What Does Your Sleep Style Say About You?

Sleep is all about getting as comfortable as possible so our bodies can get the rest they deserve. With comfort being so personal, it makes sense why we all develop unique sleeping styles!  However you lay down at night, here’s what your style might say about you…

The fetal position

One for the self-comforters, we’ve all found ourselves sleeping in the fetal position at some point. According to multiple studies, this style is a favorite for introverts and the sensitive at heart. 

Sleeping on your stomach

Also known as the Freefaller position, sleeping on your stomach is quite popular with sociable people. Where you place your hands can say a little about you too. The name Freefaller comes from sprawling your hands near your pillow like a skydiver, so it’s usually one for the bold and outspoken.

This is one position a lot of Gen X and Millennial sleepers share. If there’s one thing both groups can agree on, it’s that you need a quality fitted sheet that stays snug through all the tossing and turning!

Sleeping on one side

Sleeping on one side with arms outstretched is something of an in-between style. For those who balance their adventurous side with the right amount of suspicion, it just feels right. Right? Well, with an ultrasoft, 100% cotton pillowcase, it feels perfect — gentle on your skin and hair.

Sleeping on your back

Now for a sleep style loved by every health professional from chiropractors to dermatologists. Sleeping on your back is a good way to ease pressure on your joints while letting your skin breathe overnight. 

While it’s nowhere near as popular as the fetal position, it’s still loved by practical and reserved sleepers. There’s a reason it earned the name ‘the Soldier’! 

Which sleep style is best for you?

The best sleep comes from feeling relaxed while giving your body the right support. No matter your style, the right bedding makes all the difference. 

Face-down styles benefit from all-natural bedding that’s breathable and smooth against the skin. Styles with lots of movement need fitted sheets that hold through the night. Whatever your sleep style says about you, quality bedding says you sleep well and live well.

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