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Article: Why Are Hotel Sheets So Crisp?

Why Are Hotel Sheets So Crisp

Why Are Hotel Sheets So Crisp?

Have you always wanted to know how the best hotels keep their sheets in such pristine condition?

Well, look no further! We’ve got all the answers. 

It’s no secret that sleep is important. Countless studies have proven that a good night's sleep can improve productivity and creativity, and it’s super important for your physical and mental health.

We’ll let you in on another secret: bed sheets also play a crucial part in this.

The best hotel sheets are comfortable, cool, and cozy, but why are hotel sheets so crisp? This article will reveal what makes their sheets so comfortable, what’s the best material to buy, and even how to recreate the classic hotel look at home.

What this article covers:

What’s Their Secret - Why Are Hotel Sheets So Crisp?

There’s a sneaky game happening behind the scenes between retail stores and commercial stores.

how to get crisp sheets like hotels

Commercial stores sell decent quality cotton with a low thread low count for pretty low prices. In contrast, retail stores market high thread counts with low-quality cotton at decent prices.

But which of these combinations is best? For a crisp hotel sheet, you’ll want to opt for a well woven high thread count fabric with good-quality cotton.

So, why are hotel sheets so crisp? The cotton quality, thread count, manufacturing, and care all play a role here.

Read on to find out how to create the much-desired hotel-style bedroom for your twin fitted sheet at home.

why do hotel sheets feel so crisp

Thread Count

I think we’ve all heard that thread count is directly related to the quality of the bed sheet, and that’s completely true. 

High thread count is an essential factor in the quality of a bed sheet, but it’s important to remember that the quality of the cotton being used is also important. 

Premium quality cotton is hard to come by, yet high in demand. Therefore, there’s a misconception that thread count can negatively influence the quality of sheets, but the reality is that some retail stores sell poor-quality cotton with low thread counts, which contributes to this fallacy. In these cases, the thread count is mistakenly blamed instead of the cotton quality.

So, what makes hotel sheets so crisp? 

Their secret is to use premium quality cotton with a high thread count. The combination cools the sheets, making them feel different to the hotter, low-quality sheets you may have at home. 

How Are the Sheets Made?

Why are hotel sheets so comfortable? First, we need to examine the different materials that the sheets are made from.

how do i make my sheets crisp like hotels

Each material has its own perks, and because we all have different preferences and there’s a wide range of options available, there's definitely a sheet to suit everyone.

When you snuggle up in those fresh, crisp hotel sheets, it’s really the great cotton that you’re feeling. But which cotton is best?

Sure, Egyptian cotton is well-known as the best material for sheets. However, when buying Egyptian cotton, make sure you’re getting the real deal as there are lots of fake products available.

More importantly, how the cotton is woven is key. Let’s delve into the different types of weaves.

Sateen Weave

A Sateen weave is softer and silkier than most sheets.

Because it also tends to be hotter, these sheets are ideal for those who feel cold at night and want to up the snuggle factor.

It’s one of the best bed sheets for college as well as the best travel sheets for hotels.

You can get the hotel feel at home by treating yourself to these lush queen fitted sheets which have been described as the “softest, most comfortable sheets ever!” and are also some of the best bed sheets for Airbnb.

how do hotels get their sheets so crisp

Percale Weave

Percale is the coolest, crispest sheet out there, making it a favorite amongst hotels.

Made from cotton, "percale" describes the type of weave that is used to manufacture this sheet. One thread is placed over the next, making a fine, strong cloth perfect for bedding.

It’s widely used commercially because it last longers, sheds less, and is super easy to dry and press.

what type of sheets stay crisp

However, because percale sheets are known to be cool, you might get a little cold at night. If you do find yourself on the cold side, you can always top your bedding with a light summer blanket or a 12lb weighted blanket.

Why do hotel sheets feel crisp

Microfiber / Polyester

It’s true that as the hotel ratings go down, the percentage of polyester in the hotel sheets goes up.

Therefore, if you’re staying in a low-budget hotel, likely, the sheets won’t be 100% cotton, and they won’t be all that comfortable either.

How Do Hotels Handle Their Sheets?

If you're not convinced that it’s only the fabric that makes a fantastic bed sheet, you’re right. There’s a little more to it.

Typically, hotels treat their sheets differently to people in their own homes. Let’s discuss all the insider tricks hotels use to maintain the quality of their sheets.. 

Wash, Dry, Iron, Repeat

It’s no secret that hotels wash their sheets more often than the average household. So, they need their sheets to be easy to clean and durable enough to survive multiple, frequent washes. 

Hotel bed sheets are washed regularly at high temperatures, crammed into high-speed dryers and heavy steam pressed to remove ugly creases.

Why are hotel sheets so smooth and crisp

The trick is to press the sheets while they’re still slightly damp. This makes them extra crisp, fresh, and ready quickly for the next guest.

Fabric Softener

It’s tempting to add fabric softener in every wash to get that soft, smooth feeling.

However, adding fabric softener to your sheets will make them limp and floppy: not quite the desired effect when aiming for cool, crisp sheets.

So why are hotel sheets so crisp? Because they don't use fabric softener which loosens the material.

So, if you’re trying to get the hotel look at home, skip the softener.

White Sheets

White is the staple of all interior design.

Starting from a white surface, you can build your theme on this clean base.

Whether you’re running a hotel, or Airbnb, or want to spruce up your own home, white really is your only option if you’re looking for that quintessential, slick appearance.

But don't worry if you want to add color to your room. You can always choose a gray throw blanket, or opt for decorative pillows and runners.

 The reason for hotel sheets being crisp

And if white really isn’t your friend or theme, check out these fabulous purple sheet sets to brighten the space. They’re also ideal if you’re searching for the best towels and bed sheets for Airbnb.

The secret to hotel sheets crispness

It’s All About Presentation

It’s not just about the quality and care, it’s about how it looks, too.

Imagine walking into a hotel room. The room is minimalistic yet inviting. The bed is neatly made, the pillows are fluffed and the runner is placed perfectly, and, of course, the tidy hospital corners fold for an excellent finish.

Hotels are always pristine because they invest time into the presentation.

Although the sheets are probably of premium quality, they seem even better to the guests because the beds simply look nicer than theirs at home.


So, why are hotel sheets so crisp? Cotton quality, thread count, presentation, and care are all crucial components for achieving that flawless look.

Quality cotton with a high thread count is what makes hotel sheets so crisp. Plus, the percale weave is the most popular weave for hotels which makes the sheets extra cool and extra crisp.

Still not sure which sheets to buy? Check out these twin bed sheets for more inspiration.

Why are hotel sheets so perfectly crisp

Whatever your preferences and requirements are, know that, at California Design Den, we have the perfect sheet for you.

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