Chunky Hand-Knitted Weighted Blanket

Chunky Hand-Knitted Weighted Blanket

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Type: Weighted Blanket

Size: 12 lb Weighted

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Color: Chunky Gray

Fabric: Handknitted with 100% Cotton


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Perfect Weight - Filler Free

Evenly Distributed Weight

Material - 100% pure cotton

Won’t fade or pill

This Chunky Weighted Blanket gets its weight with layers & layers of super soft cotton. 

Cool cotton fibers make this perfect throw delightfully soft and breathable.

Cuddle up and relax like a dream undercooling, calming hand-knit blanket that would feel like your favorite hug. 

Cuddle up and sleep better, naturally. 

Our products are OEKO-TEX Standard 100 certified and tested to be free from 300+ unhealthy synthetics. Crafted using green processes. 

Sustainable Inside - Out 

Naturally Compliant packaging 

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Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
100% Cotton Weighted Blanket

I have been looking for a woven weighted blanket for a long time, and wash debating on buying this one. I am so glad I did! It is exactly what my daughter wanted. It isn't a blanket that can leak any items and it is made with natural fibers. I love how it has a bag that it can be put in for easy travel. She takes it everywhere with her. This blanket is super comfortable and helps her have a great deep sleep. Definitely going to get each of my kids one for Christmas.


I've been using this blanket a week now and it's fair to say that I am pretty impressed! It's all cotton, heavyweight and rather breathable... And for those that use weighted blankets for anxiety, this is a godsend for summer months! I love that it is all natural and comes in its own carry bag! The size is also perfect and other than getting a finger or toe punching through some of the weaves, I LOVE IT and would happily buy another one in this style

Soft and comfortable weighted blanket!!

So I'm six foot 220 and this blankets weight was perfect. What I like best is this doesn't look or feel like a weighted blanket. It's supper soft and hand made. The weight is natural from the material. I have had other weighted blankets that are quilted and filled with glass beads, and you know what, they eventually leak some beads and you wake up with them stuck to you. You can also feel the beads shift when you move the blanket so the blanket never stays put. The shifting beads cause the blanket to slide and you always have to pull it up. This one stays put. Since the blanket is knitted it has open areas that help keep you cooler and keeps me from sweating all night and much more comfortable. Overall great quality weighted blanket!!

Quality crafted chunky knit throw

This is a high quality, hand crafted chunky knit throw. I am very impressed with the warmth and overall comfort of this blanket. I did not weigh it, but it is definitely weighty and all of 15 pounds. My initial impression was that it is of superior quality. The charcoal gray color is a very nice and trendy shade. It coordinates well with my other home decor and bedding items. It came packaged in a very nice, durable, zippered tote bag. This is a great accessory to have for storing the throw when not in use or for transporting for a night away. I did wash and dry prior to first use and followed the instructions on the care tag. The throw took a very, very, long time to dry on low. This I expected, since most knit items take a while to tumble dry on low. The chunky knit material came out of the dryer much softer than it started. I expect it to soften more with further washing and drying like quality cotton. I was not initially impressed with the softness of this throw blanket but after a wash and dry it is much more pleasing. So far I am very happy with this handmade chunky knit throw blanket. It is the perfect size for one person to use comfortably. The weight of the blanket feels evenly distributed when you are using it and provides a very luxurious relaxing environment. I recommend that anyone looking for a high-quality hand crafted knit weighted throw consider this California Design Den throw. I expect that with proper use and care this handmade chunky knit weighted blanket will last for many years to come.

Weighted Blanket Is Like a Hug From Home

Received my California Design Den - Handmade Chunky Knit Weighted Blanket 100% Cotton. The first thing I noticed is the fabulous bag it comes in. This is going to be the bomb for carrying it with me when I take it to different locations. No worries about what kind of bag to try and stuff it in. The color is so soothing. It is a dark neutral gray that goes with everything. Perfect. The chunky handmake knit is so different than any other weighted blanket I've seen before. It has an airiness to it that doesn't make you feel as trapped as some blankets do. It allows for some airflow in the summer so it doesn't seem as hot as some blankets. The size is perfect to be opened up for a lighter weight, yet able to be doubled if I feel the need for a little extra comfort. I have not washed it yet, but feel like the cotton is going to do up just great. I highly recommend this blanket