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Article: Twin XL Fitted Sheet Dimensions

twin xl fitted sheet dimensions

Twin XL Fitted Sheet Dimensions

Twin XL fitted sheets are designed to serve those who crave some extra room in their sleeping quarters. These universally loved sheets provide the perfect blend of space, comfort, and style. 

In this article, we'll introduce you to the magical world of twin xl bed sheets size, explore their dimensions, and dive deep into their many uses and benefits. Read on!

What this article covers:

Understanding Bed Sheet Sizes

Before we dive into Twin XL bedsheet dimensions, let's explore the various standard bed sizes:

twin xl fitted sheet measurements


Twin bed sheets measure 39" x 75". They work best for single sleepers, children, and teens. We’ve found they're also perfect for guest beds and day beds.

 twin xl fitted sheet measurement

Twin XL

The dimensions of twin XL sheets are 39" x 80", and are designed for mattresses with the same dimension. These are most commonly used in college dorms, as they allow extra length to fit taller individuals. If you're wondering what size sheet fits two twin beds pushed together, the answer is Twin XL.


Full bed sheets measure 54" x 75", and are made for full-size mattresses that measure the same. They’re often used in guest bedrooms or by adults who may need extra width but not necessarily extra length. The difference between twin and full sheets is the width, with full sheets being 15 inches wider than twin-sized.

 measurements of twin xl fitted sheet

Deep Dive: Twin XL Fitted Sheet Dimensions

Twin XL fitted sheets measure 39 inches in width and 80 inches in length. With 5 extra inches when compared to standard twin fitted sheets, the increased length allows taller sleepers to stretch out comfortably without their feet hanging over the edge.

Choosing the correct sheet dimensions is crucial for both the appearance of your bed and your sleeping comfort. Using a fitted sheet that's too small could cause it to slip off the corners, while one that's too large may result in uncomfortable bunching.

 twin xl fitted sheet dimension

We recommend using fitted sheets that are slightly larger than the mattress, as this will allow for a snug and secure fit without being too tight. For Twin XL beds, look for fitted sheets that are 40 inches by 80 inches or larger. If you want the best twin XL sheets for a split king, we found that sheets measuring 40 inches by 84 inches or larger provided the best results.

For those looking for the best twin xl sheets for adjustable beds, our tests revealed that the sheets need to be extra long and extra wide. The most common size for adjustable beds is 40 inches by 80 inches, but we suggest looking for sheets that measure 44 inches by 84 inches or larger to ensure a proper fit.

The best twin XL sheets for hospital beds also need to be extra long and extra wide. The most common hospital bed size is 36 inches by 80 inches, but we suggest sheets that measure 38 inches by 84 inches or larger for the best fit.

There are many benefits to choosing the right bed sheet dimensions, especially in terms of sleep and comfort. The larger sheets create a snug fit without having to tuck in the sides, which can be uncomfortable and may cause bunching. This helps keep you from sliding off the bed or getting tangled in your sheets while sleeping. The proper size also ensures that you get full coverage of your mattress, making it easier to make up your bed and enjoy a comfortable night's sleep.

 dimensions of twin xl fitted sheet

Finding Quality Cotton Sheets

When looking for cotton sheets, there are a few factors you should consider, including:

Thread Count

The thread count of a sheet is the number of vertical and horizontal threads per square inch. Generally, it's recommended to look for sheets with thread counts between 200-800 for normal use. If you're looking for something softer or more luxurious, then consider sheets with thread counts from 800-1000+.

It's worth noting that a high thread count doesn’t necessarily mean the sheet is of higher quality. Some manufacturers inflate their thread counts by using two-ply yarn twists rather than single-ply yarns, creating a false sense of higher quality.

Weave Type

The type of weave used in a sheet impacts how it looks, feels, and performs over time. The most common types are percale, sateen, and flannel.

  • Percale is a plain weave constructed with one horizontal thread over one vertical thread, resulting in a lightweight sheet that’s breathable and resistant to wrinkling. It has a crisp look and feels perfect for warm climates or those who sleep hot.
  • Sateen is four horizontal threads over one vertical thread, resulting in a sheet with a soft, silky feel. It’s slightly heavier than percale and tends to wrinkle more easily.
  • Flannel is brushed on both sides for extra warmth and comfort. It’s ideal for cold climates or those who sleep cool.

Consider your climate and sleeping preferences when choosing the weave of your twin XL fitted sheet. 

 dimensions twin xl fitted sheet

Organic vs. Non-organic

Another factor to consider when purchasing cotton Twin XL fitted sheets is whether or not you want an organic sheet. Organic cotton is grown without the use of synthetic fertilizers, pesticides, or other chemicals. It’s usually softer than its non-organic counterparts, though it is usually more expensive.

Organic sheets also tend to last longer because their fibers are thicker and stronger than those of non-organic cotton sheets. Organic cotton may be a good choice if you’re looking for an eco-friendly option that will stand up to frequent washing.

California Design Den checks all the boxes for quality cotton sheets. Our twin XL fitted sheets are made from 100% organic cotton with a thread count of 400. This means that they’re incredibly soft, breathable, and durable—perfect for a great night’s sleep. Experience the ultimate comfort with our sheets, which come in a wide variety of colors and patterns to match any bedroom decor.

 measurements twin xl fitted sheet


In summary, Twin XL fitted sheets span 39 x 80 inches, offering a perfect fit for longer mattresses or adjustable bed bases. The sheet's depth should be carefully chosen based on the mattress's thickness to guarantee a snug fit. When shopping for Twin XL fitted sheets, look for organic cotton options because they’re hypoallergenic, breathable, and comfortable.

We advise that you read through the product description of each sheet set you’re considering to make sure they’re the correct size for your Twin XL bed. When in doubt, contact the manufacturer or retailer directly for more information and assistance in making an informed decision. 

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