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Article: Why Do Fitted Sheets Come Off?

why do fitted sheets come off

Why Do Fitted Sheets Come Off?

For those unfamiliar with the rather in-depth world of bed sheets, plenty of factors can determine the perfect sheet for your bed or living situation.

Size is one major factor determining if a sheet is good and will work well for you, and when it comes to bed sheets, there is no end to sizes.

One of the most frustrating things about bed sheets is that they just can't stay fitted to your bed.

Something many people underestimate while sleeping is the amount of movement and turning they do while sleeping.

While you sleep, your flat and fitted sheets are constantly shifting and moving underneath you, and this movement can have a variety of effects.

Based on our first-hand experience, we know how important it is to have a comfortable bed with fitted sheets to have a good night's rest.

What this article covers:

Why Won't Your Fitted Sheets Stay on the Bed?

Size plays a crucial role in how well a sheet fits your mattress. Most sheets won't stay tight if they're even slightly too small or too big.

A sheet that's too small needs to be stretched to fit, and it'll probably come loose on one side or another.

When a sheet is too big for the bed, the looseness makes the corners pop off when shifted.

why do my bed sheets keep coming off

Why are fitted sheets so hard to put on?

Fitted sheets are harder to get around the bed because their stretchy material is designed to hug your mattress. If you get your sizes wrong, the sheet can be a nightmare to put on. So, does the fitted sheet go first? Yes, they do! Because they're fitted so snugly to the mattress, it'd be difficult to put anything under it.

But what's a flat sheet? The difference between fitted and flat sheets is that flat sheets have no elastic and are usually folded in the corners of the bed to tuck in the ends. They're easier to put on your mattress, but they won't fit as snugly.

Why do fitted sheets keep popping off?

To make sure you keep fitted sheets in place, we've found that there are a bunch of rookie mistakes. Let's run through our list so you don't make them!

You're not using the correct size.

Knowing how to put a fitted sheet on a bed, and having the correct size are the most critical aspects for both flat and fitted sheets.

why do my fitted sheets always come off

Knowing your bed size and getting the appropriate sheets is a must for a comfortable sleeping arrangement.

Many people don't know that having correctly sized sheets can be the key to a comfortable night's sleep.

You're not maintaining them properly

Fitted sheets have elastic corners, which allow them to fit around the corners of the bed quite tightly.

The elasticity of the sheet may be reduced over time as fitted sheets are used, washed, and dried.

To keep their fit and shape, we recommend proper sheet maintenance. If they're cleaned, dried, or stored incorrectly, their sizing and elasticity may be affected.

You're being too harsh when making your bed

Stretching out your bed sheets is one of the worst things you can do for their fit, so try not to get too rough when putting them on your mattress.

If you have to work really hard to get your sheets over the corners of your mattress, you may have the incorrect size. Forcing it won't do anything but damage the sheet.

You have bed bugs

Weirdly enough, our findings show that bed bugs and the itching and discomfort they cause at night can cause you to ruffle your sheets.

The more you move and shuffle around in your sleep, the more likely you are to knock your sheets loose.

why do my sheets always come off

How to Find the Right Sheets

Understanding the world of sheets may seem irrelevant to many, but it can be a big plus when you know what you're looking for for your bed and comfort.

To find the perfect sheets for your bed, there are many aspects to consider, such as thread count, material, and size.

How to Choose the Right Size Sheet for Your Bed

As per our expertise, choosing the sheet to fit your bed comes down to two most important aspects: size and thickness.

The size of the sheet you're buying has to correspond with the size of your bed for it to be a good fit.

Besides the general fit, sheet depth is just as important to take note of. Sheet depth corresponds to the “height” of your mattress and can vary between mattresses.

keep fitted sheets from coming off

Based on our observations, the first step to knowing how to measure a fitted sheet begins with understanding depth. Sheets usually come in three depth measurements. Standard, deep, and extra deep are the general measurements for sheet depth.

When you measure standard fitted sheet depth, note that the pockets that go around each corner can vary greatly.

For added luxury without breaking the bank, we highly recommend our purple bed sheet set and our exquisite range of cotton sateen sheets.

keep fitted sheet from coming off

How Long Should A Fitted Sheet Last?

Material, use, and thread count are the main factors that determine the durability of a sheet and can change depending on any of these factors.

Our findings show that, in general, higher thread counts and high-quality materials last longer and make for more comfortable sheets.

What Do You Do If Your Fitted Sheet Is Too Big?

After putting it to the test, we found that safety pins, sheet suspenders, and undersheets are ingenious ways to keep fitted sheets tight around your bed.

Use an undersheet

An undersheet is a sheet that goes under a fitted sheet to act as a base layer and provide additional grip for the fitted sheet. Lay the fitted sheet on top of the undersheet, aligning it properly with the mattress corners.

Ensure that the elastic edges of the fitted sheet are snugly tucked under the mattress.

Fasten it with suspenders

Take a suspender and attach one end to the underside of the fitted sheet near a corner. Repeat this step for the remaining three corners, attaching suspenders to each corner.

Once all the suspenders are in place, pull the opposite ends of the suspenders under the mattress, securing them tightly.

keep sheets from coming off

Secure it with safety pins

Carefully insert safety pins through the fitted sheet and undersheet, near the corners, and along the sides of the mattress. Be cautious when using safety pins and ensure they are securely fastened without poking through the mattress.


Bed sheets not staying on is a small problem that not many people realize can lead to serious discomfort.

And with so many simple solutions and fixes to the problem, there's no reason for it to be tossed aside instead of taken care of.

Hopefully, this comprehensive guide has taught you a little something about finding fitted sheets that don't come off. And if you have any more pressing bedding concerns, like “What is the deepest fitted sheet?”, “How to keep sheets on an adjustable bed”, or “mattress protector vs sheets”, come check out our blog! We have all the answers you need.

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