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Article: What Size Sheets Fit a Split King Adjustable Bed?

what size sheets fit a split king adjustable bed

What Size Sheets Fit a Split King Adjustable Bed?

If you're the proud owner of a split king adjustable bed or considering getting one, you might be wondering what size sheets fit a split king adjustable bed. You may even wonder, “what’s a split king sheet?” to begin with! Well, you’ve come to the right place. 

One of the essential factors in ensuring a comfortable and well-fitted sleep experience is choosing the correct king fitted sheet size for your bed. In this article, we'll dive into the world of split king adjustable beds and unravel the mystery surrounding sheet sizes. We'll provide all the information you need to find the perfect sheets to make your sleep sanctuary even cozier.

So, let's get started and discover the ideal sheet dimensions to suit your split king adjustable bed like a dream.

What this article covers:

What Mattress Size Are Split King Sheets Used on?

If you’re wondering “What is a king split sheet?”, a split king mattress is basically two Twin XL mattresses (38 x 80 inches each) put together. You'll need two split king sheets to cover that glorious split king bed. Simple enough, right? One sheet for each Twin XL mattress.

best sheets for split king adjustable bed

Are Split King Sheets Different From Regular King Sheets?

Yes, just like the size of California King sheets, these two sheets are different. A regular king-size fitted sheet is designed to fit a whole king-size mattress (76 x 80 inches). It defeats the purpose of a Split King Bed, especially when you want to make adjustments. The sizes of king sheets can be a little confusing when you consider when how many variations there are. So let’s run through a couple of them quickly just in case. 

Do cal king sheets fit king mattresses? Yes, but if we look at a king vs. California King sheets comparison, the Cal King sheets will be loose because their dimensions are designed for a bigger mattress. And will king sheets fit on a California king bed? No, king bedsheets are too small to stretch across a Cal king.

So, now we can focus solely on Split King sheets, which are made to fit Twin XL mattresses. These sheets make it easier to adjust each mattress separately, so each person can have a personalized, comfy space to sleep.

best sheets for split king adjustable beds

Can I Use Regular Sheets on a Split King Bed?

Of course! However, we recommend choosing split king sheets for your split king bed. Regular king-size sheets are made for a single mattress. It means these aren't going to be fitted sheets that stay in place on your twin XL mattresses.

You can use regular sheets if you don't mind having to readjust your sheets frequently and are okay with a looser fit. It's all a matter of personal preference and how vital a proper fit is to you.

Why Are Split King Beds and Sheets Growing in Popularity?

Through our practical knowledge, split king beds are gaining massive popularity, and it's easy to see why! These beds come with a range of benefits that make them irresistible. Let's explore why these beds are such a great choice.

Perfect For Couples With Different Sleep Styles

Getting a great night's sleep is crucial to our overall health and well-being. With our busy lifestyles, it can be really difficult to achieve that.

Split king mattresses are a comfy way to snuggle up with your special someone while providing your own space to sleep undisturbed. You can even adjust the mattress to suit your preferences. Now that's a personalized sleep experience!

how do you put sheets on a split king bed

Resolves Common Sleep Problems

You'll find some fantastic adjustable split king mattresses hitting the market these days. They're not just about fancy features; they're designed to be super comfortable and tackle common sleep problems head-on.

These cutting-edge designs aim to provide relief and help you sleep like a champ. So, if you've been struggling with any pesky sleep issues, these innovative mattresses might be your ticket to a better night's rest.

Ease And Convenience

Having a split king mattress is all about convenience and comfort. These mattresses are way easier to move around than those big ol' traditional kings. No more struggling through tight spaces or wrestling with staircases. They're lighter and more manageable.

But the real magic happens when it comes to customization. With a split king, you and your partner can each have your own way. Adjust your side of the bed to be as firm or as soft as you like. It's all about finding that sweet spot for a restful sleep.

Split King Sheets vs Split Top King Sheets

These two sheets have many similarities and differences. Both can work with a king-size flat sheet and comforter that cover the entire surface. However, with the split king fitted sheet, you'll need not one but two fitted sheets. The split top king is designed exclusively for split top king mattresses, so it won't fit a split king mattress, and vice versa.

split king adjustable bed sheet guide

Why Choose Split King Sheets?

After trying out this product, Split King sheets are the best way to get the most out of your Split King bed. These sheets are designed to fit your mattress like a dream and ensure a cozy, undisturbed sleep.

optimal sheets for split king adjustable bed

Not only do split king sheets offer practicality, but they also come in a wide variety of materials, patterns, and colors, such as the purple sheet sets, allowing you to find the style that matches your bedroom vibe. You can add that personal touch with a light summer blanket, and elevate the aesthetic appeal of your sleep sanctuary. 

sheets compatible with split king adjustable beds


When it comes to fitting sheets on a split king adjustable bed, getting the right size is crucial for a cozy and snug slumber. You want those sheets to fit like a glove.

So, if you're looking for the perfect sheets to fit your split king adjustable bed, make sure to pay attention to the sheet sizes. At California Design Den, we’re committed to elevating your sleep experience to cloud-like levels. And we’re here to answer all your bedding questions! From “Can queen sheets fit a king bed?” to “Is there a difference between king and California king sheets?”, we can recommend whatever you need. 

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