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For Retailers

Fashionable, luxurious bedding customers love

Consumers today want more variety, more quality, and fresh new design releases on an ongoing basis. Our mission is to partner with you to meet that demand. We aren’t interested in being just another bedding company that delivers new products to retailers every several months. We’re constantly designing, producing, and bringing to market limited-edition designs, with fresh styles from rotating design teams released every six to eight weeks. Our focus on speed and quality, along with our dedication to continually refining our design and production processes, are the reasons our linens are so affordable. They’re also the reasons why our designs are being sold by top retailers around the globe.

For retailers in search of an even more custom product, creating small-batch, private-label designs is one of our specialties. We have a history of collaborating closely with retailers to design and produce limited-edited batches of custom-made collections. We’re proud to deliver such a personalized, top-quality product, and we can’t wait to work with you.

Curating designs that sell

We strive to constantly improve our offerings for consumers, and data analytics is our secret to finding and refining top-selling collections. We track how each design is performing via various platforms, and then reinforce the most successful qualities when we create future products. Because our design-to-shelf cycle is short, we are able to incorporate our findings in record time. This helps lower your risk of carrying inventory that won’t sell well while ensuring that prices and expenses stay low. It’s a win for us, for consumers, and you.

Speed is of the essence

Our shipping process is completely automated, allowed us to integrate with retailers on EDI, API, and XML platforms and to ensure fast, efficient shipping across the board. Depending on the level of integration you want, we can merge our processes to deliver product data, inventory stats, and sales orders even faster. Total automation also means that we can share our product catalog, product attributes, and inventory status updates on an almost real-time basis. No more paperwork, waiting for updates, or shipping delays.

Beautiful right out of the box

What’s inside matters most, but packaging should pack a punch as well. Simplicity, style, and a pop of personality are what customers will find on their doorstep when a California Design Den™ order arrives.