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Article: What Color Bed Sheets Go with Gray Walls?

what color bed sheets go with grey walls

What Color Bed Sheets Go with Gray Walls?

Gray walls in a bedroom are sophisticated and provide a calm and simplistic environment.

When picking what color bed sheets to go with gray walls, you want to pick a complementary color.

You can either choose a completely monochromatic look or spice it up and add some color.

Let’s have a look at what color bed sheets, when paired with the gray walls, will make your room a marvelous display.

Choosing a Color That Goes With Gray Walls 


If you go around asking what color bed sheets go with gray walls, chances are the first recommendation you hear is white.

best sheet color for sleep

Gray and white are among the best neutral colors that work well together, and pairing them together allows the space you’re in to truly shine and showcase its beauty.

White sateen bed sheets work best for those who prefer a more neutral room.

 what color bed sheets will go with gray walls

Dark Green

Combining dark green bedding with gray walls makes for a relaxing environment.

Dark green is also perfect for hiding stains if you’re wondering what’s the best sheet color to hide sweat stains.

This is a perfect color for those wanting to give their room a more nature-inspired look. It’s visually striking and makes for a colder color design.

best color sheets to sleep on

The darker shades of green sheets paired with the lighter gray walls have peaceful properties that restore balance.

Adding accessories like a light blanket for summer will also add to the room’s nature-inspired aesthetic.

 what color bedding goes with grey walls

50 Shades of Gray

Gray on gray might not be the first option you think of, but it’s certainly a good choice. 

This option is for those not wanting colors to pop out when walking into the room, but you need various shades.

best color sheets

If your wall is a darker gray, you should try to have lighter bed sheets and pillows to give your room a more attractive aesthetic.

Going with the gray-on-gray choice means you’re probably someone who likes a more modern touch to their home.

Gray tends to be the best color sheet for guys and girls who prefer the more minimalistic design approach.


Yellow is a bold and bright choice but paired with gray, that’ll be sure to make your room a looker.

Yellow typically symbolizes feelings of bright happiness and joy. This contrasts with the more industrial gray.

best colors for sheets

The combination of yellow bed sheets and a gray wall is full of character but still manages to stay simplistic.

Yellow is a vibrant color that works well with the cooler and more neutral ones too. So, choose yellow if you’re also wondering what color bed sheets go with blue walls.


Teal is a color that looks beautiful on its own. However, having teal bed sheets and gray walls makes for a vibrant and elegant space, with the two colors complimenting each other quite well.

Teal and gray are very soft colors so this choice is perfect for someone preferring a more minimalist aesthetic.

best color sheets for sleep

It’s also one of the best colors for feng shui bed sheets as it’ll create a calm and serene atmosphere when paired with gray walls.


There’s no correct answer when it comes to what color works best with gray sheets.

It’s more up to personal preference and the overall vibe and mood you want to convey in your room.

Whatever color you end up choosing, having gray walls gives your room a modern and artsy aesthetic.

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