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Article: What Color Bed Sheets Should You Get?

what color bed sheets

What Color Bed Sheets Should You Get?

Knowing what color bed sheet to get for your room is more than choosing your favorite color.

It’s about observing the environment you’re in and seeing what colors work together. 

Don’t waste your money on a bed sheet that won’t complement your room’s aesthetic.

So, if you’re asking yourself what color bed sheets you should get, we have the answers for you.

What this article covers:

How to Pair Bed Sheets and Comforters

When it comes to pairing bed sheets and comforters, you have a choice to go with solid colors or a patterned design.

Solid-color bed sheets and comforters work well if you’re going with a monochromatic color scheme.

Solid Colors

If you’re going with solid colors, you should choose your main color first, then layer lighter and darker shades of the same color on top.

This prevents your bedding from looking boring or as if you just threw a duvet and matching pillows on the bed for convenience.

what color bed sheets are best

Let’s say you choose a dark blue bedsheet for your room. You won’t throw any color comforter down. An extremely bright green won’t look great, but a lighter blue on top of the darker one will be perfect.

Picking the more solid options is also the best color for feng shui bed sheets as the material tends to crease and patterned looks don’t look their best when creased.


Patterned bed sheets and comforters have their fair share of advantages.

If you want to incorporate accent colors from the room walls, patterned bedding allows you to do so in small doses without being overpowering.

Floral patterned bed sheets and comforters, as well as more geometric patterns, are the most common to find in bedrooms.

what color bed sheets should i get

If you go the patterned bed sheet and comforter route, you want to make sure that you have similar patterns on both.

You can’t have a beautiful rose design on your bed sheets and then decide to have geometric shapes for the comforters.


If you can’t decide whether you’re wanting a patterned or solid design, why not mix both and get the best of both worlds?

When you add solid colors to bedsheets that have a patterned design, or vice versa, it keeps your bedding looking fresh and stylish.

what color sheets are best for sleeping

The key to creating a beautiful bedding set that doesn't appear too random is to use one or two unifying colors throughout your set.

If your bed sheet is a striped pattern, there’s nothing wrong with your duvet or comforter being floral.

If both are sharing the same unifying colors, it’ll have a funky but pulled-together look.


White may seem a little generic at first glance, but there’s a reason it’s endured as one of the most popular bed sheet choices.

White remains the perfect color for a refreshing aesthetic that goes with all seasons. 

It’s also gender-neutral, so it literally goes with everything, in every room.

what color sheets should i get

It’s easy to spot dirt, so you’ll know exactly when your sheets need a wash. They’re also easy to launder without worrying about the life span depleting.

You can also pair white bed sheets with neutral walls in case you were wondering what color bed sheets go with grey walls.


Clay provides a warm mixture of brown and red, creating an earthy aesthetic for your bed.

Clay-colored bed sheets are popular in 2023 and many appreciate the versatility of being able to use them throughout the different seasons.

what color sheets to get

They provide a warm, sandy tone that looks perfect in a grey-walled bedroom.

You can go for a burnt orange if you want something brighter, but clay is the more popular choice when it comes to bed sheets.


Beige is incredibly subtle, but the color is also consistently sprinkled amongst nature.

This is why many opt for beige bed sheets with a beige wall to give their bedroom the perfect blend of nature and timeless elegance.

best sheet color for sleep

Another reason why beige is so popular in 2023 is that it doesn’t stain as easily as light colors. If it does happen to stain, removing it is a simple matter of applying some elbow grease.

Which Bed Sheet Colors Help Improve Sleep?

It may come as a surprise to some, but certain colors have been proven to affect your mood and how you sleep.

Changing the color of your bed sheets and walls can lead to you having a peaceful night’s rest.


The color blue encourages the receptors of your brain to interact with the color itself, reducing heart-rate and providing a calming experience for when you’re ready to sleep.

best bed sheet colors

There’s a variety of blues to choose from. From the more pale and cool blues to the darker warmer navies.

The warmer blue is also one of the best sheet colors to hide sweat stains if you’re looking for more benefits.


Green makes for yet another calming experience and gives you a variety of shades to choose from.

The color itself is associated with stress relief and comfort. The most common green bed sheets tend to be mint green or the more subdued greens like sage.

best sheet color

Greens with hints of blue are perfect for aiding sleep, and if you pair this with blue walls, then you’re in for a good night’s rest.

So, if you were wondering what color bed sheets go with blue walls, stick with green for the ultimate improvement in sleep.

Light Yellow

Yellow’s a color associated with feelings of joy and happiness. 

Large amounts of true yellow can negatively impact sleep because it’s such a stimulating color, so make use of lighter and softer shades to create a tranquil setting and alleviate stress.

best sheet colors

Soft Pink

Pink might also sound distracting, but the softer shades make for a night of undisrupted sleep.

The gentle nature of a soft pink creates a Zen-like feeling so your body will certainly feel relaxed when it's time to catch some z’s.

It might not be the best color sheet for guys who want a traditionally masculine room, but it certainly improves sleep quality.

How to Choose the Best Bed Sheet Color for You

Knowing how to choose the best bed sheet color for your room is a matter of ticking a few boxes.

The first step is to look at the color of your walls. You want your bed sheet to compliment your wall color so it doesn’t look like everything was randomly thrown together.

best color bed sheets

If you have a grey wall, you could opt for a white bed sheet to get a sleek monochromatic look.

The second step is asking yourself if the color you’re wanting is going to help you sleep. Your bed is an escape and a tool for relaxation.

Certain colors like the ones discussed earlier help promote sleep but opting for a hot and bright color will only serve as a distraction.

The final step is to pick a color that hides stains. Accidents happen and tend to spill things. 

However, if we have the right color bed sheet, those stains are either unnoticeable or come out easily.

Ticking these boxes and answering these questions will help you know how to choose the best bed sheet color for your room.


There are many combinations and colors to choose from when deciding what color bed sheets to purchase. The key is to choose something that best suits your tastel.

Now that you know the trending colors and the criteria that you need to meet before going through with the decision, you can get a beautiful queen-fitted sheet in exactly the right color. 

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