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Article: The Obvious Benefits of Sleep

The Obvious Benefits of Sleep

The Obvious Benefits of Sleep

We all want to sleep better, even those who already sleep well. According to the CDC, almost a third of Americans report having problems getting a good night's sleep. California Design Den knows how important your sleep is. That’s why we’ve created this short article to educate you about the benefits of getting a relaxing night's sleep, as well as how getting too little can affect you. 

Bedding from natural fibers help you rest better each night

Using bedding made from naturally made fibers like cotton sateen, linen, silk or bamboo can help you sleep better. An article from CNET noted that natural fibers help you stay cooler while sleeping, so you can rest better. On the other hand, synthetic fibers tend to make you feel hot around the body, making it harder to sleep well. 

A good night’s sleep is key for healthier, more energetic lives

Getting your full rest each night also helps your weary mind and body recover from the stresses of the day. How? Your body releases stress hormones when you don’t get enough sleep. These stress hormones can affect you mentally, leading to poor decision making and anxiety. Obviously, not the way you want to begin each day. 

Also, less sleep each night can throw your metabolism out of whack, leading to fluctuating blood sugar levels that leave you feeling “low energy” and moody. It also can lead to high blood pressure and over time can lead to heart problems. And cause other medical concerns including type 2 diabetes, obesity, and depression. 

The amount of sleep you get each night affects your brain 

You should also know that according to numerous studies, losing sleep is detrimental to your brain’s health. When we sleep, our brains recharge, disposing neurotoxic waste that accumulates while we’re awake. This cleanse only occurs during sleep. 

Get all the benefits of a better night’s slumber in our California Design Den bedding

As you can see, it all starts with a good night’s sleep. And when it comes to getting the best rest for your body and soul, the type of bedding you use really matters. So, get the restful, refreshing sleep that comes from hunkering down into freshly washed, new bedding from the good sleep experts at California Design Den

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