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Article: What Does GSM Mean for Sheets

what does gsm mean for sheets

What Does GSM Mean for Sheets

If you’re a little lost when it comes to shopping for sheets, you’re not alone. To the uninitiated, the search for the ideal bed sheet can be daunting. Don’t fret! That’s where we come in.

So, what does GSM mean for sheets? The GSM number, or Gram per square meter, is a measure of the weight per square meter of a sheet. It’s used to determine the quality of the sheet along with thread counts. But how important is that?

When dealing with new microfiber materials often used today, thread count isn’t effective in determining the quality of very thin microfibers, which is where GSM numbers come into play. 

Thread count numbers are a good indication of quality in cotton sheets, but they can’t be used in all cases, which is why the GSM measurement was created as a newer, more effective standard. 

Most fabrics today will have a GSM number, even those that don’t consist of microfiber materials. And although thread count doesn’t pertain to microfiber, different types of sheets still display their thread count number as a measurement as well. 

Let’s discuss what GSM means for your bed sheets. 

What this article covers:

What Does GSM Stand for?

what is a good gsm for bed sheets

GSM indicates the Gram per square meter of a sheet and shows how much the material weighs per square meter.

The GSM number is a good measure of the quality, feel, and breathability of sheets made from microfiber materials. It’s also a quick way to determine how relatively thick a microfiber material is. 

Simply put, the higher the GSM number of a sheet, the denser the sheet will be, which in most cases means higher quality and feel. 

GSM numbers on sheets often help customers get a good idea of what the sheet is like without testing it and feeling it out of the packaging.

It's also a good measure to compare various products and ensure that you’re buying suits your sheet needs. 

GSM numbers are often confused with a thread count, while both are used as measures they measure very different things in sheets. 

GSM is mainly used to measure the weight of newer microfiber materials whereas thread count is used for more woven materials.  

What’s a Good GSM for Sheets?

what is a good gsm for sheets

Different brands and companies that produce linens and sheets will often have varying ideas of the “best GSM number” or “best thread count” for the perfect set of sheets. 

The consensus is that 90-120 is the perfect range for breathable, durable, and good-quality sheets. 

Some manufacturers may go above that to provide a more durable or high-quality feel with a GSM number of 150 or higher.

Often, weighted blankets will have GSM numbers of 180 or higher, which adds to their dense and heavy nature, but this may be precisely what some people are looking for. 

 what is gsm in sheets

Depending on the situation and requirements of the sheet, there is a range of GSM numbers for any need. 

How Important is Thread Count?

When dealing with sheets and blankets made of threaded materials, which aren’t microfibers, thread count can be a rough indicator of quality and indicate exactly what to look for in bed sheets

Thread count can be very important when you know what it means for different materials. A higher thread count of high-quality cotton, for example, guarantees higher quality. 

A high thread count in bed sheets indicates a higher density of woven fibers, resulting in a softer, stronger, and more durable fabric with a smooth and luxurious feel.

Finding the perfect thread count for specific materials is a task that manufacturers have struggled with for quite some time, and even now, different producers will maintain that their material thread count is the best. 

Thread count is the measure, of how many threads are in one square inch of fabric. That can indicate how dense the threads woven in the material are and just how the material might react when used or washed. 

Thread counts can also vary between different weaving patterns and materials, which is why many manufacturers can produce sheets of the same material, that feel worlds apart. 

Practicality is just as important as any other factor to consider, and it can be difficult for companies to find the balance between high-quality and cost-effective production.

In most cases, stylish white queen-size fitted sheets are the best bang for your buck, because at California Design Den, we know exactly how important it is to buy quality products without breaking the bank.

what is gsm sheets

Is Weight Important?

The weight of a sheet can be a key factor in determining whether it’s right for your needs. The weight will play a crucial part in its overall function.

When dealing with sheets, lightweight sheets will have a GSM of anywhere from 30-150. Medium weight is considered 150-350, and anything over 350 is considered a heavy-weight sheet. 

Understanding this number can help you decide on what type of sheets or blankets you need. Heavier linen will be more expensive and have a different feel and quality to lightweight linens. 

They’ll also be more durable and resistant to the effects of constant use, so you won’t have to replace bed sheets too often

When it comes to bed sheets, every factor is important, not just the weight. Everything should be considered and can affect how practical a sheet is depending on the use. 

Many people will find themselves wondering, “what is the best bed sheet material?. They may even wonder what weave is the best for a light summer blanket.

 What is the significance of GSM in sheets

All these questions will help you decide what sheets and blankets are best for your hotel, dorm room, hospital, or even Airbnb and help you not regret what comes in your bed sheet set. 


A lot more thought goes into sheets and blankets than many people realize, and being clued up with the knowledge to decide which sheets are best for which situations will always prove helpful. 

Understanding GSM numbers and thread counts can sometimes be challenging but are crucial to understanding the practical side of sheets and how it affects their quality. 

What does GSM stand for in sheets

At California Design Den, our website serves as a guide to bed sheets. We offer an amazing range of excellent-quality sheets and blankets with varying colors, thread counts, and sizes for any full-size sheets from twin to queen.

There's no reason to cut comfort and luxury for affordability, which is why finding that perfect GSM and thread count number is so important.

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