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"I love, Love, LOVE these sheets! Finally: real cool, crisp cotton like I experienced once at a very nice hotel. No more micro-fiber sheets! That material is fine for some clothes etc, but not as bedding. Everything I would wear to bed would “stick” to them and I would get tangled in the making sleep difficult. Your cotton sheets are amazing! I washed them according to your directions and even ironed the pillowcases. I slept amazingly! I am saving up in hopes of getting a set or two for my son’s bed and another set for myself. Or at the very least a pair of standard pillow cases to complete my bed.
Awesome product ladies and gentlemen. Simply wonderful!"
- Theresa, 17 Sept’2019
"When they arrived, I was delighted to discover that the fitted sheet actually fit my king size mattress without me having to stretch it so hard that I broke a nail (which has happened before), the light creamy beige color I had picked out perfectly matched my bedding set (score), and the sheets even stood up to the softness test for my eczema-prone toddler's sensitive skin. #Winning.
These sheets are 600 thread count, eco-friendly, and the pillow cases fit even the fluffiest of pillows, all for under $70. They come in a beautiful array of solid neutrals and a variety of thread counts to best suit your comfort level and price point. And again, 2 day shipping right to your door—you can't beat that"
- Kristi Eide,, 29’ August. 2018
"The sheets are extremely lush and soft. They are super fine and have a nice sheen to them like the ones used in luxury hotels. The price is also affordable. I bought two sheets one was for a king size bed and another was for a single cot (kids sheet). I’m satisfied with both the sheets and it was delivered on time. The thread count is 600 which makes the fabric durable. I have washed it a couple of times and its sparkling as new."
- Jaishri,, 11’ September 2018
"The sheets are incredibly soft and smooth.I washed them first before we used them and they came out soft from the dryer (unlike another set of sheets we own). I love the dark greycolor we selected…fits in perfectly with our room. The fitted sheet has deep pockets so even with our pillow top mattress, they were easy to put on.
If you are in the market for new sheets, I highly recommend checking out this budget friendly, quality company!"
- Jaclyn Musselman,, 28’ September 2018
"Recently, my wife and I got some California Design Den, 600-Thread Count, 100% Cotton sheets, and I must say, the difference is totally noticeable. Using a sateen weave, the California Design Den sheets felt really great and were sturdy (no tearing), and with the higher thread count, they felt soft, even after the first wash. I’m sure that over time, they will become even softer. The sheets fit well, even over our memory foam topper and did not come off over the week of using them. They fit over up to an 18” mattress! And, at just $70 for the king-sized set, they won’t break your budget and are an excellent way to enhance your sleep environment. They have lots of colors to match your bedroom decor as well"
- Michael Sheehan -, 21’ october2018
"One of the first things I noticed when I pulled the sheets out of the packaging were the little details. The sheets have reinforced stitching along the edge and the fitted sheet was fully elasticized. I don’t know about you, but I hate it when the fitted sheet moves during the night. The full elastic band on the California Design Den sheet ensures the sheet stays in place and fits like a glove. Another thing I noticed was the soft, smooth hand the sheets had. This is due to the long-staple fibres that are used to create the sateen weave of the fabric.
After sleeping on the sheets for several weeks and putting them through numerous washes, I definitely give California Design Den sheets my seal of approval. The sheets are a great quality, feel great on the skin and really enhance a good night’s sleep."
- Shelly,, 14’september 2018
"There was a little “how to care for your sheets” card that came inside the packaging, such a nice touch! After washing the sheets, I was excited to make the bed (how often are you excited to make your bed? Not often for me that’s for sure lol!). Are you fighting to get your fitted sheet on your bed? My mattress is very deep which is nice but can be a problem in getting sheets to fit properly! I was extremely pleased to see how easy this fitted sheet went on the bed, it had so much room to go under the mattress, which made making the bed so much easier!
After having slept on these sheets for a while, I can say with confidence, you can’t go wrong with them! They fit perfectly, they feel amazing and they are a great price! If you are looking to buy some new sheets, I can absolutely recommend California Design Den!"
- DriyaS (, 19 September 2018
"A comfortable bed is inviting and makes you want to relax. Make your bed with quality sheets and a comforter you love. We recently started using sheets from California Design Den and love them. They are 100% cotton and always feel crisp and clean. We love having white sheets as I believe they create a calming feel for the whole room"
- kerilynn -
"They stay put, they are incredibly soft (they take a couple of days to wear in), and they are affordable. They even have a tag on the head/foot side of the fitted sheet, so there is no more guessing which way it goes. So glad we got these to add to our room!"
- Katrina -17’ October 2018
"California Design Den Sheets come in luxe sateens to crisp percale, every set of their sheets are crafted using fine materials, superb craftsmanship, eco-friendly production processes and they come in solid colors and prints that are sure to fit your bedroom decor."
- Linda Grant,, 13’ oct 2018
"Since the pattern on the wallpaper was pretty busy, I tried to keep the other elements in the room simple. I got her new crisp, white sheets from California Design Den. They are a classic percale sheet made with organic cotton. I have washed them several times and they truly get softer with each wash."
- Jennifer Lippi,, 9’ September2018
"These sheets are super comfortable and made with 400 thread count and 100% cotton. We absolutely love the feel of these sheets and how well they fit our bed. We have a king size bed and we are always looking for sheets for it that are comfortable and easy to sleep on. These really are ones that do that and we actually have several sets of these not only in king size but in other sizes as well for our kids to use.
These sheets are very breathable but also help to keep you warm in the cooler months. They are easy to put on your bed and seem to fit very well at least for us they fit well. This is a 4 piece set that comes with a Flat sheet, a fitted sheet and 2 king size pillowcases. When it comes to washing these, it’s simple really you just throw them in the washer and then do a short cycle in the dryer. These dry quickly so they recommend that you do a short cycle to ensure the best softness. If you are in the market for some new sheets, then this would be a good place to start. I plan to add more of these to my collection soon since I love them so much."
- Jacqui Odell,, 15 October 2018
"I don’t always sleep well. There, I said it- I have an amazing mattress and great pillows, but 1000 ideas running around in my head at any given time, especially at bedtime. So, when I was sent what was said to be the “lushest, softest, highest-quality sheets available at affordable prices”, I was intrigued.
I travel a ton and I truly always appreciate a hotel bed made with crisp sheets and I never seem to be able to duplicate that feeling at home, until I slept in these. They always felt fresh, crisp, they remained taut and I was pleasantly surprised how much more comfortably I slept with them. Sometimes it’s the little things and who ever would have thought the sheets would make such a difference but they did. Have a look, I highly recommend them"
- Gabriella Ribeiro,