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Article: Best Summer Quilts

best summer quilts

Best Summer Quilts

We understand the importance of staying cool during the warmer months. That's why we've curated the best summer quilts.

In this article, we delve into the essentials of summer quilts, highlighting our California Design Den handcrafted cotton quilt as a prime example.

We compare quilts to coverlets and comforters, giving you a comprehensive understanding of your options. Plus, we share insights on how we select the finest quilts for you, focusing on batting, cover material, appearance, stitching, and washability. 

Let's dive into our best quilts!

What this article covers:

The Best Summer Quilt

Our California Design Den handcrafted cotton quilt stands out as the ideal choice for those seeking quality, comfort, and style. Here's why.

California Design Den Handcrafted Cotton Quilt

When discussing the best quilts for hot sleepers, our handcrafted cotton quilt is a suitable choice for summer bedding. Made from 100% cotton, it provides a balance of breathability and comfort. The lightweight nature of this quilt makes it an excellent alternative to heavier bedding during the summer months.

Available in three sizes: queen/full, king, and twin/twin XL, the quilt features a timeless diamond pattern. Not only is it stylish, but it's also practical‚ÄĒmachine washable, fade resistant, and shrink-proof.

100% cotton batting lies at the heart of our quilts, providing a soft texture and additional comfort without the heaviness.

Consider our premium cotton blankets as an additional layer. These are made from cotton that promotes air circulation for a cooling effect.

summer quilts

What to Know When Considering Quilts

Selecting the right blanket means understanding the difference between them. Each type has its own purpose and features. To navigate these nuances, we've put together a short section by the end of which you'll be able to discern between quilts, coverlets, and comforters.

Quilts Vs. Coverlets:

A quilt consists of three layers: a woven cloth top, a layer of batting, and a woven back, all stitched together in decorative patterns. This construction blends warmth and weight, making quilts versatile for all seasons.

Conversely, coverlets are lighter and more decorative. They usually don't have the middle batting layer. While quilts can serve as a standalone bed cover, coverlets are often used with other bedding layers.

Quilts Vs. Comforters:

A comforter is filled with either down or a down alternative (we offer a down and a down alternative comforter) and is encased in a shell.

Quilts, with their multiple layers stitched together, provide a moderate level of warmth that can be adjusted based on the material used and the weight of the batting. Based on our observations, they are ideal for people who prefer lighter bedding options that still offer some warmth during cooler summer nights.

How We Chose the Best Summer Quilts

Selecting the best summer quilts means considering factors like breathability. A question arises: are quilts good for summer? They can be, provided they're lightweight and easy to wash. Among these properties, there are others worth pondering..

Here's what you should know‚ÄĆ.


The batting, or the middle layer of the quilt, plays a crucial role in determining its warmth and weight. For summer quilts, we choose lightweight and breathable materials to prevent overheating.

best summer quilts

Natural fibers like cotton are ideal as they're airy and contribute to better moisture absorption, keeping the body cool and dry.

Cover Material

For summer quilts, we specifically select cover materials that are soft, lightweight, and breathable. Our research indicates that cotton stands out as an excellent choice because of its moisture-wicking properties. Plus, it's naturally hypoallergenic, making it a suitable option for those with sensitivities.

We at California Design Den choose materials that withstand frequent washing without losing their softness or color.


The appearance of a quilt can either add or subtract from the overall look and feel of your bedroom. We believe that style should not be compromised for comfort.

Therefore, we focus on designs that are visually appealing, timeless, and versatile, ensuring they complement a wide range of bedroom decors. Our quilts come in a wide array of colors, from white to navy and even charcoal.


Our findings show that the stitching of a quilt is not just a decorative feature; it also holds the layers together. For our summer quilts, we use a durable stitching pattern that keeps the quilt's shape. It prevents the filling from shifting or bunching, which can lead to uneven warmth and discomfort.

The strong stitching also withstands regular use and washing, maintaining the quilt's quality and extending its lifespan. Not to mention, the diamond stitching adds a pristine finish that will enliven your bedding setup.


Ease of care is crucial during summer months when natural levels of sweat tend to be higher. With convenience in mind, we design our quilts to be machine washable to make sure that they are a breeze to care for without sacrificing quality.

We use high-quality materials and construction techniques to keep the quilt soft and vibrant even after multiple washes.


Now you know. Choosing the right summer quilts can affect your sleep quality during summer. That's why we've manufactured a star product to keep you cool yet cushy.

Today, we explored the differences between quilts, coverlets, and comforters, and delved into the meticulous process behind selecting the best summer quilts (focusing on batting, cover material, appearance, stitching, and washability).

Armed with new information, consider purchasing a quilt from California Design Den. Shop now and find cool comfort this summer.

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