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Article: What Color Sheets Go with a Gray Bed?

what color sheets go with a grey bed

What Color Sheets Go with a Gray Bed?

A well-coordinated bedroom always looks beautiful, and your bed linens play a large part in your decor. Choosing a new color scheme is always fun. But what color sheets go with a gray bed? Or for that matter, a gray headboard or comforter? 

We have loads of inspiration to help you furnish your bedroom like a professional. Sheets aren’t just functional, they’re an important aesthetic factor in your overall decor scheme. 

Choosing new sheets can be a lot of fun, too. With just a bit of color know-how and some ingenuity, you can have the bedroom of your dreams. Let’s get started!

What this article covers:

What Color Sheets Go with a Gray Bed?

If you’re stressed about what color sheet to put on your gray bed, we can help. Whether you need a twin fitted sheet only, or a full set of sheets for a King-sized bed, we’ve got what you need. 

what color sheets go with gray bed frame

Your choices are much more varied than a choice between cream vs white sheets. Although, of course, you may happily pair either of these shades with gray for a classic and conservative look. 

The same color sheets that go with a black bed frame or white bed will look good with gray, But you’re by no means limited to such subdued shades. Without further ado, here are our favorite looks for a gray bed frame.

Pastels Like Powdered Pink, Lemon, Mint or Baby Blue

For a couple’s bedroom room that has to meet both masculine and feminine tastes, we recommend pastel pink sheets for a gray bed. The pastel hue injects a touch of softness and romance when combined with the more austere energy of the gray bed. 

If pink is not your favorite, a lemon yellow or even a soft mint or baby blue pastel would be a great choice. Because gray is neutral, virtually any pastel will look good against it, for everything from deep pocket queen-size sheets to flat sheets in every size.

what color bedding goes with a gray bed

But there's something else besides color to consider, and that is the chroma, or intensity of the color. For visual interest, it helps to pair a deeper chroma with a softer one. So, if your bed is medium to deep gray, pastel-hued sheets will look phenomenal. 

If, however, the bed is a light shade of gray, you may want to amp up the color of the sheets. That brings us to our next recommendation. 

Bold Prints in Pink or Blue

You don’t have to go too bold, and this will also be subject to the comforter or bedspread that you use. If that is a solid color, it looks very polished when you use bed sheets in bold print which contain that color, too.

You don’t have to go too crazy. A simple stripe, like our primary colors on white, or a delicate floral in soft pink or blue, will look stunning. They create a bit of drama on a bed that is, otherwise, a very plain and uneventful shade of gray.

what color sheets complement a gray bed

What Color Sheets Go with a Gray Comforter?

It’s always easy when deciding what color sheets go with a white comforter, or even what color sheets go with an ivory comforter. But what do you do when the comforter is gray?

Like those shades, gray is neutral. It’s a mixture of black and white, which themselves are not true colors. Consequently, they look good with each other, and with almost every color on the color wheel, and the same can be said of gray.

But some color sheets just look amazing when paired with a white comforter. These are our favorites.

Classic White 

Gray and white are a look that you won’t tire of easily, and you can liven up this conservative color scheme with a few scatter cushions in the color of your choice. Crisp, cool, white sheets go with a red comforter, too. It’s always the best choice for pairing with bold colors, as it doesn’t fight for attention with the more intense hue. 

Pure white is also the best color for sheets that go with a navy comforter. Navy and white are a timeless classic combination seen in many fashion and decor themes. While not quite as popular in fashion, gray and white are an elegant combination for your linens and soft furnishings.

best sheets to match a gray bed

If you’re stumped as to what color sheets go with a yellow comforter, white will look equally stylish with that, too. If it's a very bold, sunny yellow, a creamy white may be even better, as yellow is a warmer color.


Because gray is neutral, and neither truly cool or warm, it will look good with most colors. Blue is always a great choice, but it can add a cold appearance in the winter. So liven your bed up a bit with some turquoise sheets against your gray comforter. 

As a warmer shade of blue, turquoise is an ideal shade to bring some warmth into the bedroom without resorting to traditionally warm colors. It also works for all genders and ages, making this the perfect color for guest bedroom sheets. Add a charcoal gray throw blanket for the winter to tie the look together.

what color bed sheets to use with a grey bed

What Color Sheets Go with a Gray Headboard?

As with the gray bed scenario, pick sheets in a color that balance out the intensity of your gray headboard. Is the headboard a soft, silvery gray? Or a deep charcoal gray? What is the texture? Once you have the answers to these questions, take a look at our top picks for a gray headboard.

Rich Purple

Don’t let a plain gray headboard hold you back. Your bedroom is your palace, and you want to sleep like royalty. Choose a royal color, like our purple bed sheet set

what color bedspread goes with gray bed

Offset the gray of your headboard with sultry purple sheets, you’ll feel like you’re in a hotel when you’re at home. Our purple sheets are made from soft sateen cotton, for the best in cotton with the look and feel of silk. 

For an even more sumptuous experience, our bed sheets are available in a range of thread counts. If you aren’t familiar with this concept, the higher the thread count in the fabric, the softer and silkier your bedsheets will feel. 

High-thread-count bed sheets also have a much smoother and silkier look than basic sheets. We let you choose from thread counts in 400, 500, 600 800 and even the ultra-luxurious 1000, to suit your personal preference and budget. 

A Different Shade of Gray

If your headboard is so ornate and beautiful that you don't want to detract from it, the choice is simple. Go for gray sheetsI But to avoid this gray-on-gray look becoming a bit dull, choose a different shade. 

So if your headboard is dark, go for light gray sheets, and vice versa. A monochromatic color scheme will always be in style. But add some colorful accents with throw pillows or a blanket in the wintertime.

what color duvet cover for gray bed

Are All Neutrals Like Gray Easy to Pair with Other Colors?

No, some neutrals are trickier than others. For example, what color sheets go with a beige comforter? Most people struggle to even describe the color, for good reason. 

Beige isn’t as easy to define, as it can have hints of yellow, brown or gray in it. When faced with this sort of issue, it’s easiest to pick a color that matches in tone - cool or warm. 

Virtually every color is cool or warm, although there can be variations even within those colors. Blue and green are considered cool colors. But there are warm shades of these colors, too. If you’ve ever had to choose what color sheets go with a green comforter, you'll know what we mean.

What if the Sheets Are Gray?

what color quilt goes with gray bed

Struggling to solve the opposite problem? Your sheets are gray, and you don’t know what comforter to pair with it. Don’t despair. When faced with the dilemma of what color comforter goes with gray sheets, all the same rules above apply.

Are your sheets a soft, muted gray? Pair them with a comforter in a bold shade of pink or blue. Are your sheets a very dark solid gray? Find a white comforter with a soft print or a pastel-coloured bedspread. 


If you thought that choosing new bedsheets was a boring task, think again. The colors you choose for your bed linens can have a direct effect on your decor, your mood and even your quality of sleep. Create a bedroom you’re proud of, with the range of quality bedsheets at California Design Den.

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