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Article: What Color Sheets Go with a White Comforter?

what color sheets go with a white comforter

What Color Sheets Go with a White Comforter?

A touch of color in the bedroom can set the tone for any decor scheme. New sheets are a quick and easy way to achieve this, but what color sheets go with a white comforter?

You don’t have to consult an interior decorator to incorporate some ambience in the bedroom. We have the style tips you need right here, to decorate your bedroom like a professional. 

With our style recommendations for the most beautiful soft sheets, you’ll have your best night’s rest, yet.

What this article covers:

Choosing Sheets for a White Comforter

what color sheets go with a white comforter

People are often surprised to learn that white is, in fact, not a ‘color’ in the true sense of the word. 

White cannot be created by combining any of the primary colors (red, yellow, and blue). And because it’s devoid of any hue or chroma, it doesn't even feature on the color wheel! Yet, it’s the go-to of any home decorator.

White is the perfect base to add other colors to when building your room’s decor theme. So, which color sheets go well with a white comforter? Let’s look at some beautiful ways to introduce color to your sheets.

Solid Hues 

Solid hues are a popular choice when deciding what color sheets go with a white comforter.

Virtually every color sheet looks great against a white comforter. So, be bold or subdued. Stick to neutrals or play with pastels. We have such a wide selection of colors to choose from, your only problem will be settling on a color. 

Exciting Rainbow Stripes

When selecting sheets for a white comforter you don’t have to stick to solid colors. Printed sheets look fabulous against a pure white comforter. 

Our rainbow-striped soft sateen sheets are the perfect solution when you don’t know which color to go for. The narrow colorful stripes on white are the ideal choice for people who love color but don’t want to overdo it.

This is a great look for kids’ rooms, too, from toddlers through to teens. So get your twin or twin xl bed sheets set in this funky print today.

what color sheets go with white comforter

Feminine Florals

If you’re the lady of the house and want something pretty that even your partner will love, we have the perfect sheets for you. For a feminine but traditional bed set, our floral sheet sets can’t be beaten. 

Available in pink and white or blue and white, flowers never looked so good. And the soft colors against the white background will automatically partner well with a white comforter. 

Matching Bedding and Room Colors

Many homemakers struggle to tie in their new bed linens with existing room furnishings. To create a harmonious setting in the bedroom, it helps to match bed linen and room colors. But this doesn’t mean you have to have the same hue throughout the room. 

Focus more on complementary color combinations for a restful but stylish sleeping space.

A Monochromatic Gray Color Palette For Understated Elegance

When deciding what color sheets go with a gray bed frame, don’t stick to an all-gray combo. Select sheets in off-white, cream, or pastel shades for a soft and pleasing combination. To avoid it looking too austere, add different textures like our charcoal gray throw blanket.

what color sheets look good with white comforter

A white comforter always looks crisp and fresh against a gray bed frame. But how do you prevent it from looking spartan? And what if your mattress is a bold color, that will show through light-colored sheets? Do you need special sheets for a purple mattress?

For a touch of drama that is still classy, consider covering that mattress with purple bed sheets. This is a really good look for guest bedrooms, too. The gender-neutral color scheme appeals to both men and women of any age.

what color sheets with white comforter

The same applies when determining what color comforter goes with gray sheets, but consider the depth of the gray. Team a white comforter with dark gray sheets, or a richly-hued comforter with light gray. The contrast between the saturation of colors will be easier on the eye than all dark or all light.

Neutral Tones With Beige for a Relaxed and Earthy Vibe

White bed linens are harder to keep clean and bright, and people prefer cream or beige as their base color. It always looks beautiful in a room with dark wood furniture. But what color sheets go with a beige comforter

Beige is a neutral color, but it can look warm or cool depending on the underlying tone. A warm beige is ideal for an earthy or cottagey look. Just remember to pair it with other warm hues. The same applies when deciding what color sheets go with an ivory comforter.

The possibilities extend far beyond the choice between cream vs white sheets. Warm shades of yellow or peach can look stunning against a warm beige comforter or quilt. Introduce some interest with botanical prints on scatter cushions. 

Urban Chic With Black & White

best color sheets with white comforter

Even a modern, urban decor scheme with lots of chrome can be given a new lease on life with color. Fans of this aesthetic may choose a white or black comforter for the bed. 

Most colors pair well with white, but what color sheets go with a black comforter? A black comforter would look good with white, gray, or even ivory sheets. But don’t be afraid to think outside the traditional style box.

The best way to liven up a black comforter is with an equally bold color choice for the sheets. For a truly fashionable statement, go for turquoise or teal. They make an impact without being over the top. 

Best Bed Sheet Colors for White Comforters

Classic White & Blue Combo

White and blue are a classic combo that looks good in any home. Pair blue sheets with a white comforter for a fresh, clean look. 

Give this old favorite a new twist, with our navy blue and white paisley print sheet set. Or for a blue and white scheme for teenagers sharing a room, combine our twin-size fitted sheets in turquoise with your white comforter. 

 sheets for white comforter

Dramatic White And Burgundy 

Do you favor the more dramatic hues in the color wheel? If so, you may be tempted to choose red sheets, but bold red can be a little overwhelming in the bedroom. Opt for our deep burgundy hue for your queen bed fitted sheet, instead.

 sheets that go with white comforter

This is an excellent choice for the master bedroom and looks just as good against a modern steel bed as it does on an antique four-poster bed frame.

Already have a red color scheme and need to know what color sheets go with a red comforter? Don’t worry, you can tone down the overall look but still retain that air of excitement, with white sheets. White and red are always a winning combination.

Calming White And Green

Want to introduce some more calm into your life? You’ll rest easier with a color scheme that evokes the serenity of nature. 

To get this look for yourself, team your white comforter with sheets in a deep hunter green. Green and white are a gorgeous combo. If you’re wondering what color sheets go with a green comforter, you can safely choose white.

sheets to go with white comforter


One of the simplest ways to change up the look of your bedroom is with new bed linen.  

Nothing adds a touch of luxury like a white comforter with silky soft sheets in stunning colors or prints. And with our soft sateen cotton in thread counts ranging from 400 up to ultra-luxe 1000, you’ll feel like you’re sleeping on hotel sheets at home!

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