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Article: What Size Are Dorm Sheets?

what size are dorm sheets

What Size Are Dorm Sheets?

Let’s face it, packing up and leaving home for college can be a daunting experience for both students and parents alike.

Parents of many first-time college students are also plagued with a variety of questions regarding what to expect when they arrive in their dorm rooms.

This is especially true when it comes to bedding because let’s face it, you will need your beauty sleep. 

But you may be in the dark regarding what to expect of the beds at college. What size are dorm sheets? How are they going to keep their bedding clean? 

When settling into any new spaces, it’s important to prioritize sleep and ensure that your bed is as comfy as it can be.

That’s why we’re here; to show you exactly how to prepare your bed in your new college dorm and guide you to buy the best sheets for dorm rooms.

What this article covers:

What to Expect from Your College Dorm

what size sheets fit a college dorm bed

So, the first thing to always expect is company. Most standard dorm rooms are equipped with 2 twin XL beds to accommodate two people sharing.

In some rare cases, dorm rooms will offer another variation of a twin mattress.

But, if a student’s lucky enough to have an upgraded or private dorm room, the reward may be a full-sized mattress or even a queen bed.

The best thing to do is consult the institution beforehand to find out what size the beds are.

In a standard shared room, the dorm is set up in one of two ways.

Either the bed is elevated off the floor, allowing for space underneath the frame of the bed for a desk or futon. This is referred to as a lofted set-up.

Some beds are non-lofted which means that the bed is closer to the floor, but, you may still be able to store some clothes or bags underneath if necessary.

Most colleges and universities won’t allow you to bring your own bed or mattress.

This is because a dorm room is set up as a shared space that’s divided equally between two people.

If some people are allowed to bring larger beds or mattresses, it’s unfair to their roommates.

It’s possible that the university allows students to bring their own mattress or bed if it’s the same size as the one supplied, but this isn’t likely as it results in the storage of extra beds and mattresses on campus.

If you’re worried about mattress hygiene, you can opt to take a mattress protector to place over the mattress you will sleep on.

what size sheets for dorm bed

Most universities also supply you with sheets (don’t expect hotel-quality sheets though), but, most students opt to bring their own sheets and bedding, so it’s definitely worth looking into.

Do You Need Special Dorm Sheets?

There are many benefits to students bringing their own sheets to a new dorm.

Not only are they reassured that they’re the only person that has slept in them, but it also offers the freedom to choose the type of sheets they want to put on the bed.

Also, unlike Airbnbs providing towels and sheets that prioritize comfort and luxury, the university will probably opt for sheets that give them the best bang for their buck.

This is usually the top reason students opt to take their own bedding instead of using the ones supplied by the university.

There are also some institutions that won’t supply bedding, in which case, it’s important that students pack their own bedding to ensure a good night’s sleep in a bed that’s warm and comfortable. 

So, if students want to find their own suitable sheets, it’s important to know what to look for. 

what size sheets fit dorm beds

Read on for our top tips on choosing the best bed sheets for your new college bed.

What Sheets to Look for 

When doing sheet shopping, it’s tempting to immediately look for the best hotel-quality sheets. Instead, keep in mind that you need to focus on finding the best (and most practical) sheets for your new environment.

This is why the best wrinkle-free sheets for Airbnbs won’t necessarily be the most practical option for a dorm room where they may be subject to all sorts of messes and other environmental factors.

So, what sheets are appropriate? Well, the first thing you need to look at is purchasing sheets that are the correct size. You also need to take the price into account, and pay special attention to the quality of the sheets.

Let’s look at each of these factors and what is required for a dorm room bed. 


As mentioned earlier, most dorm beds are twin XL size. To ensure your sheets properly fit on your bed, pay close attention to this detail. Also known as a twin extra long sheets. 

For reference, Twin XL is the same size as fitted sheets for hospital beds.

If you can’t afford sheets this size, you can opt for a larger sheet such as a queen-fitted sheet because a larger sheet will still cover the bed, whereas a smaller one won’t fit at all. 

What is the size of dorm room sheets

However, that would simply be making the best of a bad situation. Size matters a whole lot when it comes to be sheets. You want the sheet to fit tightly over the mattress so you can move around on the bed without having to constantly re-adjust your sheets.

Some colleges even require students to bring bedding that’s the correct size as a way of protecting their mattresses and beds.


What are the appropriate size sheets for college dorm beds

Dorm beds require a twin fitted sheet that fits snugly over the bed, and also a normal twin XL bed sheet.

In other words, you need a sheet to sleep on top of (the fitted sheet) and another to sleep underneath (the normal sheets).

Both of these are necessary as the bottom one protects the mattress and the top one protects the duvet or other bedding you are sleeping under.

What size of sheets are suitable for a dorm bed


It’s essential (repeat: Essential!) that you find a sheet that’s durable and machine washable. Hand-crafted sheets with firm stitching are ideal for students who don’t have the firmest grasp on housekeeping just yet because they last a long time and are easy to clean.

For dorm rooms, it’s important to prioritize practicality, so opt for sheets that are easy to clean and maintain, but keep the thread count in mind too. 

A high thread count in college dorm bed sheets provides a smoother, softer, and more durable fabric, which can improve the overall comfort of the bed and last longer despite frequent washings. 

In fact, tightly woven sheets and high thread counts are exactly the things that makes hotel sheets so comfortable and it also explains why hotel sheets are so crisp.

Remember, it’s only practical to ensure the best possible night’s sleep, particularly in a new dorm environment, and investing in quality sheets can also mean investing in a successful, productive college experience. 


In terms of the price, it’s not feasible to break the bank for a bed that you don’t own. 

College is expensive and there are many other expenses such as books and travel costs that also need to be prioritized. 

What size sheets will fit a dormitory bed

The good news is, at California Design Den, you can find sheets that are immensely comfortable and practical for the new space you will be occupying without breaking the bank. 


Do you have the perfect dorm room sheets in mind yet? Remember, college dorm years are all about practicality and comfort.

California Design Den has an amazing variety of sheets for you to choose from. Not only do we provide the correct size sheets, but there’s also an array of colors to choose from.

This means that you can find the perfect pair of sheets for your new bed and put your own personal stamp on your dorm room.

We understand that college is expensive, so why put yourself under financial strain when you can find all the high-quality, expertly-crafted bedding you need at California Design Den?

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