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Article: Do California King Sheets Fit a King-Sized Bed?

do cal king sheets fit king

Do California King Sheets Fit a King-Sized Bed?

With so many different mattress sizes, it’s easy to get confused. Many people have questions, like do California King sheets fit a King-sized bed?

We’ll explain the differences between these two bed sizes, and help you work out which is a better fit for you and what sheets you should be buying.   

What this article covers:

What Are King-Sized Bed Dimensions?

A King-sized bed is 76 by 80 inches. It’s a large bed and the width makes it our favorite size for couples who want enough space to sleep next to each other without feeling cramped.  

do california king sheets fit king

Sheets for a King-sized bed will either have these dimensions or be an inch or two bigger to fit over the mattress. At California Design Den, our Everyday Soft Sateen Fitted King-size sheets measure 78” by 80”, with a 16” deep pocket. 

If you have a Queen mattress, its dimensions would be 60” x 80”. You might wonder, “Will a King sheet fit a Queen bed?”, and while there’s enough fabric, they won’t fit well. Sheets that are too big won’t stay secure while you sleep. 

Another option is a split King bed which has two mattresses that combine to make up a 76” x 80” bed. This is achieved by using two Twin XL mattresses that each measure 38” x 80”. So what size sheets fit a split King adjustable bed

You would need to use two fitted Twin XL bed sheets, and then could put a King-sized top sheet over both mattresses. This is because a split King sheet is just another name for a Twin XL sheet. 

do cal king sheets work with a regular king bed

We love a split King bed for couples who have different preferences for firmness in their mattresses but still want to share a bed. A split King is a great choice for an adjustable bed so each person can have the mattress in the best position for them, guaranteeing great rest. 

What Size is a California King Sheet? 

So what size is a California King sheet? Our California King bed sheets are 72” by 84” with a 16” deep pocket.

do cal king sheets fit a standard king bed

We suggest a California King for taller people, as well as those with excess space in their rooms, because of its added length. We’ve found that you need a few feet of empty space around your bed to feel comfortable, and sometimes a narrower bed will achieve that.

Of course, some rooms are too small for either a King or California King, and then you might want to go for a queen bed with some lovely Queen size deep pocket sheets

 can you use cal king sheets on a standard king bed

Can You Put Cal King Sheets on a King Bed?

Short answer; no, you can’t put Cal King sheets on a King bed. This is very frustrating if you’ve changed mattress sizes or accidentally bought the wrong size sheets. 

While these two different bed sizes have roughly the same surface area, their dimensions are too different for one sheet to fit them both.

A regular King bed is wider and shorter than a California King. That means that, while a Cal King sheet will be long enough, it won’t be wide enough to fit a King bed. 

With a top sheet, you could manage it, but it would look strange and be noticeably too narrow. But when it comes to fitted sheets you simply won’t be able to squeeze a King bed into Cal King sheets. 

Luckily, there are lots of bed sheet options for both types of beds and you can get sheets that fit your bed, no matter what size it is. Our conclusion is that the key to getting king-size sheets that stay on your bed is to get quality sheets in the right size. 

 does the size of cal king sheets match that of a king bed


When choosing a set of bed sheets, it’s important to get the right size for your bed as one that is too big or small won’t fit nicely.  

Ill-fitting sheets will come off when you’re sleeping and make it harder to get a good night’s rest.

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