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Article: What Color Bed Sheets Go with Blue Walls?

what color bed sheets go with blue walls

What Color Bed Sheets Go with Blue Walls?

Have you or a family member decided on blue walls for the bedroom? Perhaps your new home has blue walls and you’re keen to make it work. Whatever the situation, it raises the question: “What color bed sheets go with blue walls?”

You may be surprised to learn that there are several pleasing color solutions to this decor challenge. And we take a closer look at them here. We examine the best color combos for every decor style and mood. So keep reading and you’ll find the one that best meets your needs.

What this article covers:

The Best Bed Sheet Colors for Blue Walls

Some of the most popular bed sheet colors for bedrooms with blue walls are neutrals. This gives you incredible versatility, as they’ll still look great if you decide to repaint your walls in a different color. It also makes coordinating your other bed linens and soft furnishings that much easier. 

Neutrals Are Always The Best

Neutrals are always elegant and paired with blue walls they take on a whole new look. If you find the blue of the walls a bit harsh, neutral bed sheets and bed covers will tone it down. If you worry that neutral bed linens look too conservative, the blue walls will add some edge.

how to choose bed sheet color

Either way, it’s a combo that works. It’s ideal for master bedrooms, and guest bedrooms, and beige is one of the best color sheets for guys.  But, as always, take note of the depth of the colors you wish to combine. 

Dark blue walls would best be complemented by white, ivory, soft cream, or very light beige sheets. Light blue walls, on the other hand, crave bed sheets in deeper neutrals like dark gray. The reverse is also true. Any blue color bed sheets go with gray walls.


A classic color combo like blue and white always looks fresh and cool. 

what sheets go best with a blue comforter

Crisp, white hotel-style sheets, with a blue and white print bedcover, are the ideal choice for a classic complement to blue walls. Our crisp and cool percale is the ultimate classic choice for your queen-size bed fitted sheet.


For a relaxed, island-style vibe that looks superb with your blue walls, you need blues, greens, and neutrals. They’ll evoke imagery of tranquil pools, sandy shores, and palm trees. 

best bed sheet colors

Here, neutrals (like cream, beige, and taupe) will be best put to use for flooring, soft furnishings, and bed sheets.  Beige is also the best sheet color to hide stains.

Add a botanical print cushion or two and your bedroom will be your private sleep oasis.


Analogous colors, or colors that lie next to each other on the color wheel, naturally look good together. On the color wheel, you’ll find green on one side of blue, and violet or purple on the other. 

best colors for bed sheets

If your walls are a vivid blue, softer pastel shades of these hues are great choices for your bed sheets. And deeper greens and purples, like our purple bed sheets, are fantastic options for livening up lighter blue walls.


Blue is the favorite color of many people of all genders. So why not take your love of blue to the next level, with a monochromatic color theme, with blue bed sheets and soft furnishings to harmonize with your blue walls? 

A monochromatic color scheme can be very elegant when done right. And the next section will teach you how to achieve the perfect monochromatic look. 

best bed sheet color

Are Blue Sheets with Blue Walls “Too Much”?

Monochromatic doesn’t have to mean black, white, and gray. It works just as well for blue, too. But are blue sheets with blue walls just too much blue? Not at all! 

This is a lot easier to pull off than trying to pair two very different colors. Follow these simple tips, and you’ll master the art of monochrome.

What’s The Undertone?

When deciding what color bed sheets are best, start by analyzing the color of the walls. Is the shade of blue used there a cool or a warm blue? This will dictate your choice of shades of blue to pair with it, to create a harmonious look. 

best color for bed sheets

Once you have established the undertone, you can choose the other shades of blue for your soft furnishings, linens, and bed sheets. Lighter and darker shades of cool blue go well together, and the same applies to warmer shades. A mix of cool and warm shades will not be as harmonious.

Borrow Analogous Colors

You don’t have to stick with standard blue shaded for your monochromatic theme. Slightly purplish-blue hues like mauve or lavender would complement a blue monochromatic scheme, too. Or slightly greenish-blue could also do the trick. 

This is ideal for your bed sheets but keep these soft and light. Lavender also happens to be one of the best colors for bed sheets in feng shui.

best color for sheets

Introduce Different Textures

This is essential if you want to keep your blue-on-blue theme from looking flat and boring. Textures incorporate everything from the wood or steel of your bed posts to the curtains and carpeting. 

Silky sheets will add a touch of luxury to your bedroom, too. Go for sateen cotton sheets and you’ll enjoy the silkiness without the price tag of silk. They also have a lovely sheen that lends itself well to a multi-textured monochromatic theme.

To add even more textural interest, a lightweight summer blanket in blueberry is practical and adds a fun touch of deep blue color.

best colors for sheets

Consider The Placement

Reserve the darker shades for accents like scatter cushions or throw pillows. For example, in a gray-themed room, use light gray bed sheets and add a charcoal gray throw blanket for texture and contrast.

In bedrooms with blue walls, keep the darker blues for objets d’art, and the lighter colors for large surface areas like bedsheets. This prevents your bedroom from looking too dark and is especially important in smaller bedrooms.

what color sheets to get


With the right products and a bit of color know-how, anyone can know what color bed sheets go with blue walls. But always remember to stay true to your style, and surround yourself with bed linens that you love. 

Take a look at the selection of hotel-quality bed sheets available only here at California Design Den, today. With such a wide range of gorgeous sheets and accessories to choose from, you’ll find the perfect color and style, just for you.

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