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Article: What Are the Thread Counts on Sheets?

what are the thread counts on sheets

What Are the Thread Counts on Sheets?

When you’re choosing a sheet, you’re probably asking what are the thread counts on sheets? We’ll explain exactly what this number means, and how to choose the best sheets.

Thread count is an important part of choosing top-quality sheets, but you need to understand what it means and how it affects the sheets. 

What this article covers:

What Does Thread Count Mean?

Thread count refers to the number of threads on a square inch of fabric. To calculate this, you take the number of vertical threads (warp threads) plus the number of horizontal threads (weft threads).

what are thread counts in sheets

The sum of these two numbers gives you the thread count. For example, a sheet with 200 warp threads and 200 weft threads in a square inch would have a thread count of 400. 

Why Does Thread Count Matter in Sheets?

With a lower thread count, companies often use a thicker thread which can feel rougher. In order to get a higher thread count, you need to use finer materials so that you can fit more threads per square inch. 

This is why thread count matters when choosing a sheet. However, thread count is only accurate when it comes to 100% real cotton, single-ply sheets like ours. 

With two-ply sheets, manufacturers can wind two threads together and double the thread count without improving the quality. And with polyester sheets, the threads are very thin but not as soft as pure cotton. 

Keep in mind that thread count can tell you a lot about the manufacturing quality of the sheets you’re buying. In our experience, anything above 300 thread count should be a decent sheet, but different thread counts create very different textures. 

what are thread counts on sheets

What is the Difference in Thread Count for Sheets?

In most cases, a higher thread count often means a higher price point, especially when dealing with the best thread count for cotton sheets.

But with California Design Den, this isn’t the case. We strongly believe that everyone deserves access to soft, great-quality sheets. That’s why we carefully select our materials and don’t overcharge for luxurious sheets.

Let’s break down what each of our wonderful sheet offerings feels like to help you understand the difference.

A 400 thread count sheet will be soft and smooth to the touch. For something silkier, look at our 500 thread count sheets. 

You might be wondering if 600 thread count sheets are any good? And the answer is yes if you want a crisper sheet. 

Our 800 thread count sheets are buttery smooth, while 1000 thread count sheets are rich and plush and offer the most luxurious experience. 

And if you want something wrinkle-free and super-breathable, consider our bamboo fiber sheets. 

is more thread count better in sheets

What's a Good Thread Sheet Thread Count?

It might be tempting to always go for the highest thread count, but this isn’t necessary in all cases. All of our sheets, from 400 to 1000 thread count, guarantee a great sleeping environment.

But different thread counts provide different sleeping experiences, so a lot of it comes down to personal preference. 

Anything lower than 400 will be rougher to the touch, and we don’t recommend it. Let’s talk about the best thread count for bed sheets.

What is the Best Thread Count for Bed Sheets? 

There isn’t a magic answer because each thread count offers differences, and you have to decide what your favorite is. 

You might have heard that higher thread count sheets are hotter, and this can be true. More dense threads trap heat better, and keep you warm during the night. They are also more durable. 

So if you want to be cooler at night, you need to know what thread count is best for cool sheets. Something between 400 and 600 is a good bet.

For cool sheets, you might also want to look at the bamboo version of our twin-fitted sheet. Bamboo sheets are cool, airy, and have a silky feeling. 

But for our personal favorite, we love the smooth, dense feeling of our 800-thread count deep pocket queen sheets

what does thread count in sheets mean

What Thread Count Makes the Softest Sheets? 

When looking for a soft sheet, you want to choose at least 400 thread count sheets for a soft and smooth experience. But what thread count is softest for sheets?

For the absolute softest sheets, you’ll want to look at our 800 thread twin bed sheets. These provide the perfect balance of luxury and every day, and they make going to bed feel like a special occasion.

what does the thread count on sheets mean

You’re sure to have a comfortable night's sleep on these wonderful sheets that are soft and buttery to the touch. Our 1000 thread count sheets are still very soft but are slightly firmer with less give because of their higher density. 

On the other hand, 600 thread count sheets are the answer to the question about what thread count is best for crisp sheets. These will be slightly stiffer, but still very comfortable. 600 thread count sheets give a freshly made hotel bed type of look. 

Another thing to look for in crisp sheets is a percale fabric construction, also known as a ‘one thread over one thread’ structure. Percale sheets are crisper, matte, and breathable, and they pair nicely with a classic gray throw blanket

what does thread count for sheets mean

What's the Highest Thread Count for Sheets? - FAQ

With all of this information, you may be wondering about the highest thread count sheets. This is where things get a little bit more complicated because thread count is not the only thing that makes a sheet good.

Anything above 1000, and there is definitely some creative math going on. This is because there simply is not enough space for regular threads in a square inch.

what does thread count have to do with sheets

Thread counts over 1000 can also start to become a bit stiff due to the thread density. When choosing a high thread count sheet, you need to make sure you are choosing a high-quality one, like the sheets in our purple sheet sets.

When choosing the best 1000 thread count sheets, look at the quality of the material as well as the thread count to ensure a rich, plush feeling sheet. 

So, are 1000 thread count sheets worth it? If you are wanting a truly luxurious sleeping experience, then yes they are. But they aren’t necessary to have a wonderfully soft sheet.

what does thread count mean for bed sheets

If you’re looking for a set of nice twin XL bed sheets for your guest bedroom, choosing 1000 thread count sheets might not be the right call when you can get great sheets at 500 to 800 thread count. 

But when designing your dream master bedroom, why not treat yourself to the rich plushness of our 1000 thread count queen fitted sheets

what does thread count mean for sheets


So when buying a sheet, make sure you know what kind of sheet you want, then choose a sheet with a thread count that matches your desired feel. 

No matter what you are looking for, we have the perfect sheet to make bedtime a dream.

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