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Article: Are Weighted Blankets Hot

are weighted blankets hot

Are Weighted Blankets Hot

Wondering if are weighted blankets hot to snuggle under? You're not alone in pondering this cozy conundrum!

In this article, we'll unwrap the mystery behind the warmth of weighted blankets, starting with their breathability factor. Then we'll provide insights on how they are made, comparing the airy knits to duvet styles.

Plus, we'll tuck into the benefits they bring, from cocooning you in warmth to easing your stress and anxiety. And for those warm nights, we've got tips on how to stay cool without sacrificing the secure embrace of your weighted blanket.

Let's get started, shall we?

What this article covers:

Are Weighted Blankets Hot to Sleep Beneath?

Weighted blankets don't inherently trap more heat than a standard blanket. The key lies in their construction and materials.

While weighted blankets may feel warmer because of their additional weight and denser construction, many are designed to stay cool. That said, the fabric type, weave, and filler material play significant roles in determining how hot a weighted blanket feels.

For instance, our 12lb weighted blanket is free from fillers and made from 100% cotton, making them more breathable than other artificial products on the market. This makes it the best weighted blanket for hot sleepers.

They are also available in three colors: blueberry, gray, and light gray. The hand-knit design ensures a personal touch of coziness, while the easy maintenance and machine washable feature make it a practical choice for everyday use. Plus, they come in 3 sizes and weights, namely 10 lb (40 x 64), 12 lb (40 x 72), and 15lb (44 x 72).

do weighted blankets make you hot

Are Weighted Blankets Breathable?

Weighted blankets can indeed be breathable, offering a comfortable sleep experience for those who sleep warm. As with heat, the breathability largely depends on the materials used.

Materials like cotton are ideal for their cooling properties, making them an excellent choice for those concerned about overheating.

How Are Weighted Blankets Made?

Weighted blankets are typically filled with weighted materials, like glass beads or plastic pellets.

The construction process involves creating pockets within the blanket's layers to hold weighted materials. These include either glass beads or plastic pellets. The pockets disperse the weight and prevent the fillers from shifting, while the outer layer, made from durable fabrics like cotton, provides a gentle touch.

In the manufacturing of our blankets, we've opted to omit the fillers, as this enables better air circulation, as we will see in the following section.

Knitted Weighted Blankets

Knitted weighted blankets stand out for their unique construction, offering a distinctive combination of weight and coolness. Unlike traditional weighted blankets that use discrete pockets filled with beads or pellets, knitted weighted blankets achieve their heft through the use of chunky yarns.

The process involves using a thick, weighted yarn to create a tightly knitted blanket that naturally distributes weight across its surface.

This open-knit design allows for air to flow freely through the blanket, making it an excellent choice for those who desire the comforting pressure of a weighted blanket without the risk of overheating.

Knitted Vs. Duvet-Style Weighted Blankets

Knitted and duvet-style weighted blankets offer distinct experiences in terms of texture, weight distribution, and breathability. As we already mentioned, knitted weighted blankets are crafted from chunky yarn.

Conversely, duvet-style weighted blankets typically feature compartments filled with materials like microbeads.

are weighted blankets warmer

The choice between knitted and duvet-style weighted blankets boils down to personal preference. Knitted blankets tend to offer a more flexible experience, adapting to your body's contours, while duvet-style blankets can still provide the pressure you seek, but without these benefits.

Benefits Of Weighted Blankets

Are weighted blankets worth it? You bet! Weighted blankets offer a range of benefits that can enhance your overall well-being. Here are the pros of these specialized items.

Provides Security

Weighted blankets provide a sense of security that many find indispensable for a good night's sleep, functioning similarly to a comforting hug or the snugness of a swaddle for a newborn. This gentle, distributed pressure can ease the mind.

This effect is particularly beneficial for individuals with conditions like anxiety, autism, or sensory processing disorders, for whom a secure environment is crucial.

Discover the best knit weighted blanket with California Design Den's weighted knit blanket. This product is made from 100% cotton in a classic herringbone pattern, offering an all-season solution to comfort and sustainability.

It is also certified by leading authorities OEKOTex and GOTS, ensuring every night is wrapped in the highest standards of well-being and environmental care.

Deep Pressure Stimulation

Our research indicates that Deep Pressure Stimulation (DPS) is a therapeutic technique that involves applying firm pressure to the body to produce a calming effect. Its positive effects are rooted in the body's sensory system, which processes information from the environment and responds accordingly.

DPS can help individuals whose central nervous system may struggle to process sensory information, leading to atypical responses observed in motor, language, or social-emotional difficulties.

Stress And Anxiety Relief

Weighted blankets offer significant relief from stress and anxiety. Based on our observations, they achieve this by activating the parasympathetic nervous system, reducing symptoms such as a quickened heart rate or rapid breathing.

do weighted blankets make you hot

This shift helps foster an overall sense of calm, making it easier for the body to relax and transition into a restful state.

The grounding effect of weighted blankets, through the process known as "earthing" or "grounding," contributes to this calming influence by pushing the body downwards, further enhancing the therapeutic benefits.

How to Stay Cool While Sleeping with a Weighted Blanket

Staying cool while sleeping with a weighted blanket involves choosing the right materials and making adjustments to your sleep environment.

Here's how you can enjoy the benefits of a weighted blanket without overheating.

Choose The Right Fabric

The outer fabric of your weighted blanket plays a significant role in temperature regulation. Opt for a blanket made with breathable materials like cotton. Our findings show that these fabrics allow for airflow, preventing night sweats and maintaining a comfortable sleeping temperature.

Consider The Filler Material

The type of filler used in a weighted blanket affects its heat retention. Avoid blankets filled with plastic pellets, as they can trap heat and restrict airflow. Instead, look for blankets without fillers.

Pay Attention To Layers

Be wary of weighted blankets that boast layers, as this can be a marketing tactic to mask the use of lower-quality fabrics.

These additional layers can restrict airflow and lead to overheating. A high-quality cooling weighted blanket should be constructed with minimal layers to keep your temperature regulated throughout the night.

Adjust Your Bedroom Environment

Maintain a cool bedroom temperature, ideally between 60 to 68 degrees Fahrenheit, to enhance sleep quality. Use an air conditioner or a fan to keep the room cool, and consider taking a cold shower before bed to lower your body temperature.

You can also try wearing minimal clothing to bed and check that any heat-generating appliances in your room are turned off.

are weighted blankets warm


There you have it! Not all weighted blankets are hot. In fact, the right type can keep you cool as you rest.

From the airy knits to the snug duvet styles, weighted blankets offer a range of options to suit every sleeper's preference, ensuring that the benefits of deep pressure stimulation and stress relief are accessible without the worry of overheating.

As you consider adding a weighted blanket to your bedtime routine, remember to select the right materials, consider the construction, and adjust your sleep environment to keep yourself cool.

Our range of weighted blankets are designed with your sleep temperature in mind. Explore our collection at California Design Den and find the perfect weighted blanket to complement your rest.

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