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Article: Thread Count Guide for Buying Bed Sheets

Thread Count Guide for Buying Bed Sheets

Thread Count Guide for Buying Bed Sheets

It may not always be bedtime at 10 pm sometimes, you might have run several errands and need your head to rest a bit early. All you want is a good place to take a nap and get that quality relaxation. This can be at home or in a guest room with a soft bed and exceptional quality sheets. High-quality sheets can make all the difference.

These days, many companies produce bed sheets, but only a few emphasize the bed sheet, thread count. The truth of the matter is that thread count plays a huge role in determining the overall quality of sheets.

Thread Count in Bedsheets

The total number of horizontal and vertical threads per square inch is what is commonly referred to as the Thread Count or TC. In most cases, bedsheets that feature higher thread counts are likely to be softer than those with lower thread counts. When trying to find the right product, be sure to ask your dealer about the bed sheet thread count. 

That is the best way to determine if you are getting top-of-the-range products. High-thread count bed sheets often feel softer for longer. Several years in the past, the least, best TC would run as low as 200 TC. But with the passing of time, customers have come to demand for better products.

As you shop around for the best sheets, consider going for something with a minimum of 400 TC. Our products that fall in this category are soft and have an optimum weight. Our 500 TC option is silky and has a lighter feel to it, making it both durable and comfortable.

If you choose our 600 TC option, you’ll notice that it is soft but has a crispness to it. It is also thick and can easily be compared to the sheets you find in luxury hotels. You can also opt for either our 800 TC or 1000 TC options which are characterized by a buttery smoothness. They are heavy and plush enough to keep you cozy.

The Benefits of High TC and Why you Should Not Buy Lesser Products

It is worth pointing out that looking at the thread count is not a guarantee to get the best quality sheet. You must check its fibers, the weaving pattern, and the staple length. All these work in tandem to ensure the sheet stays firm and durable and serves you for years on end. 

Getting TC sheets that do not shrink is value for money. However, some still shrink a bit after a couple of washings. When you get one that continues to shrink after more than two washes or after abnormal temperatures, you’d have gotten a counterfeit or substandard sheet. 

Original TCs may shrink until they reach their normal size, and they will stay at that for long. They are good for your overall health and alignment of your spine, and overall body comfort. They are effective in insulating you from the cold while sleeping. But, how do you know the best bed sheet, especially when ordering online?

How to Find Genuine High TC Sheets Online

Purchasing high TC online is not always a walk in the park. At times you might get yourself into shady deals where you lose your hard-earned cash for counterfeit TC sheets. Therefore, ensure that the website you are buying from is reputable and that the customer testimonial page has verified buyers’ reviews.

Also important is to ensure the website offers straightforward payment gateways and shipping details. Avoid those with too-good-to-be-true shipping costs and a couple of alluring incentives that don’t seem to be true. 

Another red flag lies in the color of the sheets you are about to buy. If they feature bright, saturated colors, the chances are that this may be a ploy to deceive you. In most cases, quality TC sheets are white ivory or some muted pastels.

When it comes to the products themselves, consider the weight of the product in question. Quality sheets are often heavier than their low-quality counterparts. Another important thing to keep in mind is the difference between multi-ply and single-ply options.

Multi-ply sheets are often designed with multiple thread yarns, which form several layers. They are more likely to be heavier and restrict airflow causing discomfort. They also tend to get worn out easily. Single-ply options, on the other hand, have single-thread yarns which conform to high standards of quality. These products allow for free airflow and are therefore more comfortable and durable.

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