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Article: Best Quilts for Hot Sleepers

best quilts for hot sleepers

Best Quilts for Hot Sleepers

Best quilts for hot sleepers make all the difference to your sleep quality. Our handcrafted quilt is one of the best quilts for this exact reason.

Besides our featured product, we'll introduce you to the essentials of cooling quilts, like batting, cover fabric, stitching, and washability. Plus, we'll answer frequently asked questions about quilt maintenance and the difference between quilts and coverlets.

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What this article covers:

The Best Cooling Quilt

Discovering the best cooling quilt can transform your sleep experience, especially if you're a hot sleeper. In our search for exceptional comfort and quality, we present the California Design Den Handcrafted Cotton Quilt. This section will guide you through the qualities that make our quilt stand out and why it's a prime choice for anyone seeking a cooler, more comfortable night's rest.

California Design Den Handcrafted Cotton Quilt

The best cooling quilt for hot sleepers is lightweight, breathable, and made from 100% cotton. Our handcrafted cotton quilt meets these criteria, which also makes it our top option regarding the best summer quilts.

This meticulously made quilt boasts several benefits. It's fade-resistant, shrink-proof, and features cotton batting, for extra temperature regulation. The natural properties of cotton make it hypoallergenic, ideal for sensitive skin.

The diamond quilting pattern enhances the quilt's durability while adding a touch of elegance to your bedroom. Available in three sizes—queen/full, king, and twin/twin XL—it caters to every type of sleeper.

Plus, it's easy to maintain; just machine wash and enjoy its long-lasting comfort.

quilts for hot sleepers

Pair this quilt with our premium cotton blankets for the ultimate sleeping experience. While the quilt provides a lightweight cover, our premium cotton blankets add an extra layer of comfort.

What to Look for When Shopping for Cooling Quilts

Shopping for cooling quilts involves paying attention to several nuances. Understanding them can help you pick a quilt that will keep you cool and last for many years.


Batting is the heart of any quilt. As the middle layer, it influences the quilt's warmth and breathability.

For coolness, opt for a lightweight material like cotton and avoid synthetic materials like polyester, which retain heat.

The natural fibers of cotton allow air to permeate the material, preventing heat from becoming trapped between you and the quilt. Also, check that the batting thickness is minimal. Remember, the lighter the batting, the cooler the quilt.

Cover Fabric

The fabric that encases the quilt is also important, as it affects its overall coolness. Look for quilts with covers made from cotton, which, as we now know, are lighter than synthetic varieties.

Our California Design Den handcrafted cotton quilt features a 100% cotton cover, making it an excellent choice for those who sleep hot. Based on our observations, the natural fabric promotes air flow and helps regulate body temperature for a more restful sleep.


Our research indicates that stitching holds the layers together. Among the various stitching patterns, diamond stitching stands out as noteworthy.

best duvet inserts for hot sleepers

Diamond stitching, as the name suggests, arranges the stitches in a diamond pattern across the quilt. This method secures the batting, preventing it from shifting and clumping. It also contributes to the quilt's aesthetic appeal.


Quilts that are machine washable and dryable are more convenient. Our handcrafted cotton quilt is easy to care for. Simply place it in the machine on a warm wash and hit the start button!

Frequently Asked Questions

What's the difference between a quilt and a coverlet?

Quilts are three-layered bed coverings with a top layer, batting, and backing. Coverlets are lighter, single-layered, and mainly serve decorative purposes.

How often should you wash a quilt?

Our findings show that you should wash your quilt approximately every 2-3 months, depending on usage and personal hygiene. If you use a top sheet or duvet cover, this can extend the time between washes by protecting the quilt from direct contact with the body.


The right bedding makes all the difference in keeping your temperature level throughout the night. The benefits of our handcrafted cotton quilt stand apart for their cooling qualities and longevity.

To help you find the right quilt, we've discussed what to consider and answered common questions about quilt care and differences from coverlets. We Also highlighted essential features like batting, cover fabric, stitching, and washability, which are pivotal for meeting the needs of hot sleepers.

Visit our online store today and explore our range of bedding for a cooler, more restful night.

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