

First and foremost, not all mattresses are created equal. While yours might be labeled as 'queen', it could be of the pillow top variety, which has the extra depth that standard queen sheets aren't designed to accommodate.

This added thickness can make regular sheets too tight and can even cause them to slip off.

Secondly, you may have extra bedding, like a foam topper or a mattress pad that has added thickness to the overall mattress height.

It's always a good idea to check the exact dimensions of both your mattress and sheets, and if you have a thicker mattress, opt for deep pocket sheets to ensure the right fit.


Based on our observations, it is clear that the right sheets can make all the difference. It's essential to opt for sheets that cater to the added thickness of an extra layer to prevent the sheet from coming undone.

With our top-quality, eco-friendly options, you're never far from finding that perfect fit.

So, if you're looking to elevate your sleep experience, why not explore what California Design Den has to offer? Peruse our collection and discover the perfect bedding for your queen pillow top mattress.

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