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Article: What Color Sheets Don’t Show Stains

what color sheets don't show stains

What Color Sheets Don’t Show Stains

Are you frustrated by stained, worn bed sheets? Don’t you wish there was a way to avoid this annoying problem? It’s a fact that while bedsheets look beautiful when new, over time they start to show stains and signs of wear, but there are simple things you can do to combat that issue. 

So if you’re wondering what color sheets don’t show stains so easily, keep reading. We examined the best sheets for camouflaging inevitable stains, as well as top tips to keep your sheets looking clean and bright for longer. 

What this article covers:

Best Sheets That Hide Stains

If your bed sheets are prone to stains, you’ll be wanting to know what color sheets hide stains best. 

Despite your best efforts, certain bed sheet stains are unavoidable. Depending on what color bed sheets you have, certain stains will be less noticeable. There are two clever ways to avoid stains ruining the look of your bedsheets, and both employ the art of camouflage.

Neutral-Colored Sheets

Colors like cream, beige, taupe, and other neutrals don’t show first as quickly as white. They tend to show bodily fluid stains less easily than other colors, too. So these are usually the best color sheets for guys.

what color sheets don't show sweat stains

Any one of these neutrals would be the best sheet color to hide stains, but beige or taupe would probably be the best sheet color to hide sweat stains. If you’re trying to decide what color bed sheets go with blue walls, this is an excellent choice. Beige and taupe look sophisticated when paired with blue.

Of course, your choice depends on the nature of the stains you ordinarily experience in the bedroom. 

If you enjoy eating or drinking while in bed, you’ll struggle more with darker stains like coffee or tea. Darker colors like black would solve this issue and would be the ideal color for bed sheets to go with gray walls. And don’t forget a gray throw blanket for the bed to pull the whole monochromatic look together.

Bold Colored Sheets

This is usually a better choice for avoiding stains in children’s bedrooms. If your kids are fond of sitting on their beds while drinking juice, you’ve probably had to deal with several stains already. 

 what color sheets hide stains best

Be practical, and choose a color that is similar to the color of their favorite juices and sodas. Bright red, orange, yellow, or pink shades are the typical colors of these beverages. A multi-color bedsheet in these hues would perfectly camouflage their juice spills.

Printed Sheets

Prints are a great way to camouflage everyday stains, and they look good too. A print that has a lot of variation in it, like a floral, is ideal for this trick.

It’s a lot harder to spot stains on sheets that have a colorful print on them. Aim for a print that incorporates some neutrals in it too, for even better results.

best color sheets to hide stains

How to Choose the Best Sheets for Your Bed

Of course, your sheets will only look good and resist stains for longer if you start with the best. So the first thing to do, if you haven’t already, is to invest in new sheets of the highest quality

Invest In The Best Quality Sheets

We know it sounds expensive to get all-new bedsheets for the home, but it’s much more affordable than you think. Here’s why.

  • Here at California Design Den, we offer only the highest quality bed sheets made of premium fabrics. And to provide you with even more luxury and comfort, there’s a choice of different thread counts to suit your needs.
  • Our hotel-quality bed sheets and accessories are available to you here online, at competitive and affordable prices. It’s never been easier to get the best quality on your budget. And our user-friendly website makes it easy to coordinate all your bedroom linens in a few clicks.
  • When you buy the best quality sheets you can afford, you have invested in your home. They resist wear and tear longer, and therefore look good for longer, than other sheets you tried in the past. This saves you money long term.
best color bed sheets to hide stains

Feng Shui has become very popular in the west in recent years, so if you’re looking for the best color for bed sheets for feng shui, look no further. 

Our Sheets Are Even Feng Shui-Friendly

According to the laws of Feng Shui, soft colors will promote a calmer and more restful night’s sleep. Therefore, quieter colors like pastels and light blues, greens, and lavender shades are perfect for bed sheets. 

Our twin-size bed sheets are available in these restful colors to ensure your children sleep peacefully every night. And because our 100% cotton sheets are natural and free from any harmful chemicals, they are the most feng-shui-friendly sheets you’ll get without sacrificing style.

best sheet color to hide stains

 Take Good Care Of Your Bed Sheets

You take good care of your furniture. You take good care of your clothes. So do the same with your bed linens. By exercising proper laundry care of your bed sheets, you’ll extend the longevity of your new sheets purchase. 

With some general rules for avoiding household stains (more about that in a bit), you will ensure that your sheets stay as bright and beautiful as the day you bought them. Below are some general guidelines for laundering our cotton bedsheets and other linens.

Laundry Care Guidelines 

Separate colors - don’t wash your white sheets with your blue jeans! Many bed sheet stain mishaps are caused by improper laundry care.

best sheet color to hide sweat stains

Use a gentle warm wash cycle for our 100% cotton bedsheets and if you must tumble dry them, use the lowest setting. But remove them from the dryer immediately after to prevent wrinkling of the fabric. Of course, you may iron them with a warm iron. 

Always check the individual care labels on each product for best-use practices. And no matter how noticeable the stains are, don’t use chlorine bleach. 

Know When It’s Time To Say Goodbye

Know when to replace bed sheets. If your bedsheets are looking a little worse for wear, it’s time to get some new ones, and you’ll find bed sheets suitable for all the bedrooms in your home, here at California Den Design. 

We have twin bed sheets for your kids’ rooms, queen-size fitted sheets for the master bedroom, and every other size you need. And in a range of colors, finishes, and prints that’ll have you excited about bedtime again.

best colors to choose for bed sheets

You should aim to replace your bed sheets at least every 2-3 years. This may differ depending on your usage and laundry routines, but it’s a relatively good guideline to follow.

How to Avoid Stains on Bed Sheets

Here are some simple tips for avoiding stains on your bedsheets:

  • Don't eat and drink in bed. The bedroom is your sanctuary, a place for rest, relaxation, relationship bonding, and sleep. Treat it with the respect it deserves. Keep eating, drinking, and smoking out of the bedroom if possible. Your sheets will stay clean and you’ll reduce laundry loads.
  • Schedule a laundry routine, and stick to it. Regular laundering with gentle detergent will keep your sheets clean and fresh. This also helps them to last longer. Don’t use harmful or abrasive detergents.
  • Treat stains as they occur. Even if it is not your scheduled laundry day, treat spills while they are fresh, before they have a chance to set in. Many common stains only become permanent if left too long. 

How to Keep Sheets from Turning Yellow

One of the main complaints people mention about bedsheets is that they turn yellow over time. This is particularly noticeable on white sheets. But there is a solution to this common problem without having to resort to harmful chemicals like chlorine bleach. And you probably already have it in your home!

color options for bed sheets

Regular baking soda is a true miracle worker in the home. It can remove many stains from household furnishings like carpets and rugs, and also your bed linens. Best of all, it’s gentle, safe, and natural. So it won’t harm your hands, your washing machine, or your bed sheets.

Just add half a cup to your regular laundry detergent and see the yellow tinge wash away in one cycle. Old, stained, and yellowed sheets may take a few more tries. But there will be a definite improvement in the whiteness and brightness of your sheets. And the bonus? Bad smells will dissipate too.

Our Favorite Stain-Resistant Sheets

These are our favorite stain-resistant sheets, and we’re sure they’ll soon be your favorite, too.

For maximum camouflage capability of all stains, we recommend our beige striped sheet sets. These sheets don’t easily show sweat and other body fluid stains and also provide a bit of camouflage for coffee and tea stains. This elegant neutral will complement most wall, comforter, and bedframe colors.

great bed sheet color choices

And for your kids’ rooms, any of our brightly-hued solid color sheet sets or printed stripe sheet sets in soft sateen offers the best background to any colorful crayon mishaps during playtime. Kids from toddler age to tennis will find these colors stimulating and fun.


Stains and spills are a part of everyday life, but they can ruin the look of your bedroom. Don’t let unsightly stains spoil your bedroom bliss.

By investing in top-quality sheets, and following the simple tips above, you'll enjoy stain-free beautiful sheets for a long time. Get your premium hotel-quality sheets today, here at California Design Den.

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