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Article: What Size Are Hospital Bed Sheets

what size are hospital bed sheets

What Size Are Hospital Bed Sheets

Anyone who’s spent a significant amount of time bedridden in a hospital bed will tell you how important comfortable, high-quality sheets are. 

For those wondering how to acquire the best hospital bed sheets, or even hotel-quality bed sheets, for a private residence, we’ve got the tips and expertise to keep you covered. 

Great sheets contribute to the comfort and hygiene of the person using the bed. Skin health is crucial to take into consideration when dealing with hospital beds.  

When choosing hospital sheets with amazing quality, there are some essential factors to consider. Let’s take a closer look!

How to Choose Hospital bed Sheets

what size sheet does a hospital bed take

Because bed sheets are in frequent contact with people's skin while laying down, the quality of hospital bedsheets needs to be very high. 

It can be very tempting to pull the trigger on the most expensive sheets and assume they’ll be the best, but when looking for the most practical product for your situation, you need to consider every factor that may affect your decision. 

Even color can be a big factor in hospital bedding. While most hospitals usually go for white or pale blues, some people may want specific colors for certain beds, like these purple bed sheet sets. In private residences, it really depends on individual taste. 

 what size sheet fits a hospital bed

Now, the question remains, what exactly should you be looking for and what’s your best option for good hospital bed sheets? 

We’ll look at each factor and what you need to be looking for to make the best decision. 

Size and Design

Standard hospital beds are usually 80 inches long and 36 inches wide, which is roughly the same size as a dorm bed which is Twin-XL. Even though they're the same size as dorm sheets, the level of comfort can be entirely different. 

You need to know the bed’s dimensions when looking for fitted sheets. If you can't find sheets that perfectly fit, larger sheets are an option. Keep in mind, larger sheets fit very loosely and might cause discomfort, so they need to be adjusted more often.  

Perfectly fitted sheets are always your best bet to ensure maximum comfort and to protect the bed and mattress. 

what size sheet for hospital bed

Hospital bed sheets need to be more functional than aesthetically pleasing, and it’s important to take efficiency into consideration. When hospital caretakers deal with sheets, they should be able to change sheets as quickly as possible. 


When it comes to bed sheets, materials are arguably the most important factor. The materials used determine the comfort, durability and reusability of the bed sheet. 

The most common material used in most hospitals is 100% cotton because of their durability and adequate comfort. 

Cotton sheets can handle being washed and dried repeatedly without losing softness.

Depending on your needs, different materials for bedsheets offer various features, and the material you choose can make your hospital sheets feel like the best hotel sheets someone has ever slept in.

For more breathable sheets that help alleviate bedsores and maximize comfort for the patient, cotton or linen sheets provide the most cooling materials for optimum relaxation. 

what size sheets are hospital beds

Allergies, bedsores, and pressure sores are all conditions that are heavily affected by the quality and material of the sheets used. So, light, breathable throw blankets or light summer blankets are often used when heavier sheets aren’t a good enough option. 

what size sheets are needed for a hospital bed

Thread count

Thread count refers to the way that a sheet is woven, specifically the number of threads woven into a single square inch of the sheet. 

In most cases, the higher the thread count, the higher the quality of the sheet, sheets with higher thread counts are often more comfortable and durable. 

The average thread count of most hospitals is 200 in a percale weave. This thread count provides maximum comfort and quality while being the most cost-effective. 

World-class hospital facilities often opt for a higher thread count of 300 percale because they understand that sometimes paying top dollar is necessary to get the best results in patient care. 

Thread count and the weaving method of a sheet can affect how the sheet feels to the touch, which makes them essential components to consider when choosing sheets. 

Remember, if you’re looking to purchase hospital bed sheets for home use, some sheets may be better for patients with sensitive skin conditions and are possibly prone to allergies. 


Different kinds of sheets offer features that are more useful in certain situations. In certain situations, weighted blankets are a good choice, some are waterproof for mattress protection, and some may even be infused with aloe vera for skin care. 

what size sheets do hospital beds take

Depending on your needs, you can find a sheet that suits your criteria in almost any situation. 

Some woven sheets with different materials also work in different ways to keep you warm. Tighter knit sheets will often build up warmth as you lay in them while others that are more breathable maintain your body temperature as you sleep. 

Whether you want silky smooth bed furnishings or you've always wondered why hotel sheets are so crisp, you can find the exact sheet you need at California Design Den.


A lot of thought goes into hospital bed sheets, a lot more than people realize, and due to the factors taken into consideration, it's crucial to choose a good set of sheets that will function well in a hospital environment. 

Although patients may not consciously expect five-star, luxury hotel bedding during their hospital stay, it’s imperative that they remain as relaxed as possible. This not only makes them more comfortable, but it also aids in a speedy recovery. 

what size sheets do hospital beds use

Even if you're looking for the best bed sheets for your Airbnb, there's no reason why you have to lack comfort in whatever bed you're trying to furnish.  

Fortunately, here at California Design Den, we offer various sheets for any situation, in various sizes, colors, and thread counts for any level of comfort. 

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