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Article: Best Color Sheets for Guys

best color sheets for guys

Best Color Sheets for Guys

The definition of what it means to be a guy is constantly evolving. Personal expression through color has never been more widely acceptable for men, but some colors should be avoided entirely.

It’s 2023; being a guy doesn’t have to mean machismo and mayhem, but it’s important to have an aesthetic. 

So, let’s take a look at the best color sheets for guys and why your bedding might be the key to finding your look.

What this article covers:

Why Should Guys Care About Bedding?

Bedding helps sleep

It may surprise you, but choosing the right bedding material and color can influence how you sleep.

Your skin’s in contact with your bedding every night, so it's crucial to consider what kind of bedding provides you with the finest sleep possible. 

guys color sheets

By controlling body temperature, wicking away moisture, and offering warmth and softness, the material of a bed sheet can have an impact on a man's sleep by encouraging relaxation and deeper sleep.

Each fabric has its own set of advantages, so it all comes down to what makes you feel the most comfortable.

Spice up your room’s aesthetic 

Whether you’re deciding to dabble with feng shui material or you’re trying to stamp your personality onto your bedroom, it comes down to more than choosing your favorite colors.

The designs and colors you choose for your bedroom should contribute to creating a tranquil and pleasant atmosphere in the space where you sleep and rest. 

The patterns and colors of your bed linens should match the aesthetic of your bedroom as a whole.

guys best color sheets

As a result, select a neutral color scheme for your bedding that will go with any bedroom design. 

Colors that clash or are excessively busy can irritate and wear out the eyes in ways that don’t promote restfulness.

Knowing what color bed sheets will work best is a matter of personal preference and the aesthetic that you want your room to cover.

Strong color or pattern accents can make your sleeping space happier without interfering with your sleep and make you feel more awake and prepared to face the day.

Mattress Protection

Bed sheets act as a vital cushion between your body and your mattress, protecting each in turn.

Dust mites and other allergens that can harm the skin, the respiratory system, and the quality of sleep can accumulate in mattresses over time. 

Your bed sheets act as a barrier to keep these potential allergens from coming into contact with the skin.

best sheets for guys

Also, bed sheets protect your mattress against moisture secreted by your body as you sleep. 

Bedsheets can absorb moisture from your resting body, and store it, preventing moisture from soaking into your mattress. 

Extraneous wetness hastens the development of spores, spore-producing mold, and mites.

Bedsheets also offer comfort and temperature regulation, creating a placid environment when it’s time to hit the hay.

These are the most common and popular bed sheet trends that guys have been following recently. 

We’re going to look at what color bed sheets you should consider as well as the ones you should stay away from.

The Good


White sheets might seem generic, but they’re one of the most popular bed sheet colors for men.

guys best sheets

Frequently associated with tranquillity, it’s aesthetically pleasing and offers a natural backdrop for whatever additional color you wish to add.

White is ideal if you don't want a colorful or vibrant sheet but don’t want to compromise freshness.

White sheets make it easy to detect dirt, so you can easily determine when to wash your bed linens. 

If you were wondering what color bed sheets go with gray walls, you may also match white bed sheets with neutral walls.

You can also go darker and head towards an off-white color.


Off-white sheets are for those not wanting the more dazzling aesthetic of a plain white bedsheet,

Off-white doesn't evoke a lot of imagery and this isn’t a negative as you're more likely to concentrate on the soothing and comforting qualities of the sheets themselves. 

color for men's sheets

In fact, off-white sheets tend to be cozier than plain white sheets because they have a warmer, more inviting hue.

To bring out the tones in a set of off-white bedsheets,  you can match it with a lacework pillow or an ivory light summer blanket

When paired with natural light like moonlight or sunlight, the off-white sheen gives off a soft silvery finish that can lend a magical touch.

There are a lot of positives to choosing white or off-white bedsheets. If you need help choosing between them, white sheets are more peaceful and off-white sheets are easier to clean.


Blue is a common choice because it encourages your brain's receptors to interact with the color itself. 

So despite the various shades looking great in your room, they’ll help you sleep peacefully.

sheet color for a man's bedroom

It lowers your heart rate and emits a relaxing sensation when you're ready to go to sleep.

Almost all the shades of blue will look perfect in your man cave. There are numerous blues from which to pick. from cooler, paler blues to warmer, darker navies.

If you're seeking further advantages, the warmer blue is also one of the best sheet colors to conceal sweat stains.


Gray sheets are one of the most popular bedding options among male consumers, despite not being as frequently shown in films or well-marketed as white sheets. 

This color can flow into any style, and they feel edgy and cool. 

sheet color for men's bedding

Gray sheets are also among the most stain-resistant, so if you tend to go longer between washes, you won't have to worry about them being too visible.

These sheets are frequently chosen because they go well with duvets, throw blankets, and decorative pillows. 

It’s a strong, masculine color that works well to define accent cushions and linens in lighter colors.

Turmeric and Oatmeal pattern

The final bed sheet trend for guys is a combination of two colors, creating a warm and welcoming pattern. 

Combining turmeric and oatmeal creates a burnt orange that isn’t harsh on the eyes and sets a mood that can relax the mood. 

ideal sheet color for men's bedding

Also, both colors are known to have healing properties. For example, exposure to the warmer orange of turmeric can promote healthy skin and calm the mind.

The turmeric and oatmeal combination also creates an earthy pattern, conveying feelings of autumn rain. 

The Bad


Red is a color that sticks out like a sore thumb. The darker reds could get a pass in the mancave, but it might end up looking like you’re laying in blood. 

It’s not a very flattering color to have in your bedroom and it’s difficult to match the aesthetic of most wall colors

For example, if you’re asking yourself what color bed sheets go with blue walls, your mind wouldn’t race towards red as an answer. 

Red is a color that catches the eye and excites the mind, This isn’t a feeling that you’d want before you fall asleep.

top sheet color for a guy's sleeping

Dark Brown 

Certain shades of brown create a warm and comforting aesthetic. These include beige and the more natural shade of brown. 

As soon as we enter the darker shades of brown, it doesn’t make for a welcoming atmosphere.

Deeper shades of brown make a space feel gloomy and unpleasant, evoking negative emotions. 

This might make it very difficult for someone to get to sleep. 

It also produces a drab and unwelcoming atmosphere, neither of which is desired in a bedroom.


Black isn't the ideal option either, despite how often you’ll hear that bright colors aren't the best for the bedroom. 

You might think that this dark color is ideal since it makes you think of the night. 

sheet color for a guy

However, this color can also elicit unfavorable emotions like fear, depression, and anxiety, and none of those is fun to experience before heading to bed. 

Shades of black work well when adding accents to white sheets, but a pure black bed sheet won’t look or feel good to sleep in.

Navy Blue

Navy blue sheets have garnered a pretty awful reputation over the last couple of years. 

The color itself is classy, masculine and timelessly attractive, but navy blue bed sheets have gained extremely unflattering connotations on social media and having them in your bedroom could spell disaster if you plan to have visitors.

Why are navy blue sheets a red flag? 

It’s a combination of factors, really. 

It’s very easy to hide stains on navy blue sheets. This may sound like a good thing, but it gives off the impression that you don’t wash your sheets very often. Perceived poor hygiene is a major turn-off. 

best sheets for guy

Consequently, the Tik-Tok generation has branded navy blue sheets the choice of “Chads”. 

If you don’t want to scare off a plethora of potential romantic partners, it’s probably a good idea to give navy blue sheets a skip.  


We’re finally in an era where men can proudly lean into designing and styling their bedrooms. 

Picking the best color sheets for guys should never be a decision that’s taken lightly, but don’t lose any sleep over it. 

At California Design Den, we prioritize your comfort above all else. You might even call us man’s new best friend. 

After all, the color of your bed sheets might not just save you some precious hours of sleep, they may save your social life too! 

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