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Article: Does Airbnb Provide Towels and Sheets?

does airbnb provide towels and sheets

Does Airbnb Provide Towels and Sheets?

If you’re one of the many Airbnb guests who aren’t interested in carrying unnecessary items that’ll only increase their luggage load, you’re completely justified.

You wouldn’t be wrong to think that it’s the Airbnb host’s responsibility to ensure their guest’s stay is as comfortable as possible. Unfortunately, it might not always be a guarantee,  and there isn’t much information on the internet about the best towels and sheets for Airbnbs.

So, if you’re unsure about what to expect, here’s what to look out for: 

  • The essential Airbnb amenities.
  • The types and number of towels your Airbnb towels should provide.
  • Tips for selecting comfortable Airbnb bed sheets.
  • Our recommendation of the best bed sheets and bedding.

What this article covers:

What Are Essential Airbnb Amenities?

Does Airbnb supply towels and sheets

Essential travel amenities are the basic items your Airbnb host should provide to make your stay comfortable. According to Airbnb guidelines, these five essential amenities include:

  • A towel per guest
  • Bed linen for each bed
  • A pillow per guest
  • Toiletries
  • Soap (body and hand)

However, you should note that Airbnb allows hosts to choose whether or not to provide these essential amenities. Therefore, before booking an Airbnb, review your host’s policy to see if they’ll provide you with these amenities.

Some hosts provide these essential amenities, and others don’t. While other hosts charge you a fee to access these amenities due to the rising costs of purchasing and maintaining essential amenities like bed linen and towels.

Does Airbnb Provide Towels?

Whether or not an Airbnb rental provides towels depends on your host. However, most Airbnb hosts will provide you with towels since it’s a basic amenity that all guests require.

Are towels and sheets included in Airbnb rentals

Since you’ll likely not carry your own towel, hosts provide you with towels to increase your chances of booking with them and to improve their rental’s reputation with a positive review from you.

How Many Towels Should Airbnb Hosts Provide?

If you plan to set up an Airbnb rental, you’ll be surprised at how much towels influence whether or not a guest gives your Airbnb a 4 or 5-star rating. Therefore, to ensure guests enjoy their stay, super hosts provide at least four types of towels per guest. Below are the different types of towels you’ll find in super Airbnb rentals.

1. Bathing Towels                       

Whether guests stay for a day or an extended stay, they’ll take a shower. So, bathing towels are the most basic towels you must provide in your Airbnb. 

2. Washcloths

Guests use washcloths to scrub their skin when bathing. Whether they use the washcloth or not is up to them. 

Does Airbnb include towels and bedding

3. Hand Towels

From the name, it’s obvious what hand towels are for, drying your hands. Although not all guests expect Airbnbs to provide hand towels, you’ll usually find hand towels by the sinks in your rental kitchen or bathroom.

4. Makeup Removal Towels

Makeup removal towels are much more important than one might think. Without makeup removal towels, guests will likely use white bathing or hand towels to remove their makeup. As you may already know, makeup stains are difficult to remove from white fabrics.

So to avoid regularly replacing bathing towels (which are expensive) and keep your operational costs low, ideally Airbnb hosts should provide makeup towels. If you want to be a considerate guest, however, look into bringing your own makeup wipes. 

5. Extra Towels

The above four towels are the most basic towels a super host should have in their Airbnb.

Is bedding and towels provided by Airbnb

However, some Airbnbs provide other extra towels to leave a positive impression on guests. These include dish towels (perfect for long-term guests), pet towels (for Airbnbs that accept pets), and beach towels (for rentals near a beach).

Does Airbnb Provide Sheets?

Most Airbnb hosts provide you with bed sheets when you visit their rentals. Whether they’ll charge you for the linen is up to them.

However, a few hosts will ask you to carry your own bedsheets. And in most cases, these hosts are usually in remote areas where accessing cleaning facilities like washing machines and laundromats is difficult.

What Kind of Sheets Do Great Airbnbs Use?

One of the first questions any Airbnb host asks is, what are the best sheets for Airbnb rentals?

Does Airbnb offer towels and sheets

To answer this question, we look at the following questions:

Are you wondering why we have to ask these questions? It’s simple. Hotels, hospitals, and college dorms are well known for using some of the highest-quality bed sheets on the market. If the Airbnb you’ve booked doesn’t align with those standards, you may need to look into bringing your own bed sheets. 

How to Provide Comfortable Bed Sheets in an Airbnb?

It’s hard to beat the luxurious and comfortable experience of sleeping between the best hotel bed sheets. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t recreate a similar experience in an Airbnb.

All you need to do is find out, ‘why are hotel sheets so comfortable?’And here’s the secret.

Compared to the bed sheets we use at home, hotels use bed sheets made of high-quality fabrics like Egyptian and Pima cotton. These fabrics are soft, breathable, smooth, cool, and durable, thus giving them their luxurious feel. Also, hotel bed sheets have a special finish to keep them wrinkle and stain-resistant.

Something else to consider is the bed sheet’s thread count. High-quality cotton bed sheets used in hotels have a thread count of between 300 to 500. The higher the thread count, the softer, finer, and more luxurious your bedsheets will feel.

Do Airbnb accommodations come with towels and sheets

While it’s good to keep an eye on the thread count, another important factor to consider is the way the sheets are woven or, as it’s otherwise called, ‘ply.’ 

We recommend opting for single-ply bed sheets because they use high-quality fibers and are durable. And that’s because multi-ply bed sheets are less durable. After all, they use low-quality fibers to try and stack as much thread per square inch as possible.

The Best Fabric For Airbnb Sheets

The fabric of your Airbnb sheets influences whether your guests will enjoy their sleep after a long day of traveling. So if you’d like to guarantee your guests a good night’s sleep, you’ve got to know how to choose the best fabrics for your guests’ bed sheets. Below is our recommendation.


Cotton is the most commonly used fabric to make bed sheets because they’re soft, durable, and breathable. 

They provide a comfortable sleeping surface, wick away moisture, and retain their shape and color after multiple washings. 

Cotton sheets can be an excellent option for individuals with sensitive skin because they are less likely to cause an reaction.


Does Airbnb provide guests with towels and bed sheets

They’re also easy to care for and come in a variety of colors and styles to fit any bedroom decor, making them ideal for Airbnb rentals, and easy to travel with. 

There are several cotton varieties, but if you’d like hotel-quality bed sheets, you can’t go wrong with 100% cotton bed sheets from California Design Den.

Our Favorite Cotton Bed Sheets for Airbnbs

Airbnb hosts should offer their guests the best quality cotton sheets and bedding. Check out our highest-rated sheets and bedding if you’d like a place to start. They’re not only affordable, but they’re also worth it!

Are towels and bed sheets included in an Airbnb rental


Providing basic amenities like towels and sheets to guests is a great way to get a guest through the door of your Airbnb rental, but smart, seasoned travelers know that there is never a guarantee of comfort. 

Airbnbs are convenient resources to draw upon when traveling, but you have to remember that you’re essentially at the mercy of the individual host’s tendencies and preferences. So, until there’s a standardized criteria for excellence, it’s up to you as the traveler to give yourself the best chance of a luxurious, comfortable stay. 

With that in mind, comfort and luxury shouldn’t be designated for hotels and fancy Airbnbs. There’s no reason you can’t have it in your home too. At California Design Den, we’re determined to help you get it. 

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