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Article: Are Quilts Good for Summer?

are quilts good for summer

Are Quilts Good for Summer?

Wondering are quilts good for summer? We have the answers and recommendations for the best quilts that will turn sweltering nights into dreamy bliss.

In this article, we'll explore the nature of quilts, how they compare to duvets, and why a quilt is your best bet for the warmer months. Our discussion then turns to the benefits of our handcrafted cotton quilt before finally revealing where you can find the best summer quilt.

Let's dive in!

What this article covers:

Are Quilts the Ideal Choice for Summer Bedding?

Absolutely, quilts represent an ideal choice for summer bedding. They are lightweight and breathable, perfect for warm nights. Unlike heavier bedding options, they provide just enough warmth without causing overheating problems.

What Is a Quilt?

A quilt is essentially a multi-layered textile, traditionally composed of a quilted top, batting (also known as the middle layer), and a fabric backing.

Based on our observations, the batting is what gives the quilt its warmth.The material is usually thin and made of materials like cotton, which is known for its air-permeable qualities. This makes quilts appealing for warmer months.

These layers are stitched together to secure the material and add a decorative design to the quilt.

quilts for summer

What Is the Difference Between a Quilt and a Duvet?

Our research indicates that a quilt consists of three layers, forming a lightweight blanket that can be used alone in summer or as an additional layer in winter.

In contrast, a duvet is a bag filled with down or an alternative filler. It requires a removable cover, akin to a pillowcase. They provide a lot of warmth and serve as the primary blanket. They are particularly popular during the colder months.

Is It Better to Buy a Quilt or a Duvet for Summer?

Our findings show that a quilt is undoubtedly the better choice. Its thinner design outperforms the heavier, more insulating duvet. In contrast, duvets can trap heat, leading to sweating and discomfort.

Quilts like ours are also machine washable and less bulky, making them a practical choice for summer. Duvets can be cumbersome to wash and dry, often requiring special cleaning instructions.

Where Can I Buy a Summer Quilt?

You can purchase a summer quilt directly from California Design Den. Our best quilts for hot sleepers come in a wide selection of colors, from charcoal to ivory, tailored to your aesthetic needs.

Our user-friendly website makes browsing and purchasing a seamless experience. Plus, we provide fast shipping to ensure that your new quilt arrives in time for the warmer season.

What Is the Best Summer Quilt?

For the best summer quilts, our handcrafted cotton quilt is a top-tier choice. Made entirely from cotton, batting included, this quilt allows air to circulate freely, reducing the risk of overheating during the night.

The material's natural properties also mean it's soft against the skin, hypoallergenic, and moisture-wicking, keeping you dry and comfortable.

This quilt is machine washable, maintaining its color and shape after repeated washings. Its design features a classic diamond quilting pattern that not only adds a layer of sophistication to your bedroom decor but evenly distributes the cotton batting, preventing clumping.

are quilts good for summer

The quilt is available in three sizes: queen/full, king, and twin/twin XL, making it a versatile choice for any bed size. It is fade-resistant and shrink-proof, ensuring it looks and feels new even after long-term use.

Our premium cotton blankets serve as the perfect companions to your summer quilt. Its lightweight cotton fabric ensures breathability during hot summer nights while providing an extra layer of warmth when paired with a quilt.


Quilts prove themselves as the superior choice for summer nights. This exploration has led us through the benefits and distinctions of summer bedding, starting with why quilts are the preferred choice.

We've dissected the anatomy of quilts, comparing their construction to that of duvets to highlight their suitability for warmer seasons. The discussion then shifted to the practicality of quilts over duvets for summer use, emphasizing their material advantages.

We also provided guidance on where to purchase the ideal summer quilt, specifically highlighting the selection available at California Design Den.

Visit our online store today and choose a quilt that transforms your warm nights into evenings of serenity.

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