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Article: When to Replace Bed Sheets

when to replace bed sheets

When to Replace Bed Sheets

While your old bedding brings warmth and familiar comfort, it’s essential to know when to make a change. Knowing when to replace your bed sheets goes beyond regular washing and cleaning. It’s about getting into a healthy habit and taking care of yourself. 

Look, we get that understanding what to look for in bed sheets, or even something as technical as what is a good GSM for sheets, can be a little daunting, so we’re here to help!

We’ve compiled this guide to make finding the correct solution for you as easy as possible. We strive to offer you the highest quality possible without breaking the bank!

We’ll cover the benefits of replacing your sheets and help you decide what bed sheet you should go for next!

What this article covers:

Why Should You Replace Your Sheets?

when to replace sheets

As with everything around the house, keeping your bed sheets clean and hygienic makes a big difference to your health. After a few years of consistent use, sweat, dust, and hair accumulate, and don’t always come out with a wash. In some cases, you may not even notice because the particles are so small. Replacing your bed sheets helps avoid this issue from causing skin irritation and health risks.

Another reason to replace your bed sheets is if they show signs of damage or general wear and tear. Tears in the fabric will steadily get worse until you have a large hole in your blanket or bed sheet. This can cause all sorts of comfort issues, such as letting the cold in or catching on pajama buttons. It’s best to just replace the blanket or bed sheet to save yourself some discomfort.

When you’re redecorating your bedroom, it’s easy to just rearrange furniture and call it a day. It might sound silly, but a new set of bed sheets can help transform the look of your bedroom. Maybe you didn’t like the style, or you’re replacing it for practical reasons like we touched on above. Either way, a new look can really freshen up the space and your passion for it.

How Often Should You Replace Your Sheets?

how often to replace bed sheets

How often you’re replacing your sheets depends on why you’re replacing them. In the most obvious example, you should replace damaged bed sheets as soon as you notice the damage. Once the damage is there, it’ll only get worse over time unless you have a sewing kit on hand. This gets more complicated when you consider when to replace your sheets for hygiene purposes.

According to a study on the fungal contamination of bedding, your bed isn’t as clean as you think. Researchers discovered that pillows between 1.5- 20 years old can contain anywhere from 4-17 different types of fungi.

The recommendation is that you replace your pillows every year, and your bed sheets every 18 to 24 months. That might sound like a lot of trouble, but these fungi lead to infection and allergic reactions.

Types of Sheets

Now that you understand the importance of replacing your sheets, let’s do a brief rundown of the types of sheets you can choose from! We offer a wide selection of comfortable and affordable options with the best materials for bed sheets to ensure that you get the best value possible.

1. Twin-Sized Fitted Bed Sheet

    If you’re in the market for replacing your twin bed sheets, we have an excellent selection to suit your needs. Our soft, breathable twin bed sheets come in a wide variety of colors.

    how often should you buy new bed sheets

    We also offer a fitted sheet set that includes:

    • 1 Fitted Sheet with strong, all-round elastic
    • 1 Strong & Durable Flat Sheet
    • 1 Roomy Pillowcase

    We also offer twin XL bed sheets for beds a little wider than the average twin sheet size!

    how often buy new sheets

    2. Queen-Sized Bed Sheet

      If our twin bed options sound exciting, but you’re sleeping on an impressive queen-sized bed, don’t worry! We’ve got you covered too! Made using the same premium soft, breathable materials, each queen fitted sheet offers comfort and affordability.

      how often should i buy new sheets

      Thanks to our deep pocket design and strong, all-round elastic to prevent pop-off, your bedding won’t move around at night. 

      3. Light Summer Blanket

        There’s nothing quite like a blanket on a cold night, but what happens when the weather gets warmer? You need a blanket that offers comfort in any environment and won’t let you feel stuffy in summer. Our light summer blankets are made from high-quality cotton in India, meaning they’re both comfortable and breathable. Any of our all-season blankets provide the very best of both worlds when it comes to comfort.

        how long should you keep bed sheets

        Looking for the most comfortable summer blanket? This is the blanket for you!

        4. Weighted Blanket

          Weighted blankets offer a level of comfort and soft security that nothing can match. For those who move around in their sleep, a weighted blanket allows for a less restless night. The 12lb weighted blanket offers an unparalleled quality of sleep for even the lightest sleepers. The weight comes from multiple layers of soft, cotton. This guarantees a warm, cozy night’s sleep for anyone using our weighted blankets.

          how long should you keep sheets

          If you think a calming element is what you need, give our weighted blankets a try!

          5. Gray Throw Blanket

            If you want a blanket that offers both comfort and style, then you want throw blankets. Throw blankets are designed to decorate your bed while providing extra warmth. A gray throw blanket goes best with a variety of colors without showing stains like white fabric would. This makes our gray throw blankets a versatile addition to any bedroom’s style or theme.

            how often do you buy new sheets

            For a simple yet stylish accessory that offers extra comfort, our gray throw blankets are your best bet!


            We hope that this article has helped you better understand the value of replacing your bed sheets. We’re sure our specialized list of bed sheets helped you make a more informed decision about what to choose next! If you’d like to find out more, contact us on our website.

            When you’re ready to replace your bed sheets, feel free to come visit California Design Den!

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