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Article: Which Type of Sheet Should I Buy: Cotton or Microfiber?

Which Type of Sheet Should I Buy: Cotton or Microfiber?

Which Type of Sheet Should I Buy: Cotton or Microfiber?


Trying to decide between cotton and microfiber bedsheets? Unsure which type’s best for the task? Well, let us help…

Go for the cotton ones!

Trust us, they provide a plethora of compelling perks for you, your bank balance, and the planet itself. In this quick-fire article, we’re going to explain why. Enjoy!

Cotton Is Sturdy and Durable

Cheap microfiber sheets are unlikely to stand the test of time. It’s far too flimsy, which makes it unfit for purpose.

9 times out of 10, cotton sheets come up trumps in terms of durability. You’ll get years of good use out of them, meaning you won’t have to pay for replacements every few months!

Cotton Is Cooling and All-Seasonal

Hate being too hot at night? Us too.

That’s why we always recommend cotton over microfiber bedsheets.

The closely woven fabric of synthetic microfiber sheets is known for its ability to retain warmth. By comparison, cotton’s lightweight, breathable, and naturally cooling.

Cotton Is Good for Your Skin

Given that microfiber is less likely to cause adverse reactions, one might assume it is safe to use on the skin.

Alas, the reality isn’t so simple!

Microfiber’s a popular choice for cleaning products, such as clothes, because it attracts dust! Sleeping on those microfiber sheets doesn’t sound as appealing now, right?

Go for cotton instead. It’ll let your skin breathe at night while repelling common allergens (e.g. dust mites and pollen) at the same time. 

Cotton Is Better for the Planet

Want to keep microplastics out of our beautiful oceans? How about the very air we breathe? Well, it’s time to ditch those microfiber sheets in favor of some cotton ones!

Don’t, and all of those synthetic fibers will continue going into our waterways when you put them in the washing machine!

Save the turtles by investing in some cotton sheets instead. It’s a natural material that biodegrades, making it much better for the planet.  

Buy Your Cotton Sheets Today

With any luck, the insights in this post have shed light on the myriad advantages of selecting cotton bedsheets over microfiber ones! Soft, sturdy, breathable, and better for the planet, it’s a perfect choice for you, your family, and the environment.

Buy yours here.

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