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Article: How To Fold a Fitted Sheet

How To Fold a Fitted Sheet

How To Fold a Fitted Sheet

You’ve done the laundry, now it’s time to put away those sheets. Sure, folding the flat sheets is a breeze but what about your fitted sheets? No matter what you do, they’re a rumpled mess in your linen drawers or closets. But don’t despair. Time to finally learn what your mother never taught you. 

Let’s learn how to properly fold your fitted sheets.

6 steps to folding your fitted sheets

Step 1

Okay. Your fitted sheet is a rectangle with two short sides (width) and two long sides (length.) 

Using both hands, turn the sheet so you’re holding the longest side across your body.

Place each hand into one corner. You should now be holding the sheet lengthwise with hands extended into different directions. Make sure each hand is directly in a corner seam, palms facing out. 

Step 2

Still holding the sheet this way, take ONE corner (left or right) and tuck it into the opposite corner which you’re still holding in your other hand. You now have TWO corners tucked into one hand, the other hand is free. 

TIP: It helps if you smooth the edges all along the sheet with your one free hand. 

Step 3 

Put your free hand back in and tuck again, this time into the OPPOSITE side. You should now have tucked each corner once. Your sheet is folded in half. 

(By the way, our sheet sets have handy smart head and foot tags. Use them to quickly figure out which end is which, as you fold.

Step 4

Grab the sheet again, tucking into another corner (either side), once more. Now you should have all four corners tucked into each other. Again, straighten the edges.

Step 5

Lay the sheet on a flat surface.

The sheet is flat on 3 sides, puckered on the 4th side. This is because the elastic is now all on one side. 

Step 6

Next, fold the elastic side in, toward the middle. Now you have four flat sides. 

Fold as normal from here on, until you have a small, neat square. 


Grab some refreshing zzz’s on California Designs organic sheets

That’s it. So now that you’re a sheet straightening expert, practice your folding skills on some brand-new sheets from California Design Den and start getting the relaxing rest you need. 

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