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Article: Which Weighted Blanket Is Best for Me?

which weighted blanket is best for me

Which Weighted Blanket Is Best for Me?

Wondering which weighted blanket is best for me? Not to worry. We'll help you pick the right one!

In this guide, we walk you through choosing your ideal weighted blanket. From understanding the ideal weight for adults, couples, and children, to deciding between beads or no fillers, and figuring out the perfect size for your needs.

We'll also touch on what exactly a weighted blanket is and how it can benefit you.

Let's find the weighted blanket that's perfect for you.

What this article covers:

Factors to Consider Before Purchasing Weighted Blankets

Choosing the right weighted blanket involves more than just picking a color or pattern that matches your bedroom decor. It's about finding a blanket that provides the perfect amount of pressure to help you relax and sleep better.

Here are the key factors you should consider.

Weighted Blanket Weight For Adults

For adults, the ideal weight of a weighted blanket is ‌10% of your body weight. This ensures the blanket provides enough pressure without feeling overwhelming. Adults typically find comfort in blankets ranging from 12 to 15 pounds.

The choice of weight should also consider the individual's physical strength and personal preference. For those with specific health conditions or limited strength, a lighter option may be more suitable. Although, some may enjoy a blanket that is 1 - 2 pounds heavier than the general guideline provided above.

Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, our 12lb weighted blanket is made from 100% cotton. It comes in three sizes and weights—10 lb (40 x 64), 12 lb (40 x 72), and 15lb (44 x 72).

how to buy weighted blanket

Unlike many weighted blankets that rely on synthetic fillers or beads to achieve weight, our blanket achieves its comforting heft purely through its thick, hand-knit design.

What are weighted blankets made of? Ours are made from cotton. The pure cotton makes this blanket super comfortable and breathable, while its naturally hypoallergenic properties benefit those with sensitive skin or allergies.

Weighted Blanket Weight For Couples

Choosing a weighted blanket for couples requires considering the preferences and needs of both partners. A common approach is to select a blanket that's around 7-10% of their combined body weight.

Make sure it isn't larger than the mattress, as this can cause the blanket to slip off during the evening.

It's also important to consider the warmth the blanket provides, as some weighted blankets retain more heat than traditional blankets. This is where our weighted blankets at California Design Den truly shine. Their chunky knit and cotton composition allows for airflow, keeping you cool as you drift off to sleep.

Weighted Blanket Weight For Children

The right weighted blanket can help children with anxiety, autism, and sensory processing disorders feel more secure and sleep better. For them, the weighted blanket should also be around 10% of their body weight pounds.

This ensures the blanket provides the comforting pressure without being too heavy for their smaller bodies. Safety is paramount when choosing a weighted blanket for a child. Toddlers younger than 4 should not use them.

Should A Weighted Blanket Have Beads Or No Fillers?

Whats in a weighted blanket? Some are weighted with glass or steel beads, but we advocate for blankets without fillers, relying on the fabric to achieve weight.

This type tends to be softer and more flexible, providing weight without the potentially disruptive feel of beads.

Based on our observations, they can be a satisfying choice for individuals who prefer a smoother texture or are sensitive to the noise that beads might make with movement.

The key is to consider what sensory experience will be most comforting for you, as the right texture and weight distribution can significantly enhance the calming effect of the blanket.

which weighted blanket is best for me

What Size Should A Weighted Blanket Be?

The size of a weighted blanket should match the size of the bed or the person using it, rather than hanging over the sides like a traditional blanket.

For individual use, a blanket that matches the user's body size is ideal, allowing for full coverage without excess weight dragging the blanket off the bed.

If you plan to use the blanket for lounging on the couch or in other areas of the home, a smaller, more portable size may be more practical. The goal is to have a blanket that's versatile enough to provide comfort wherever you need it.

What Is a Weighted Blanket?

A weighted blanket is a therapeutic blanket designed with extra weight to provide gentle pressure to the body, mimicking a therapeutic technique known as deep pressure stimulation.

Amongst the weighted blanket benefits, this pressure promotes relaxation and improves sleep quality by helping to reduce anxiety and increase feelings of calm.

Our research indicates that their effectiveness is attributed to their ability to potentially stimulate the production of serotonin and melatonin levels in the body while reducing cortisol levels, promoting a natural, healthy sleep cycle.

How to use a weighted blanket? Simply drape it over you while you nap, enjoy a book, or lay your head down for the night.

For those seeking a sustainable and comfortable option, the knitted weighted blanket is an ideal solution. This blanket is crafted from cotton that retains a softness suitable for any climate.

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Made sustainably, it is certified by leading independent authorities OEKOTex or GOTS, guaranteeing that the product meets high environmental and safety standards.

Whether you're curling up with a book in summer or seeking extra warmth in winter, this blanket is a versatile choice for year-round comfort.


There you go; they key considerations to help you select the ideal weighted blanket. From the perfect weight for adults, couples, and children to choosing between beads or no fillers, and selecting the right size, we've covered the crucial aspects that promise a better night's sleep.

We've looked into what makes a weighted blanket a therapeutic tool, designed to enhance your sleep quality and overall well-being.

For those with specific preferences or needs, we discussed the benefits of opting for a blanket without fillers, emphasizing the unique comfort and hypoallergenic properties of our hand-knitted cotton blankets.

Whether you're seeking the gentle embrace of a 12lb weighted blanket or the versatility of our all-season blankets, we invite you to explore our collection. Visit our online store to find an option to keep you warm at night.

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